Best crock pot consumer reports

Best crock pot consumer reports. Slow cookers have been used for over 2 centuries now. They have become part of almost all cultures, and the slow pots are traditional in the west and in other regions.

They are associated with cooking in every culture. Be it Asia or any other continent. They rent only to make beef stew and make meat that is tough cut.

Everything from breakfast to dinner and a variety of desserts is made in the slow pot. You can check slow pot recipes in books and even find them on the internet.

There were limitations to cooking in the slow pot, but as time has advanced, It has transformed as well. Only three options of heat were available in old pots.

The heat options on the slow pots have also increased as well. You had to choose between high, warm, and low, but now you don’t need to be bound to cook with only these more options.

You can stream in the slow pot and even make rice in it. You can, at an extreme level, even bake in slow pots.

The pot technology sometimes even doesn’t need you to stir manually. It gets stirred on its own. Frozen foods aren’t going to get worse; with the new model, you don’t need to wait for the meat to unfreeze either.

Frozen brown meat used to get bad if cooked directly, but the times have changed. But the one slow cooker problem remains. You can’t get the best slow cooker without looking.

The best slow cookers in the market may have advanced, but the qualities aren’t good with all brands. Fear not; I gathered the top pick 6 best products available on Amazon for your convenience. Read to learn.

6 Best crock pot consumer reports

1. Crock-Pot 7-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker

best crock pot consumer reports

Crockpot’s Manual Slow Cooker-(SCV700-S-BR) is at the top of the list by ratings. This model isn’t lower than any other model.

Actually, it’s on the top, so it’s the best crock pot model ever. SCV700-S-BR isn’t something that you won’t like to cook in.

Suppose you want to prepare your meal as early as possible. This slow cooker is your get-to-go. Your meal is flexible and fast to get.

You can use this to slow all day. Do your work and still get a notorious meal after that with it.

Having a home meal is the best, and you can enjoy it by slow cooking. As it’s 8-quarter, you can cook a lot at a single time and then enjoy the slow-cooked meal with your family.

It’s healthy than other brands. It’s convenient to use and cost-efficient for low-budget. You’ll get satisfied with your meal when cooked with this.

It provides you with three ideal settings better than an instant pot. You can set the meal on low or high. The warm option makes a great addition to the cooking.


You can fit a 7-pound pot roast and serve 9 plus people with it. You can get instant food when the temperature is set high.

You can also let the vegetables get prepared until later by setting them on low. Your meal can remain all the time and stay ideal for you to eat with the warm setting present freely.

There is only one, which means you don’t have to clean more than one dish. The lid is removable, and the stoneware is also safe to clean. You can use the stoneware in the oven after removing the lid.

You can take the temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. No need to use cleaning pads either. The three temperature settings are ideal. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Ideal serving temperature
  • Serves 9 plus
  • Removable stoneware
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Too hot
  • Melts

2. Crockpot Portable 6 Quart Programmable Slow Cookers

crockpot portable 6 quart programmable slow cookers

Crockpot Portable 6 Quart Slow Cooker is the second-best crackpot cooker by ratings on Amazon. It isn’t lacking from the above one.

It’s on par with the other model. It’s a programmable cooker, and you can cook and carry it with you.

The digital timer on the multi cooker for better probability makes the cooking mistake-free.

Your rubber gasket and the air-tight seal make it air-tight. This doesn’t let the meal spill from it, which keeps your clothes safe. Messes are also avoided.

This also makes the meal carryable. No getting your car messy. Taking something to your family gathering is optimum.

You can customize the cooking time from 30 minutes up to 20 hours with your own choice. You can also set its temperature of it to high, low, or warm.

The warmth gets set to six hours automatically after the recipe is completely done. You can maintain the flavor, and the meal won’t get cold to you eat. Its components are dishwasher safe.


You can serve 7 plus people and have a great meal. There is a digital timer, and that timer can help you design up to 20 hours, and the time can start from 4 hours if you want.

The settings can be adjusted to automatically set it to go warm settings after the meal is prepared. The lid is easy to use and close. It’s very useful.

You get saved from the extra mess with the extra seal you get on the lid. The seal on the lid is air-tight. It is also useable without the lid in the microwave to warm the meal.

The temperature can be taken to high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It works smoothly on 120 volts and is usable directly with an outlet. It’s pretty handy for fast and slow cooking. Check Price on eBay.


  • 6 quart Cook
  • Easy to use
  • Removable stone inserts
  • Extra seal
  • Digital countdown control


  • Low temperature
  • Bad grip

3. Crockpot 8 Quart Slow Cooker with Auto Warm Setting

crockpot 8 quart slow cooker with auto warm setting

Crockpot 8 Quart Slow Cooker is the 3rd on the list by rating, which means its quality is great. It’s actually a more advanced version.

The blend of it is very different, and the style of this cooker is very pleasant. Have a good cooker as well as style.

The finish will give a softer touch and a warmer feel. You don’t need to clean it too much as the luster remains even with a simple wipe.

You can just wipe with a cloth, and all the smudges will be removed from it. The capacity is great as you can feed up to 10 people with it.

The timer can count to 20 hours and is digital. The warm function kicks in automatically when the timer goes to zero.

The dishwasher lid is removable; you clean the lid and everything inside it pretty easily. The cookbook that comes with it is possible. Wiping makes it easy, so you don’t have to wash it from the outside.


Its dimensions are 9.5 x 15.4 x 15.3 inches. It has the capacity of 8 crocks, and that helps you feed 10 people in a single turn. The number isn’t 10.

The description says 10 plus people, so the chances are greater, and you can cook more meals. Taking about count down. You don’t have to get another watch to set a timer.

The timer inside the cooker is enough to deal with your cooking problem right away. You can leave the timer, and the process will stop on its own.

If you are worried the meal will get cold, then you’ll be happy to see the auto function, which starts warming the meal after the process is complete.

The dishwasher lid and the stoneware are both removable, so cleaning isn’t a problem either. They ate safe to be washed as well. Check Price on walmart.


  • 10 plus people
  • Dishwasher-safe lid
  • 8-quart
  • Digital time


  • Dangerous coating
  • Heat issues

4. Crock-Pot 3.5 Quart Casserole Manual Slow Cooker

crock pot 3.5 quart casserole manual slow cooker

Crock-Pot 3.5 Quart Casserole Manual Slow Cooker is the 7th cooker on the list by ratings. You are having family dinners and need it.

You have this manual cooker. Taking a meal for a party still beats the others. You can make the meals ahead of time and hot them in this small slow cooker very easily.

This isn’t just the beast warmer; the meal carrying becomes easy with making the meal. It’s the lion of the kitchen and makes the cooking wild for you.

You can call it the ultimate workhorse of the kitchen because of its abilities. This specializes in casserole; thus, you can make everyone’s favorite meal using it.

It’s versatile and makes deserts better than ever. You can plug it into the countertop if you want. You can also place the stoneware in a simple oven.

There is a lid on the top, and this lid makes most cookers portable. You can use the lid and carry it wherever you go. The seal is tight and doesn’t spill from it at any cost.


Its dimensions are 9 x 13 x 1 inches. The quart capacity isn’t as high as others, as it holds 3.5 quarts. That means only serving 3 people, but the quality is better than any quantity.

The 3 plus serving for people isn’t that low either. It’s a great fit for small families and even easier to carry because of its size. The stoneware is rectangular and safe. The serving of this meal is great as well.

The book style makes it good to serve the meal, and that is even better t eat. Top of everything, there are 4 different heat settings.

High, low, and warm temperature is common, but medium temperature is its extra privilege. The locking lid on the top is for carrying, so you can take it anywhere you want, and it will look stylish on the way too. Check Price on eBay.


  • Removable stoneware
  • Perfect size
  • 4 heats settings
  • Lid system
  • 3 plus people


  • Small size

5. Crock-Pot 2-QT Round Manual Slow Cooker

crock pot 2 qt round manual slow cooker

Crock-Pot (SCR200-B) is the 5th on the list by ratings. The (SCR200-B) isn’t inferior when heating or making your meal.

The style of this model gives you a different feel. You get to cook the meal with style. Want something to cook and also a pot to carry the meal?

Leave the worry when you have this in your hands. You can cook the meal in the morning, and it will heat the meal even at dinner. You wot need to heat the meal manually either.

Like in other small models, the heat crockpot function kicks in on its own. Don’t want to cook after work. This ceramic pot got you covered as you can get a nutritious meal when you get home after getting it to prepare in it.

It is convenient and time-saving for you to cook the meal. The meal is also healthier when it’s kept hot at the best temperature.

The low and high cooking functions are also available in this model better than the browning function. You get an ideal serving temperature probe when you get to use this model for pressure cooking.


Its dimensions are 7.4 x 8.9 x 9 inches. It has 2-QT Rounds and is a completely manual slow cookers, so you set everything by yourself.

Adjusting the settings by yourself puts the mind at ease, so there isn’t any fear of the meal burning because of the cooker’s auto settings.

You can serve over three people in a single go, so preparing meals for a small family gets easier. You get to set the temperature to high or low by your own choice.

The high-temperature cooks fast, and you can let the food cook slowly on low. The heat setting makes the device convenient to use. The stoneware set of this dishwasher is washable, and the lid is also washable.

The glass lid is strong and greater than the hamilton beach temp tracker cooker. The polka design and shape are stylish and great. Recipes are included, so that makes your meal time even more fun than you thought.


  • Polka-dot design
  • Safe lid of glass
  • Convenient heat setting
  • Serves 3+ people


  • Low storage

6. Crock-Pot, Red SCV401-TR 4-Quart Manual Slow Cooker

best crock pot consumer report

The Red SCV401-TR 4-Quart slow cooker takes 6th place in the pot war by ratings. The early meal you get through this model is fresh and hot.

Pre-cooking can be useful after the day of work, and the meal getting warmed by itself for you is like heaven.

You can do your daily activities without worrying about the meal. The size is perfect for large families. Talk with your family and enjoy your meal with better nutrients.

Having a healthy meal for your family is always a priority for everyone. It is the best addition to kitchen appliances.

Cook the meal on low or high settings whenever you want. You have an ideal warming temperature in the heat setting. The time ends, and you will know the time has ended.

The meal starts to get warmed on its own. The air-tight seal of this cooker doesn’t let the meal get spilled and make a mess. Taking it to other places isn’t difficult either.

The red color gives you a fresh look. The style is different from all the brands, making it unique. It is best in the cooking process. The functions are magnificent.


Its dimensions are 8.8 x 11.9 x 11.8 inches. The 4-quart capacity is not low for it. This slow cooker is one of a kind. It can serve more than four people in a single turn.

The high and low-temperature settings are great for both slow and fast cook processes. There is also an easy hot button to save your time. The heat option warms your food after it has been cooked.

The dishwasher stoneware is easily washable. The glass lid is also very easy to remove. The unique red color makes it stand out and gives it another style.

The plastic handles aren’t weak at all. The black accents are very amazing on the red color. You will see that cooking with style and comfort is both found in it.


  • 4+ people
  • Dishwasher-safe stoneware
  • Polished red exterior
  • Heat slow cook setting
  • Black accents


  • Unstable tripod

Buying Guide (Best crock pot consumer reports)

Having a slow cooker helps make better meals and fast as well. But all top-rated slow cookers aren’t worthy. There are sizes and qualities related to crackpots as well. Let’s see them.

  • Quantity

This depends on the people at your house or your purpose of cooking. The quantity can be little or more depending on your household or purpose. So check the quantity 1st.

  • Quality

Quality of the slow cooker matters, even more, bad multi cookers will ruin your food, and that won’t be only once as they can show different problems. There are many customers who could not be satisfied with the quality of the cooker, so it is essential to check the quality.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning is an important factor. Check the material of the slow cooker and see if it’s washable. The lid and things should be removable for better cleaning.

  • Heating

Heating is really important, and you need to heat the food all the time, so check the available levels and select the correct one with more heating options and working.


Best crock pot consumer reports. Crockpot’s Manual Slow Cooker-(SCV700-S-BR) is our slow cooker winner by ratings.

If you want to purchase it, then you have links with them, but if you are buying it from somewhere else and a different one, check the buying guide.

Read the guide and functions of all the products before you decide on your crockpot.

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