Best cooling mattress topper consumer reports

Best cooling mattress topper consumer reports. Having to wake up sweaty and feeling restless because of the sweat can be something people with old mattress designs are facing.

The sweat makes you restless, and that restlessness makes you tired, and you aren’t able to work because of the heat.

Well, the sweat problem may not just be with an old-designed mattress, but you can still deal with it by changing the mattress.

Getting a new mattress, especially one with a cooling design and the latest technology, is expensive. Not everyone can afford a new mattress because they are costly.

If you have a sweat problem because of the mattress and can’t afford a new cooling mattress, then I have a cheap yet effective cooling benefits solution for you.

You don’t need a new mattress to get rid of the sweat. Instead, you can get one cooling mattress topper. A cooling mattress top is like an extension for the mattress.

It’s placed on the mattress, acts like the latest technology cooling mattress, regulates the heat and body temperature, and keeps the body cool.

If you are having a sweat issue because of the mattresses, then the cooling tops will save you from sweat at a very low cost. Cooling bedding tops are easy to carry and give new style and comfort to your old mattresses.

But not all cooling tops are effective. Some cooling tops have low comfort, so to save from getting the wrong cooling tops, I have listed the 6 best cooling tops by ratings and a buying guide for you. Read to learn.

6 Best cooling mattress topper consumer reports

1. Queen Mattress Pad Cover-Oaskys mattress toppers

best cooling mattress topper consumer reports

This is the 1st stress topper cover on the list by ratings. Your overheated and old foam mattress can cause you a lot of heating trouble and make you restless, so you are looking for a mattress covers topper.

If looking for a great mattress topper, then this is a great choice. The cooling technology in the Oaskys topper is one of the best cooling load technology in the market.

These mattress pads actually make the heat disappear as it wasn’t there. The old mattress is as surprised as you are.

If you think the mattress that problem will bother you until you purchase a new mattress, you’ll be surprised with this topper.

Perfect choice for an overheated mattress. YOu don’t need to worry about color issues with the pads as you can dry the pad in the sun.

This brand new mattress topper is machine washable, so if it’s dirt, just low-tumble dry will fix it. Just don’t bleach or dry clean the mattress. The pad for the mattress by Oaskys is very soft.

The square Jacquard makes the filling stay in its place. This affordable mattress topper is flexible and breathable. You’ll get a nice sleeping experience all the time.

The filling of the current mattress is all-natural, and the cooling is pretty great. Read the features.


The basic feature of this mattress top is that it’s cool. It regulates the temperature like a good top should. The coolness is sided by breathing.

The better the breathing of the top, the better it’ll cool. The topper isn’t just soft and cool, but it’s beautiful and very elegant.

The best cooling mattress toppers aided with beauty make it look nice for stomach sleepers.

When you compare it with a normal diamond quilting seam, you’ll see that this seam is softer than all others. The square jacquard prevents the filling from running around in the topper.

The fabric pockets are great as well. Worried about getting it too dirty, the stains can be wiped directly. The stains-free material will save you the trouble of getting worried. Just wipe the fluids and enjoy the comfort. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Ultra soft
  • Breathable
  • Cool
  • Machine washed
  • Diamond quilting seam


  • Too thin
  • Filling moves

2. EASELAND Queen-Size Mattress Pad Pillow Top

easeland queen size mattress pad pillow top

The 2nd mattress top on the list by ratings is EASELAND mattress toppper. This mattress top is great because of two reasons. Firstly, this mattress top acts as a cover and saves your mattress by protecting it.

Second, the mattress adds to the comfort of the old mattress and gives you another level of comfort. The alternative microfiber fillings are all done to give you comfort.

This matters top by EASELAN will give you softness with comfort. EASELAND topper makes the comfort better, but it also protects the mattress from getting harmed or buried too much.

This best mattress topper isn’t just but also smooth. The softness makes the topper skin-friendly. There are multiple boxes in the topper design.

These boxes separate the filling present in them. The boxes don’t let the filling transfer from one box to the other.

As the boxes of the topper keep the filings in their place, your movements won’t get disturbed, and your partner won’t get disturbed because of this topper either.

These thicker mattress toppers are pretty soft, and they are washable in machines. You don’t need to use bleach or professional cleaners to wash the topper either. Read the features.


The mattress top consists of 100% Cotton. The cotton is present in both Top & Down Alternative Fill. It has 21-inch Deep Pockets. The Hollow Down Alternative Microfiber is of great quality.

The firmness of the mattress you have won’t matter when you use this top that is both thick and comfortable.

The 30oz down alternative fillings is just enough for you. The cotton mattress absorbs the firmness completely more than the saatva graphite mattress topper.

If the design you like is adopted, you will probably buy it, so good luck to you have got it. Moving on the bed is not a problem even while you are sleeping.

The top remains neat all the time. The Single-track Elastic Fabric is also second to none.

You can gently wash the mattress top in the machine without a problem and dry it in the sun to keep it safe like a mattress protector. Check Price on eBay.


  • Single-track Elastic Fabric
  • 21-inch Deep Pocket
  • 100% Cotton
  • 30oz down alternative filling
  • Machine washable


  • Bad cotton strings

3. ZINUS 2 Inch Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper

zinus 2 inch swirl memory foam mattress topper

ZINUS 2 Inch Swirl Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is the 3d topper on the list by ratings.

If you have sweat just because of sleeping with an uncomfortable mattress that doesn’t have cooling, Zinus is a great choice for you to get cool.

If you want to stay cool at night without using the air conditioner, then try the mattresses top by Zinus.

The Swirl Gel Cooling Memory Foam topper is going to remove the heat or pull heat away from the old mattress and turn it into coolness.

The cooling in these mattress toppers is specially packed. The layers of this thick mattress topper are crafted carefully to provide the softness and cooling you want.

As you sleep, the body temperature with this topper gets regulated on its own. The internal heaters of the topper get extra help. Your bill won’t be too much this month.

The Wave Dynamics technology in the mattress topper really kicks the cooling off the topper.

The layers promotes airflow and don’t let the hot air pass. The Green Tea Memory Foam toppers are CertiPUR-US Certified. So you can rest naturally on it. Read the features.


The making of this topping includes the best Cooling Gel Swirled foam, and the foam is memory foam for convenience. Letting the airflow isn’t your job anymore.

It’ll all be handled by the mattress top. All the sections of the mattress are made with experience and specially engendered.

The cooling gel-infused memory foam topper supports the flow of air in the topper. It is best for every sleeping position.

The memory extra layer for comfort also helps in dissipating heat. You get superior comfort because of the airflow and the softness of the materials in the mattress top.

You can fit it under deep pocket fitted sheet and other standard sheets. It is CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED, and its durability is stable and great.

The comfort because of durability and performance is seen when you sleep on the mattress top. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Certipur US certified
  • Cooling Gel
  • Dissipate body heat
  • Superior softness
  • Supportive memory foam toppers


  • Not enough cooling
  • Too soft

4. Amazon Basics Hypoallergenic Mattress Topper

amazon basics hypoallergenic mattress topper

Amazon Basics-Mattress Topper Pad Cover is our 4th product by ratings. Amazon basic’s toper pad cover by name shows that it’s a topper pad and a cover.

The topper by Amazon is really soft and worth it because products by Amazon itself are supposed to be great.

Amazon is the seller and manufacturer of the pads; it makes sure that you don’t have to get another topper became the quality kept by Amazon is great.

In fabrics and technology, Amazon doesn’t let you down. So check the topper by Amazon out.

This topper isn’t just to put on the mattress. Thus, the topper by Amazon is also a cover. You can put the topper like a removable cover, and it protects your mattress as a whole.

If your mattress has this topper cover, you will see the body heat regulation or soft feel the cooling effects when you lay on the mattress with this topper cover better than the bamboo cover.

The sleeping level comfort you from the mattress was low because of the sweat, but this topper will work against those effects and get you a goodnight’s sleep. It’s lightweight. Read the features.


The mattress top is made of 80% percent polyester, while the other 20% is made of cotton. The mattress top is imported. The hypoallergenic fill is great for allergies.

The hypoallergenic fill formula tells users that there aren’t many allergens in the mattress top and makes it suitable for people with some allergies. The sides are knitted with fabric and are stretched perfectly for the design.

You can set the washable cover or the mattress up to an 18-inch deep mattress.

There is Poly-cotton fabric on each side that makes the breathability of the top much better. The easy care of the mattress is easy.

You can wash the mattress top with a machine and at a high temperature as well. It matches the OEKO-TEX Standard making it safe and more reliable than a synthetic latex topper.


  • 20% Cotton
  • Lightweight
  • 80% Polyester
  • Hypoallergenic
  • OEKO-TEX Standard


  • Poorly stitched
  • Wrinkles

5. TEXARTIST Queen Mattress Cooling Mattress Topper

texartist queen mattress cooling mattress topper

This is the 5th topper on our list by ratings. The bedding sleep products by TEXARTIST are best because they are the artist of textile, and being the textile artist is their slogan.

The innovative 4D spiral fiber isn’t just great, but the comfort of this fiber is also a fantasy.

This pad is best for people that are fed up with the smell of most foam toppers and cotton from their mattresses. This cover doesn’t have any odor. You can use this pad for mattresses very well.

The top surface of the pad for a mattress is actually the softest thing to touch. The topper isn’t just cool, but it’s super breathable.

The temperature regulation matches the mattresses with a built-in temperature regulation system. The cotton is combed, and that makes this cotton a great soft version of cotton.

There aren’t impurities in the cotton as they are removed when the combing process occurs.

The deep pockets of the topper keep the material in place and tightly packed. You can free your mind when you lay on the pad of a mattress and relax with comfort. Read the features. Check Price on eBay.


There are about 400 Tc Combed Cotton. There is also a 4D spiral fabric that makes this mattress top unique. The 4D spiral fiver traps the breath and doesn’t let it go.

The breath intake makes the pad of the mattress really fluffy for you. Revitalizing your old mattress is easy now.

Changing the softness and the firmness to suit you is best. The pockets of this mattress top are made deep to fit your mattress better than a Talalay latex mattress topper.

The deep pocket can grip a 21-inch mattress effortlessly. It gives you a smooth experience after being applied to the mattress.

The coolness removes all the moisture and sweat; the breath is great when it’s aiding the cooling. The silent protection of this mattress top lets you sleep undisturbed.

You can wash the mattress top more than 109times as the scientists tested it. You also get wrinkle-resistant in it. Most mattress toppers have this type of feature.


  • Wrinkle-resistant
  •  Deep pocket
  • 4D spiral fiber
  • Silent protection
  • Money back guarantee


  • Too thin
  • Less soft

6. COONP Queen Mattress Topper

best cooling mattress topper consumer report

COONP Queen Mattress Topper is the 6th but not least mattress topper on the list by ratings. If you are engaging in quality, then the softness of your mattress will be great.

The 1/3 time of your life you spend in bed is going to give you comfort.

If you have a mattress that is heated, then that comfort won’t last as the temperature will bring you sweat, and sweat won’t let you sleep, leading to a bad start to the day.

If you are looking for a topper because you are low on a budget for the mattress but still want the best, check COONP out.

Whether you just want to change the mattress because it’s too stiff or because of the cooling reason, you can choose COONP and get rid of both the stiffness and the cooling at the same time.

That’s what I call killing two birds with one stone. The anchor bands of this mattress aren’t thin at all.

The deep elastic pockets are present rather than anchor bands to give a better experience than the latex cooling mattress topper.

The support of this topper is great for the mattress and more comfortable than the old lumpy mattress. Read the features.


3D snow down alternative fill fills the mattress top. This alternative fill supports the cover. The weight gets distributed because of the alternative fill.

You can say that this top is suitable for many hot sleepers because of its even distribution. A 400TC combed top side provides great ventilation to the mattress.

Not only does the weight gets distributed evenly, but the temperature as well. If you feel uncomfortably warm on your bed, then this is the best choice for you.

The even distribution and regulation of the temperature. The sweat gets wicked away while the temperature remains dry.

The heat from the mattress you are using won’t be a problem either. The elastic pocket of this topper tightly clenches the mattress and becomes one with the mattress.

The mattress doesn’t move from its place as it’s held tight. The machine washability makes you able to wash the stains and the sweat away from the top.


  • 400TC combed
  • Machine Washable
  • 3D snow down alternative fill
  • Good ventilation
  • Regulate temperature


  • Short life
  • Thin


Buying Guide (Best cooling mattress topper consumer reports)

Cooling mattress tops are a big help when your mattress is too hot and makes you sweat.

The cooling tops are breathable and regulate air through their layers and keep you cool, but all cooling mattress tops aren’t the best for you.

The cooling top should have certain features that make it worthy.

  • Thickness

The thickness of the mattress top matters a lot. An ideal mattress top should be 2 to 4 inches thick. Thickness depends on the filling and layers of the fillings.

  • Material

The material that makes the mattress means a lot. Foam and other materials warm your body, so the ideal material for cooling mattress tops is latex.

  • Support

The support is provided by the fillings, so get a cooling mattress that has good support and isn’t too soft. Many mattress toppers have these qualities.


Best cooling mattress topper consumer reports. The Queen Mattress Pad Cover-Oaskys is the best mattress top by ratings and today’s winner. It’s a great cooling mattress top.

The features of all the mattress tops are given above. The buying guide will choose the best mattress top for you. Select the mattress top that you like from above or any other. Thanks for reading.

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