Best bathroom scale consumer reports

Best bathroom scale consumer reports. Gaining weight and even losing weight is sometimes a problem. If the weight ourselves is left unchecked, we can be attacked by disease.

Getting too slim without knowing your weight or gaining fats in your body should be checked. The measurement of body weight is essential. Not measuring the weight or not knowing our weight can be disadvantageous.

You may look slim to yourself or others, but you may still have overweight. You may be looking healthy, but you have significantly less weight. Weight may define your current health or old health.

The worst case is being empty with a healthy look. The weight helps us determine if we are actually healthy or just by looks. Knowing our weight allows us to set our health goals and engage in exercises that suit us.

The wrong exercise without knowing the weight can have a negative health impact. Weight should be measured daily or once a week to know your status.

Knowing the weight is a good thing. If you have an issue with weight, you’ll know by measuring it. To measure the weight, the best location is your bathroom as you go there every day.

But you can’t have a too small or too large scale because of the bathroom space and measuring comfort.

So a medium bathroom scale is great, but the problem if the measuring weight measures correctly remain. Not all weight scales measure the weight correctly.

Most measuring scales are just for show. I have listed the best bathroom measuring digital scales in the article by ratings with a bathroom scale buying guide. Read to learn!

6 Best bathroom scale consumer reports

1. RENPHO Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale

best bathroom scale consumer reports

RENPHO Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale is the 1st bathroom scale on the list by ratings. If looking for a bathroom scale that measures your weight accurately, then RENPHO is your brand.

There are over a 13million unlimited users of RENPHO. This brand is a missionary in providing a healthy, smart lifestyle to the growing economy with products that are accessible and essential for everyone.

RENPHO bathroom scale and all other products are best sellers on amazon with more than 200000 ratings. This scale earned the best bathroom scale award by HEAVY in 2019.

BGR gave it the 1st position for its aesthetics, and even CNN gave it 1st position because of its best budget.

The 13 key body compositions are analyzed by it. You can track your body’s health to know your composition. Get a holistic view of your health with RENPHO.

You can track your daily health and even weekly by checking your history. YOu can connect to the RENPHO app or the health app to get a healthy experience you like.

This scale has high quality, and you can check the weight accurately without having to worry about inaccuracy.

The smartphone app for this scale makes it smart, and you can check the weight in style. The calibration is completely automatic. Ready the features. Check Price on Walmart.


You can use ap for better control of weight. You can connect the RENPHO easily with any device you want. Having a health app that connects with the apple health watch and other smart devices is handy when you want to take care of your load.

There are over 13 essential body precise measurements that you can get on the app. It measure body fat percentage, and also BMI is easy to check now.

You can find everybody’s other metrics change with the app. Its dimension are 11 x 11 x 1 inches. It weighs about 2.86 pounds. The app is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

There are 4 sensitive electrodes with high sensing ability. Wrapping the corners protects this scale. A single scale is enough for the whole family members. You can weight babies and pets with a special baby measuring mode in it.


  • Baby weighing mode
  • 4 high sensitive electrodes
  • 13 essential body measurements
  • Unlimited user
  • Easy setup app


  • Only displays weight
  • Contradicting weights

2. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

etekcity digital body weight bathroom scale

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale is the best scale on the list by ratings. If you are looking for accurate reading that you can rely on, then Etekcity will be the thing you are looking for.

Its platform size is good, so you can easily step on the bathroom scale. You can check your weight accurately and comfortably in pounds or kilograms.

The precision of the weight sensors of this scale is highly accurate. The quality of this scale is also great, with a smart design and sturdy design. The platform you stand on is made of glass.

The glass of this scale is very strong and won’t break by you standing on it. You just need to step on the scale, which will automatically light up.

This scale remains off to save power. YOu can step off to make the scale zero and then stand again to get the most accurate scale weight you have taken.

The glass also has an LCD on it to give and show you the weight reading you were waiting for. Etekcity is always trying to make the world by giving health appliances that are precise and useful. Read the features.


This scale is easy to use. This bathroom scale has easy to read display. YOu can see the overload indication on it. A battery sign on the bathroom scale.

There are two different measurement digital bathroom scales in the machine; two help check your weight as some people prefer pounds over kilograms. You can place this scale anywhere.

Your living design will be complemented with its help. There is 6-mm tempered glass that looks classy. The glass doesn’t only provide durability but comfort as well.

The glass actually has a supportive frame. The anti-skid padding allows you to measure your higher weight capacity without the machine slipping.

Relying on the machine’s sturdiness isn’t a problem. The strength of this best smart bathroom scale is good too. Check Price on eBay.


  • Easy to Use scale
  • Accuracy
  • First-Rate Quality
  • Durable
  • Anti-skid paddings


  • Fragile
  • Short life

3. LOFTILLA Scale for Body Weight, Weight Scale

loftilla scale for body weight, weight scale

LOFTILLA Scale for Body Weight is the 3rd bathroom scale on our list by ratings. If the accuracy of weight is your desire, then LOFTILLA is your brand.

Accuracy for LOFTILLA is like blood in the vein. The technology is advanced by stepping. YOu can step on the platform that will turn on only when you are standing on it.

The machine automatically stops functioning, and the display of the bathroom smart scales turns off when you are no longer standing on it. It only takes seconds to turn off.

The capacity of this scale is good too. The LED on the machine is large for better display.

The weight scale of LOFTILLA doesn’t only give you body lose weight but also gives you the BMI of your body; the machine and the app are connectable, and you can easily get the LOFTILLA app from the play store.

The data about you and your health is stored in the US cloud, so your safety of it is guaranteed.

The machine feet have friction, and they don’t slip when you stand on it. If you are tired of the app, you can delete all data. Read the smart features.


Great customer service; you can get the replacement for free in a year. The auto-calibration technology helps a lot, as well as the step-on technology that is very advance.

Just step on, and your just weight will be measured. The LCD display is brought, and you can see it clearly. The measurement by this scale is accurate because there are 4 definition sensors working on it.

YOu can measure your weight in lb or kg by your choice. The limit of the measuring scale is up to 180 kg. The flat surface of this measuring scale is made of tempered glass.

The glass s durable and waterproof as well. You can start measuring after the scale reaches 0. The user manual of the bathroom scale gives complete details about everything.

The machine weighs only 2.2 pounds. Its dimensions are 10.2 x 10.2 x 1 inches. Check Price on walmart.


  • User Friendly
  • Auto calibration technology
  • Bright LED display
  • Waterproof
  • Free replacement


  • Too small
  • Small life

4. Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Smart Scale for Body Weight

withings body+ wi fi smart scale for body weight

Withings butter Wi-Fi Smart Scale for Body Weight is the 4th bathroom scale on the list by ratings.

The Withings washroom scale provides the best bodyweight accuracy, and the other is only a difference of 0.1 kg at the most.

The body weight will be measured at +-0.1kg because that is the most accurate all the machines have become. Unlike other scales, Withings give correct information about the scale.

The flaws in the scale and the advantages are given as well. The composition of the whole body.

Withings also brings its own health app to get your body health measurements and weight with more accuracy and history.

The Withings app isn’t just going to provide information about your body weight measurements only, but there are other features of the Withings app.

You can get in sync with the apple watch or Samsung health watch to measure your health anytime. Other watches also connect with it.

The battery of this scale lasts more than 18 months. The accuracy remains till the end.

Having a body weight measurement issue, Withings will help you track it, and then you can get it finished. Read the smart features.


It is FSA/HSA eligible. The scale analyzes the BMI very quickly, but some of the scales can measure body mass index. Weight is monitored with accuracy, while the water level and the level of fats are also monitored.

It’s a fit index scale. This digital bathroom scale is highly compatible. This digital scale also has Bluetooth.  The Bluetooth enables the bathroom scale to connect with different health watches, including appl watches as well.

The data from the simple scale appears directly through the app and very easily. You can track your workout at home very easily.

The Wi-Fi makes sure that the weight machine and the app are in sync and correct data is displayed on the screen.

The person standing the machine is recognized, unlike in any other load machine, and added in separate history. It also has a pregnancy tracker. The child mode s also useful. Check Price on eBay.


  • Automatic synchronization
  • BBody composition
  • Accurate weighing
  • Highly compitable
  • Multi user-Friendly


  • Wi-Fi bound
  • Short life

5. WYZE Smart Scale, Body Fat percentage Scale

wyze smart scale, body fat percentage scale

WYZE Smart Scale, Body Fat Scale, and Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale is the 5th bathroom scale on the list by ratings.

If you want to be sure that you have the correct measurement, WYZE will help you in decoding.

The accuracy rate of the weight by WYZE is on top. You don’t just measure your weight n the scale, but your heart on the bathroom scale is also displayed.

Heart rate is common, but your body fat percentage is displayed accurately on the right scale itself. These three things are not just on the other scale.

There is an app for WYZE too. The app displays these three things and many more. You can see body composition trends yourself with the app, and the functions of the body composition trends app don’t stop there.

It gives you your routine so you can make changes according to your history. The connection is established between the devices very fast.

You can step anywhere on the platform, and the advanced sensors of the drive will give you accurate measurements from everywhere. Steeping on the platform automatically displays your load in seconds. Read the features.


This bathroom features complete body composition measurements. Your lean body muscle mass and fats are measured by it. The water level in your body is also measured by it.

You not only sync with the WYZE app but all fitness apps that are famous as well. You can check your trend and progress with Bluetooth anytime on the user-friendly app. Not only is the weight or body fat measured, but the heart rate is measured too.

Checking the intensity of the workout by heart rate is easy. The body scale is easy to use and even set up. You would have already taken the measurements in a few minutes of unwrapping.

The sensors are present in the glass, so standing anywhere will get you the correct reading. The weight machine will automatically turn on and read your burden after you step on.


  • Heart rate
  • Bluetooth
  • Complete body composition analysis
  • Up to 8 users


  • Fragile


6. BalanceFrom Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

best bathroom scale consumer reports

BalanceFrom Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale is the last bathroom scale, but not least on the list by ratings.

BalanceFrom doesn’t like to say at last, so the qualities of this bathroom scale will meet your standards.

The technology packing this bathroom scale from the inside is German. The step on the technology of this machine is very advanced as well.

There are several sensors that make your weight to be displayed accurately. The feet of the bathroom scale is also designed specifically to not let the machine slip.

If you are buying the bathroom scale for home, then it’s great. Batteries that are included with the machine last very long, and you can change the batters when they run out by just removing the old ones.

The LCD with a bold scale’s display helps you look at the weight easily.

The health of your body will remain fit when you know your weight and know what to do to get the weight changed.

Health is better when you know what you lack, so you can figure out if you need a nutritionist to help you. Read the features.


YOu don’t need to tap the bathroom scale to turn it on. By steeping on the scale, you turn it on automatically. No slipping or scratching the floor with it.

The LCD is large and with a blue backlit. You can read it easily from every light condition as well. The platform of the current weight machine is large, and the glass is tempered.

There are 4 high technology german sensors in it. Accurate measurement of up to 400 pounds. The most increment or decrement will be 0.3 pounds, which is negligible.

The bathroom scale is auto-calibrated. YOu only need 2 AAA batteries to run this bathroom scale. The machine is completely balanced.

You get 2 AAA for free when you order this bathroom scale. The machine weight is only 1.1 pounds.


  • Large LCD display
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Consistent
  • Large platform
  • Tempered glass top


  • Inaccurate
  • Poor quality

Buying Guide ( Best bathroom scale consumer reports)

Having a bathroom scale comes in handy for your health. But all scales don’t give a correct reading or their size isn’t great for use.

A bathroom scale should have some qualities that make it measure correctly, and it should be good to use. Read them below.

  • Accuracy

The accuracy is most important in the bathroom scale. If a bathroom scale isn’t accurate, then it won’t be useful.

An increment/decrement of a maximum of 0.2 pounds is considered accurate by the vast majority of people. You can test bathroom scales before purchasing.

  • Platform

The platform of the bathroom scale should be considered too. The bathroom scale platform should be strong and large enough to stand comfortably.

  • Limit

The limit of the scale should be considered as well. A good bathroom scale can hold up to 400 pounds. The better the limit, the better the performance.


Best bathroom scale consumer reports. RENPHO Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale is the winner of the bathroom scale list today by ratings. Other bathroom sales on the list are good too.

Checking the buying guide and other features like its connectivity is a good thing. YOu can select from the 6 best bathroom scales I presented or other analog scales with buying guide. Thanks for reading.

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