Basement floor drain backing up with poop

Basement floor drain backing up with poop. If your basement floor is backing up with poop in the pipe, then it is a very worst condition to face because it creates a lot of damage and smell in the home. It is also dangerous for health issues due to germs and bacteria.

Feces start to flow back into the drain due to the clogged and blockage in the pipe. If you do not clear the drain immediately, then it can damage your property.

Whenever you are up to such a type of disaster, then the first work to do is to inspect the base of the tank. If you see any kind of waste, scrap, or debris, then clean it.

Sometimes the tramway is also clogged due to the paper towel, due to which there is no way for poop to get flow into the gutter. So you should avoid throwing paper towels in the drain.

Basement floor drain backing up with poop

basement floor drain backing up with poop

Almost everyone faces such type of situation in which the pipe backs up when in the basement when you flush the toilet.

If you see the sink in the kitchen is full of backflow of water, then it is most probably due to the clog in the pipeline.

The water and poop of the toilet are not draining off completely, and it is coming back from the hose.

It is in a very worse condition because your house is full of bad smells main reason behind this problem is the plumbing system.

Here are some solutions for clearing the clogged pipeline so that poop stops backing up on the basement floor.

Clear the blockages in the drain

It is the main cause behind the backing up of the pipe with poop on the basement floor. If there are food waste, debris, or dirt in the pipeline, then it will be difficult for water and poop to flow through the pipes.

You will have to clear the pipes from clogged material with the help of bent wire and then flush high-pressure water so that the pipe clears completely.

If you can not clean the pipe, then hire a plumber who can help you to remove blockages in the drain.

Clog in the trap way

If there is a clog in the trap way, then it will make it difficult for the feces and poops to drain off completely. Trap way is the main component in the drainage system, and if it is full of blockages, then it is very worst.

You will have to clean the trap way to save the basement floor from backing up of poop in the hose.

Backing up drain due to rain

When it rains heavily or snowmelt on the roof, then a lot of water, debris, and leaves enter the main sewerage line and block the pipes of toilets and kitchens, due to which water from the sink and poop coming from the toilet do not move forward and starts to flow back up.

To save your main sewerage line in the basement, you fix a sump pump to stop the flow of water and debris into the basement.

Effect of roots

effect of roots

Sometimes the roots of the trees broke the sewerage line, due to which the water and poop stopped going into the main gutter.

Roots can damage a lot of your pipeline and maybe the whole drainage system. So it is better not to plant trees and close the pipes and sewerage line.

Worsen pipe

If your drainpipe is too old, then there are more chances of clogging of debris in it, due to which the whole pipeline becomes clogged.

If your sewer pipes are expired, then you can face the problem of backflow of poop in the basement area.

Water has no other place in the wall other than pipes in to drain, so if it is rusted or clogged, then water will cause backflow. So you should replace the old pipes too to get rid of this problem.

Use of hydro jetter

A hydro jetter is a good option to solve the issue if nothing is working. It will remove the dust, debris, and roots from the pipes with the full pressure of water.

Use of baking soda

If there is a clog in the hose, then you can also clear it with the help of baking soda. Just mix one cup of baking soda with one cup of water and pour it into the hose and let it settle for half an hour.

After that, put hot boiling water into the pipe. Hopefully, it will clear all the clogs in the hose of the basement area.


Basement floor drain backing up with poop. If you are bearing the problem of backflow of poop in the basement area, then do not take it easy because soon it will damage the property, and its bad smell will also make it difficult to live in the home.

Try to use all the above options, which are explained in the article, to clear the clog in the hose of the basement area.

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