Transplanting crepe myrtle

Transplanting crepe myrtle. Crepe Myrtle is the heart of any landscape and is also a very fancy companion of every backyard and garden.

This myrtle tree has a high ornamental value and is also very critical in a desert landscape and can be transplanted from one place to another once the tree has matured.

If you are looking forward to moving or transplanting your myrtle tree, then certain precautions need to be taken care of when transplanting the plant, such as when to move it. Where to move it? And how to move it?

The answer to all these questions can be found in this guide; and you have to give this guide a thorough read, and here you go with it.

Transplanting crepe myrtle
Transplanting Myrtle Tree

If you want to move the crepe myrtle from one place to another, then keep in mind these points before you start.

1. Find the new spot

Crepe myrtles are planted in a way that they can permanently stay there and keep on growing, but due to certain factors like less sunlight and more shade, you will be in a state where you have to make up your mind about moving the plant to a better a suitable place that is a sunny and open environment.

Transplanting a crepe myrtle tree is not a very risky or tiresome task as you can quickly do that after finding the best possible location as its habitat.

All you have to do for its transplantation is to dig out the place in the same size as its stem size and

2. Cut down the dead roots

It is very important to cut down all dead parts from the roots and dig out the root ball of the tree. After that, you can pull out the plant, and it is ready to be moved to a new spot.

3. When to move the tree

For the plant to grow effectively in its new habitat and remain intact when taken out of the soil, it is better to keep track of the environmental factors and the seasonal changes of the plant.

Crepe myrtle is dormant in the spring break starting from the early winter, and thus this is the best time to move it out of the soil as dormant plants have slowed down their activities and can retain their nutrient requirements under unfavorable conditions like when out of the soil.

So it is recommended to start moving out the crepe myrtle in early winter and make sure that you transplant it before the coming of spring,

4. Procedure of tranplatation

  • The first step to beginning the transplanting procedure is to find the ideal location, and that would be any place that is sunny and spacious enough to accommodate the plant. After selecting the location dig out the plant out of the previous location and for that, you have to dig out the stem and then the root ball out of the soil.
  • Then you have to dig up the new location of the tree. The size of that plant hole should be enough to let the roots grow and spread out in all directions.
  • After that, you have to enter the root ball inside the newly dug-out hole, and this could be done by using a tarp could also be used to pull the myrtle root ball out of the soil.
  • The final step is to position the tree in its new place and cover it with enough soil to hold it permanently properly. Keep watering the plant for its growth and survival.


The bottom line of the article is that if you want to move the crepe myrtle from one place to another, then do it in early winter and always dig the hole 50% broader so that it can adjust easily. Lastly, continue to give water to the plant for its survival.

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