Accuweather widget not updating time

Accuweather widget not updating time. The AccuWeather widget won’t update time if not connected to the internet. Bad internet won’t let the app update time either. Data restriction may be off.

The AccuWeather app may have been disabled. A reset and smooth internet connection to the widget will sync the time.

My AccuWeather widget that I set on the Home screen of my phone wasn’t syncing the time. The time didn’t update on its own.

Even by manually refreshing the widget, the time wasn’t updated. I thought that the AccuWeather widget had become useless at first, but then I troubleshooter the widget and the time sync.

The connection I established for the widget was not proper, so I made it proper, and even other widget problems like bugs and restarting the phone were done until I got my widget syncing with time correctly.

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Accuweather widget not updating time

Having an AccuWeather app or more easy widget helping you know the weather and keeping you updated with rain or sun is great, but not when the AccuWeather apps start playing tricks and not syncing.

The app won’t sync when the internet is dull, meaning the connection is slow, or there is no internet access.

The battery optimization mode in the phone delays the tie update and won’t sync.

You may have data restrictions for the app. Your location may be incorrect so the weather won’t update with your time and location.

The widget may have issues. Fixes of the widget are below. Let’s see more.

Wi-Fi connection

wi fi connection

The AccuWeather app needs Wi-Fi to update, and so does its widget. If the widget doesn’t seem to have updated the time, then the internet connection through Wi-Fi may be lagging.

The slow internet connection may not be enough for the widget to receive updates from the server.

There may not be internet access to the app because the Wi-Fi doesn’t have internet access. The phone may not even have connected to Wi-Fi, so the widget doesn’t sync.

The Wi-Fi not syncing the widget issue is expected. If the phone doesn’t have Wi-Fi, then connect it.

If the Wi-FI shows no internet access, reconnect the Wi-Fi and try syncing the widget again.

Restarting the router may get Wi-Fi internet access, and you can update the widget’s time. You can switch the Wi-Fi connection to data and try syncing if the Wi-Fi issue persists.

Data connection

data connection

The Wi-Fi connection may not work because of a long issue, so turn your phone’s data on. The phone’s data should provide the widget internet it needs to sync.

If the mobile data isn’t syncing the widget either, then data restrictions may be enabled on the phone.

Remember if you have enabled the data restrictions on your own. If you have enabled the data restriction, you’ll know how to turn them off.

The data restrictions won’t allow the AccuWeather widget to get timely updates from its server.

You may have accidentally turned the data restriction on, so go to settings, search for data restrictions, and turn them off.

Without restrictions, the time update will be a breeze for the weather app.

You can remove all data restrictions or restrictions from the weather app alone with your choice. Good data will let the app sync, or you can refresh the app to sync.

Power settings

power settings

The power settings, like in other articles, refer to the battery optimization function.

The battery optimization function stops most of the apps and doesn’t allow the internet to be connected, or if connected, the apps can’t get updated because of the battery consumption.

The battery consumption in the battery optimization mode or power saving mode gets low because all the internet settings and extra apps get closed.

If the power saving mode or the battery optimization mode is activated, then all apps will have data restrictions, as all the charges will be saved.

You can go to the power settings or the battery optimization in settings and allow AccuWeather to use the internet in the saving mode.

The restrictions of the battery can be removed from the settings of the app. Simply turn the battery-saving mode or the battery optimization off and refresh to update the weather time.

Location Settings

location settings

Even with internet access and a speedy connection from your data, you won’t be able to update the weather widget and sync it.

The reason for the widget not updating time is simple.

The weather app by AccuWeather or any other weather app requires access to the settings, and the most important setting access they require is the location setting.

Location setting is the most important thing after the internet.

If the app isn’t updating, a manual location may be required. You can turn the location of the phone off from the notification bar or the settings.

Then turn the location on again from the same bar. The newest forecast of the weather will appear after you refresh the app, and the widget will match your location to give the latest update.

Change the location in the city you want; if the location you are now isn’t what you wanted the temperature of.

Updating the app

This method of getting the weather and time in sync isn’t in other articles, but the weather and time can be synced with this method sometimes. The outdated weather app may be displaying the wrong weather and showing the correct time.

If the correct syncing of time isn’t being shown, then go to the app store and go to my apps and updates.

If AccuWeather has some available updates, tap it. Update the weather app and refresh the app to see if the time is in sync with the weather.

Reinstalling the app

reinstalling the app

YOu can uninstall and reinstall the app if it’s installed after, but mostly the app comes in pre-installed and can’t be uninstalled.

So go to setting and disable the AccuWeather app. Then turn the settings off. Let it stay disabled and clear the app’s data.

After the weather app’s data has been cleared, you can enable the app and see that the weather app will be like it’s newly installed.

Enter the location and connect to the app. After all the data has been entered and the widget has access, it’ll update the time.

Phone reboot

phone reboot

If the AccuWeather widget still hasn’t updated the times, the last trick for the sync is restarting the mobile. You don’t need to reset the phone.

Just a simple reboot is enough. Reboot and restart are the same things. Press the power button until the reboot option appears.

Tap power off and tap yes, as it will be asked. After tapping the screen, the phone will display the brand logo and turn it off. Don’t tap the reboot, as the phone will restart on its own.

Don’t turn the phone on immediately after powering off. Wait for a minute and then press the power button off the phone until the phone blinks and then let it go.

The brand logo will gain appear, and the phone will power on. Now let the phone connect to the internet and sync the location. After, check the weather app and refresh as it’ll update the time.


If your AccuWeather widget doesn’t seem to budge with the correct time and won’t update, then the above tricks that include resetting the app and even restarting the phone are great.

You can check the location and internet to the widget and see if the app is good to work. The battery-saving mode should be checked too.

Maybe the app is disabled, and the internet restriction isn’t getting the app to work. Apply the above fixes, and see if the widget doesn’t update, download some other weather app to stay updated. Thanks for reading!

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