Xbox one freezing on home screen

Xbox one freezing on home screen. The Xbox usually freezers in case there is a software issue. Usually, rebooting the console will solve the software problem in the Xbox. It can be caused by games and may need deleting.

I invited my best friend over to chill and played with my new Xbox. He arrived, and we decided to start playing right on. I turned on my console but it froze on the home screen.

I pushed the gaming pads button but nothing. My friend has been using consoles since childhood, so he told me to reboot them. It worked at that time, but after lunch, the rebooting didn’t work when we tried again.

He then told me all the reasons for frozen Xbox and applied the solution. It works fast now and I can solve any problem because I know its cause.

I know how irritating it is, so I have solutions for your problems below. Keep reading!.

Xbox one freezing on home screen

xbox one freezing on home screen

Freezing on the home screen is really annoying. It causes embarrassment. Rebooting means restarting. You can turn the power off and reboot the system.

You need to turn it on after powering off. There is also an option in the setting, but as the screen is hung up, it won’t work.

If the rebooting isn’t doing anything, then resting will solve your problem. The issue can be with a single game. It happens when the console gets stuck on the home screen.

Deleting the game and removing all its cache will solve the problem. You don’t need to delete it, you can try repairing the corrupt files. Overheating can sometimes cause console freezing. Letting it cool down can solve your problem.

Causes and fixes

Let’s see the reasons for the frozen home screen and the ways to solve them.

Background processing

Sometimes there isn’t an issue, your console has slowed down a bit because of use. So the background gets frozen. Even pressing the buttons doesn’t work.

The system won’t refresh either. This happens because the files haven’t been loaded yet and are taking time. Wait for files to load. Reboot the console.

Bugs in system

Installing and downloading the games can bring viruses and bugs into the system. These bugs in the background can cause the software to hang and freeze at times. Such bugs are usually removed when the system freezes. You can refresh it by restarting it.

The game updates can bring bugs. Inefficient programming can also cause the problem. Issues may appear only while playing certain games.

If that happens, game bugs are causing the problem. Deleting the game or asking the developer for help can solve the bug problem. And without bugs, the gaming console will run smoothly.

System overheat

xbox one freezing on home screen 2022

Sometimes the freezing is caused because the Xbox has overheated and cannot process at that temperature. Overheating can also cause repeated restarts.

Check if the gaming console is heated. The system shuts itself off when the temperature is too high or reboots to save itself from internal damage.

To prevent this problem, let there be proper ventilation to the Xbox. The power supply unit should receive proper ventilation too.

It is better to turn off the console and let it cool down for one long hour. You will see the software doesn’t hang when not overheated.


If the bugs aren’t fixed by rebooting, then the issue is bigger. Usually, the problem is related to game updates, but if the game isn’t the problem, then the main firmware is what’s causing it. This problem is not rare, so beware of it.

You can fix these glitches by downloading software updates. You can also install new firmware. An Internet connection is a must for updating the firmware.

Keep the firmware updated to prevent freezing. A slow connection can also freeze the system.

Hard drive problem

hard drive problem

The hard drive stores all the files and the software information. If it stops working, it will slow down or corrupt the files. It may stop working.

You will see that the system is hanging up. Hard drives get damaged after long-term use. They need replacement if that happens.

Other components can also cause the home screen to be frozen. This happens because of heat and shocks. So keep the system cool and safe from shocks.


Xbox one freezing on home screen. The gaming console should also be maintained sometimes. It shouldn’t be used constantly and should be allowed to have a break to cool down.

Ventilation should be proper. Dust can damage the circuit, so cleaning it with a blower is good.

Software updates should be installed timely to prevent glitches and fix the bugs. Games should be installed after checking the programming and making sure it is free from viruses. Game updates should be installed after bug testing.

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