Will salt kill fire ants

Will salt kill fire ants. Summers have just arrived, and with the summers, many of its comforts and discomforts. I will discuss one discomfort that you are likely to witness in summers, and they are none but fire ants, especially if you are in the southern part of America because that is where they are in good numbers.

If you do not know about the species of ants, then it would be hard to identify them. However, one of their behavior that might offer you help in identifying them is that fire ants are more aggressive than other ordinary species of ants.

If you see one or two of them moving into the premises of your home, then there are chances they might have their nest in the yard of your home by underground digging.

There has been one point in the discussion among the people that salt kills fire ants. The question arises: does it really get you the job of killing fire ants?

Definitely, you would not like to see their trails walking in your home because they can be harmful to you sometimes and also to your property.

Therefore, you might plan to kill them by using salt, but does it really work enough to kill them?

Will salt kill fire ants

will salt kill fire ants

The question in discussion is will the salt kill fire ants? Is salt potent enough to kill fire ants?

In this article, I will discuss the same question and some other key points that will ultimately help you in killing the fire ants, like why they are in your home, methods like hot water and some baits, etc.

Salt is not enough to kill fire ants

Many people use the salt-based remedy in order to kill fire ants, not knowing that there is not potent enough to reach down to the queen of fire ants, and it does not kill the entire colony of fire ants.

In fact, it has also been in the notice by people that salt often causes damage to the vegetation they surround with.

Methods to kill fire ants

What are the simple methods to kill fire ants? Below I’ll be discussing a couple of easy and not much time-taking methods that will help you in killing the fire ants.

Pour hot water

One of the most common and old methods of killing ants is none but pouring hot water on them. This can be done in two ways, though; the simple method requires you to boil the water for some minutes until the water gets steaming hot.

The moment you see steam coming out of the water, take the gallon of steaming hot water to their nest that is in your yard, and then simply pour the hot water on their nest. 60% chances are that this method would work for you.

Bait of sweet

bait of sweet

The second method involves you setting bait for them. Bait of sweet for them outside their nest in your yard. As I said above, the only incentive for fire ants in your home is sweet food or any food uncovered in your home.

Outsmart the fire ants from coming from their nest. Bait would attract them to come out of their nest.

Wait for some time until you see all of them have come out from the underground nest, and then pour down the steaming hot water on their colony.

This method is more result-oriented and has the potential to create 100% results because this method outsmarts the ants to come out, they will expose themselves, and their own behavior becomes their weakness.

Hot water contacts the entire colony of ants which will cause them to die instantly.

Why do fire ants invade your home?

Another question that can come to mind seeing fire ants on the premises of my home is why they have invaded my home. To answer this question, I will answer it by asking you to go to your kitchen or everywhere in your home to see the uncovered food.

Uncovered food in your home is the incentive for the fire ants to invade your home. Therefore, you must cover it.

Also, it must be mentioned that ants of all species are attracted to sweet sources of food; fire ants are no exception to this behavior; therefore, you must cover all the sweet food that is anywhere in your home.

Also, there must be not a single trace of sweet in liquid form on the floor and counter of your kitchen because even a single liquid trace of sweet is sufficient for fire ants to come into your home.

To sum up, the above paragraphs, don’t give them even one percent scent of sweet food in your home; cover the food and clean it up to prevent their infestation.


Will salt kill fire ants. This article has helped you understand several facts related to fire ants, such as that they are more nuisance in southern America, they are more aggressive, and can be harmful to you and as well as your property.

After reading this, you will not be of those people who try to waste their time by using salt to kill the fire ants because salt is not potent enough to destroy the entire colony of the fire ants because it doesn’t reach too.

Deep down below the ground where they make their nest, in fact, it has the potential to damage the vegetation the nest is surrounded with. You have also learned two ways of pouring down hot water to kill the ants.

A simple method is 60% of the time successful because often water doesn’t reach too deep the underground; the trap method works best for them because it exposes them, which makes the possibility for them to come in direct contact with hot water that kills them.

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