Why do my airpods keep pausing

Why do my airpods keep pausing. Air pods are the latest devices to listen to your favorite music with Bluetooth connection. It is best for those who love to listen to music while driving, exercising, and on evening walks.

Apple airPods are very popular with iPhone users because they have an automatic ear detection feature, and you don’t need to make the wires like headphones.

There are a few primary reasons airpods keep pausing. The first reason for this issue is a weak connection, and the second is faulty automatic ear detection sensors.

Luckily, these issues are not tricky to malfunction because if there is a weak connection issue, then it is happening due to a large distance, so turn off the reconnect them.

As you know, these Bluetooth AirPods work on battery, so if there is a low battery, they will start pausing randomly to inform you to recharge the device.

Keep reading this blog this post to find different ways to troubleshoot faults.

Why do my airpods keep pausing

However, if you are having connectivity issues between airpods and the mobile device, then, first of all, check the device battery life because if there is a low battery.

Let’s read the troubleshooting tips.

Weak Bluetooth connection

weak bluetooth connection

The airpods Bluetooth connection quality is essential if you want to enjoy music during a walk or traveling.

If you have connected with your phone, you need a strong connection between two devices to stop the music keep pausing issue.

As you know, the audio playback signals through the other device through Bluetooth, so you must stay close to both devices and maintain a distance.

If you want to listen to substantial and high audio, then maintain the distance because there is a specific range in which you can listen to the audio.

If there is a long distance range between the devices, then the music will keep pausing.

Automatic ear detection feature

automatic ear detection feature

When you insert the airpods in your ears, then do not touch or move them in the air because there is an automatic ear detection feature that detects the touch to stop or pause the audio.

So, if you don’t want to keep this function, then disable the feature to avoid connectivity issues.

Airpods are dirty

Always keep your pods neat and clean and protect them from dust and debris. If these are dirty, then the proximity sensors will not work properly and keep pausing and playing the music in the airpods.

Many users do not take care of the charging case, so keep cleaning the charging case, and if it becomes dirty, then clean it with alcohol and a cotton swab.

Strong wi-fi connection

strong wi fi connection

Suppose you have connected your apple device with a wi-fi internet connection to listen to the phone call or music.

In that case, you need to have a strong internet connection because if you have weak internet connectivity issues, the music will pause.

So, its solution is to sit close to the internet router to get strong signals on your device.

If you sit at a long distance from the router, then the streaming media will keep pausing due to a loss of connection.

If you want to fix this audio pausing issue on the airpods, then restart the router to increase the internet signal speeds on your iPhone because sometimes the connectivity issues start due to software glitches.

Other Bluetooth devices

The airpods start pausing the media automatically when you try to clean them or disconnect them from other devices.

Settings app

If your airpods are pausing the audio playback on double tap, then open the settings app and check your Bluetooth device is set to the stop or pause on double tap action.

Low battery

low battery

If you are going outside the home for long travel, then fully charge your smartphone and Bluetooth devices to enjoy the music during the journey.

If there is a low battery in the device, then the device will keep pausing the media, and ultimately it will turn off after a dead battery.

More than one device

It also happens when more than one device is attached to your phone’s Bluetooth. In this situation, your phone stream music to the other smartphone.

Disconnect the other smart devices from streaming the music without pausing the problem.

Airpods Proximity sensors malfunctioning

airpods proximity sensors malfunctioning

If your airpods keep pausing the audio, then its main cause is an issue with the proximity sensors.

Proximity sensors basically perceive when you insert them into the ears for listening to music. This automatic ear detection feature itself plays or pauses the audio.

If you irritate by these built-in proximity sensors, then you have the option to deactivate or turn off the automatic ear detection feature through the settings app in this way.

  • Open iPhone Settings.
  • Tap Bluetooth.
  • Toggle Automatic Ear Detection feature off

Dragging out one airpod

dragging out one airpod

It’s not necessary to keep both the airpods in your ears to listen to audio, but if you have inserted the booth in your ears, then the audio will auto stop or pause when you drag out the one airpod from your ear.

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Reset AirPods

If all the above tips do not work, then the last option is to reset. Turn off and place them inside the case and close the case lid for one minute.

After sixty seconds, pull out the airpods from the case and connect with your smartphone device and place the music to check the pausing issue is resolved. You can visit Apple’s replacement page for replacment.


The last thoughts on this post are if you have the latest apple airpods for listening to music, then take special care of them to avoid the automatic pause problem.

If it keep pausing the media, then check its battery because a low battery can cause this issue.

If you have recharged the airpods fully but still pausing the audio, then perform all the troubleshooting tips described in this post to fix this problem.

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