Whirlpool stove error codes

At first sight, it may look like whirlpool stove error codes are just irregular numbers and letters. Literally, every code shows a particular malfunction, stop working, or damaged part in the stove. Some error codes can be caused by one or more issues.

But beware of one thing, not all error code problems can be easily set by a novice. You will need to call professionals for safety purposes because some error codes are very complex, and difficult to fix them.

A faulty electrical appliance is always not a good thing to happen. Machines that do not show an error code are not a blessing because you can not easily find out the cause of the error.

Whirlpool stoves are that’s why preferred by most people because if something goes wrong with the stove, then an error code appears on display, so you easily diagnose the fault in a particular component.

Keep reading this article to find the details about various oven error codes.

Whirlpool stove error codes

whirlpool stove error codes

If you are searching for help to fix the various error codes on the Whirlpool oven, then don’t turn the page because you are in the just-right place.

This article will help you to fix various problems that occur with a stove.

F0 code

This code appears when there are no earlier error codes. You can fix it by holding the CANCEL key for 10 seconds.

F1 code

F1 error code means that the main control board of the stove is failed to do its work, and you will have to replace it. Sometimes, this fault can be fixed by detaching, cleaning, and refixing the ribbon adaptor from the touch screen to ERC.

F2/E5 code

When this error code appears on the display of the stove, then it means that the cancel key is faulty.

  • First, switch off the oven and also pull out its plug from the outlet.
  • If the keypad cable harness is loose, then refix it.
  • Plug the power cord of the stove into the outlet and turn it on.
  • Press the cancel key on display.
  • Wait for one minute to see whether the error code appears again or not.
  • If it comes again, then you will have to replace the keyboard.

F5/E0 Code

This error code means that the door of the stove is open, but its hook is locked. Use the oven light to check the functioning of the oven door switch.

  • First of all, open and close the door of stove.
  • Check that the switch of the oven door turns on and off the light of the oven when the door is closed and opened.
  • If it does not affect the oven light, then the door switch is faulty; replace it.
  •  Pull out the plug of the oven from the socket.
  • If you see any loose wire on the stove door lock assembly, then refix them.
  • If the wire harness is broken, then replace them.
  • If you see physical damage on the door lock assembly, then change it with a new one.

F4/E1 Code

This problem code means that the meat probe is shorted. You can fix this problem code in this way.

  • Whenever you check that this error code appears on display, then switch off the electricity by pulling out the plug from the outlet.
  • Disconnect the meat probe from the stove.
  • Using a multimeter, calculate the resistance of the meat probe.
  • If the multimeter shows a resistance of approx 60000 ohms at normal temperature, then the meat probe is faulty, and you will have to replace it.

F9 Error Code

whirlpool stove error codes 2022

F9 fault code means indicating that the temperature is very high inside the oven. The high temperature is dangerous for the wire harness, temperature trigger, and even the main control board of the stove.

  • When you are in baking mode, then the temperature does not exceed 575 degrees F.
  • When you are in clean mode, then the temperature does not exceed 950 degrees F.

If the temperature goes above then these levels, then the F9 error code will be shown on display. You will have to decrease the temperature to a normal level in each mode so that it does not harm the above-mentioned components of the stove.


The bottom line of the article is that error codes are very helpful in diagnosing the issue in the stove because it tells the actual problem, and then you can easily fix the problem.

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