Whirlpool dryer not heating (Dublicate)

Whirlpool dryer not heating. In the world of advancement, nobody has a lot of time to spend their whole day on a single task. We want to do everything quickly and less time-consuming.

If your whirlpool dryer heats not working and you need to go out for urgent work, what will be your reaction?

You just put your wet clothes into the dryer, and it stops heating. Of course, it’ll be a very bad feeling when your Whirlpool dryer not heating.

Don’t worry, it is very common that electric appliances to start creating problems by stopping working or not working properly. But, don’t frustrate yourself. Let’s find out the solutions if your Whirlpool dryer not heating.

Whirlpool dryer not heating

So, that you can easily diagnose it and fix it by yourself. This article is going to be very helpful for you, because after following these instructions, you may be able to get your dry clothes back.

Check Circuit Boardcheck circuit board

The most first thing that is possible to make an electric dryer stop working is the inappropriate electrical current flows in the circuit board or a fuse box. Because the dryer works properly when the electricity fills the needs of the dryer.

So, to check the problem, you are required to check the voltage by using a voltage meter. The input voltage must be between 220 to 250.

On the neutral side, it required 110 to 120 voltages of electricity. If the input current flow is accurate, then the dryer works properly.

And if you find out the problem in the input voltage then, you need to fix it. After resolving the circuit issue, your whirlpool dryer may start heating again.

While checking the continuity of electricity, it is dangerous to tackle with the circuit board. If you are feeling nervous you may contact a skilled person, but if you are confident, then go ahead with a piece of good luck.

Check Heating Elementcheck heating element

A heating element warms the air before it enters the whirlpool dryer drum. The second way of diagnosing the reason is by checking the wires of the dryer from the back side.

For this purpose, you need to open the back panel of your dryer with the help of a flat-headed screw.

Here you’ll check the heating elements to know why the whirlpool dryer not heating properly.

As you know that a dryer dries the wet clothes with hot air, so it means there are some elements that are working for generating heat.

We want to inform you that a heating element is a kind of coil object, that produces heat while using electricity.

When you turn on a dryer, the electricity passes through that coil and it starts producing heat.

In this way, the coil or heating element able your dryer to dry your clothes.

If the heating element of your dryer broke or it burns with a continuous flow of electricity, or you are using it for a long time, then it may cause stop working.

Steps of Troubleshooting

Let’s check it out, how can you find out that your heating element is the actual culprit.

  • To check the problem you are required a volt-meter.
  • The first thing that you need to do is, unplug your dryer from the circuit board.
  • Join the volt-meter at the heat element terminal.
  • Check the continuity in the element.
  • If your voltmeter is successfully showing continuity it means that your heat element is not a culprit.
  • On the other hand, if the readings on the volt-meter did not move, then you need to repair or replace the heating element of your dryer.

Malfunctioning of Thermostatmalfunctioning of thermostat

Here is another reason, that may lead to the Whirlpool dryer, not heating. You can say that it may be the usual cause of the heating problem.

While starting the main problem, we also want to tell you that the thermostat or cycling thermostat is also an element that plays a huge role in the matter of heating.

Basically, the high limit thermostat is an element that controls over-heating. As you know, hot or warm air dries the dampness from the clothes and makes them dry. But had you ever noticed why is the heat not crossing its limits?

Actually, the thermostat is working to control the over-heating in the dryers. It organizes the heating according to its limits. So it turns ON the heating and when it reaches its limits, the thermostat turns the heating to OFF.

So, it is simple that a malfunctioning of the thermostat may cause a whirlpool dryer, not a heating problem. Read out owners-manual-3406080

Here are some steps, that you can follow blindly to check out if the thermostat is working properly or if it is the actual reason for the issue.

Steps of Troubleshooting Whirlpool dryer

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your whirlpool dryer:

  • Firstly, you need to disconnect the power cable of the dryer from the circuit board. So that you can prevent any kind of damage to yourself.
  • Then, it’s essential for you to take access to the thermostat, by opening the panel of your dryer with the help of a flat-headed screwdriver.
  • You can easily find the thermostat, as it is commonly located above the blower housing in the control panel.
  • Detach the thermostat from its metal connectors.
  •  Don’t pull it harshly because using force may damage the wires of the thermostat.
  • Again take some work from your multimeter by joining it to the terminals to check its continuity.
  • If it is giving readings then it’s perfect, but if the readings on the thermostat are zero then you need to replace it.

Tripped Thermal Fusetripped thermal fuse

A dryer is all about creating heat, setting limits on heat, blowing warm air, and the elements that make the procedure of drying clothes possible.

The fuse is located on the blower housing or at the dryer’s heat source.

If any element is broken, damaged, burn, or expires in any way, it affects a lot while heating. So here we are discussing each and every issue that can make a dryer not heat properly or stop it from heating.

One another reason of stop heating is tripped, blown thermal fuse. A thermal fuse plays a role in your safety as it keeps an eye on overheating of your dryer. In this way, it also saves your dryer from causing any fire.

The thermal fuse can be found near the blower housing on the dryer.

When your dryer generates heat, and it reaches its maximum limits, then the thermal fuse senses the situation and got tripped. You can say that it works as an emergency button.

So, when it trips, it stops the working of your dryer machine. As you know that there are different types of models available in the market, having a bit different attributes.

Some thermal fuses stop the dryer’s machinery and some of them don’t stop the machinery but they may stop producing heat.

So, you can diagnose that your dryer is just not making heat, or it is not even running machinery.

Steps of Troubleshooting

Follow these guidelines step by step to find out your dryer’s heating problem:

  • Disconnect the electric connection of your Whirlpool dryer to make sure of the safety measures.
  • Secondly, open the dryer’s panel from the back side using the required tool.
  • In the next step, you need to get access to the element that you want to check.
  • You may find it on the blowing house. In some models, you may find it above the heating element.
  • Gently remove the thermal fuses after unlocking the screws with the help of a flat-headed screwdriver.
  • Now, you need to check the continuity of the thermal fuses using a multimeter or voltmeter. You may use anything that is easily available on the spot.
  • Touch the multimeter to the terminals of the thermal fuses.
  • Check the readings as mentioned above.

Minimize the Over-Charge

In the previous problems, we’ve discussed, why the Whirlpool dryer stop heating. But in some cases, you may face the issue of slow working of the dryer.

When you put your wet clothes into the dryer drum, and after completing the full cycle when you get out your clothes back, you realize that the clothes are still not properly dried.

If you want to know the reason for the slow working of your dryer, then you must need to check the number of clothes, that you pour into the dryer. Sometimes, you don’t do justice to the things, that you use in your daily life.

You have to follow the right instructions to use an appliance for a long time. Because, when you start acting upon descriptions, you may increase its working durability.

So, whenever you start your dryer, make sure that don’t fill it to its edges. Try to left some space above it. Secondly, don’t pour your all clothes tangled with each other.

Follow the right things to do your work properly, so you need to pour all the clothes equally.

Dryer Lint Stuckdryer lint stuck

Here, is another reason that may lead to the slow heat of your dryer. As we already discussed, your clothes required hot air to get dry. It means hot airy pressure is essential for wet clothes to get them dry.

So, if your dryer ventilation system gets disturbed, the lint trap, or the lint screen of your dryer is not cleaned then it may start working slowly.

Lint clots may become the reason for ventilation congestion.

So, you can check that if your clothes are well temperature but not getting dry well, then you can get an idea that there is a problem with your dryer vent.

You have to check the dryer vent and fix it properly, because if you let it go, your little ignorance may cause it to catch fire.

Don’t worry we’ll share the procedure with you to solve your problem.

Steps of Troubleshooting

Follow these steps to improve the performance of your dryer’s heating:

  • Disconnect the power cable of your dryer. In this way, you can keep yourself safe and sound.
  • Unfolds the metal tape, and get direct access to the ventilation tube or airy pipe.
  • Remove it from the dryer.
  • You have to remove the lint clot while using a specially manufactured ventilation cleaning kit. You may also use a vacuum for removing the lint that is stuck into the airy hose.
  • You also have to clean the nearer area of the ventilation spots.
  • Connet it again with the dryer, so that it may work properly.

Gas Dryer Stop Heating

If you have a gas dryer and it starts creating the problem of heating, then you must need to find out the problem and their solutions.

Common problems with the gas dryer are mentioned below.

Disturbed Gas Valvedisturbed gas valve

In a whirlpool gas dryer, the heating element is important to run the dryer perfectly. A gas valve is based on two solenoid coils also called gas valve solenoid coils.

Disturbed or damaged gas valve coils cannot produce heat in the gas dryer. If the gas valve solenoid fails then the dryer stops heating.

Gas valve solenoids organize the gas continuity and transmit it into the gas dryer’s burner assembly.

After that gas ignites on the burner. You may analyze that if your dryer is not working then, where is the problem with the burning flames.

One method is that you may check the gas flame. If the ignitor turns on and then it turns off immediately, it means that your gas dryer valve is defective that’s why the gas flame inside it is not turning on.

The second method is that you may check the continuity like electric dryers while using a multimeter.

Steps of Troubleshooting

  • First of all, you need to do is disconnect the power source of your gas dryer.
  • Secondly, you need to access the panel that is behind the dryer and remove it.
  • Then check out, the gas valve ports and remove the solenoid coils after removing the gas valve.
  • Here, take your multimeter or a volt meter to check the continuity.
  • Join the multimeter to the terminals of the coil, and notice the readings.
  • If you receive the readings from 1000 to 2000 ohms then your solenoid coils are able to produce heat.
  • If it is not giving any readings, it means you need to replace them.

You may also use OHM

 Check Ignitor check ignitor

New whirlpool models of dryers have an efficient dryer heating element called an ignitor. The ignitor is responsible for producing flames with the gas delivered by the gas valve.

If your gas ignitor starts creating a problem then you can examine it. As it may blow cold air or you’ll identify the cold air temperature on your clothes. It is probably located near the burner pipe and looked alike a coil shape.

Sometimes when the gas dryer ignitor burns it and stops producing heat but starts collapsing. To verify the ignitor problem, you can use your special tool to find out what you need to do next.

Steps of Troubleshooting

  • Disconnect the power source of the gas dryer.
  • Remove the gas dryer’s access panel.
  • Gently remove the ignitor.
  • Touch the multimeter probes to the terminals of the ignitor.
  • Examine the reading on the multimeter.
  • If it is showing the continuity on the meter, then your gas dryer doesn’t need to replace.
  • If it is stuck or not giving any readings, then you need to replace it.

Check Flame Sensorflame sensor

The Flame sensor is also a part of the gas dryer’s heating elements and inspects the heat temperature. The gas ignites in the flame chamber and is located near the ignitor.

Sensor turn ON the gas valve when it detects the heating. So, if the flame sensor is damaged, it may stop working by not turning on the gas valve. You may check the flame sensor when you detect that the ignitor is not flaming.

You can easily detect the malfunction of the flame sensor by following these steps.

Steps of Troubleshooting

  • Disconnect the power gas source first.
  • Get access to the flame sensor and remove it gently.
  • Touch the multimeter probes to the terminals of the flame sensor.
  • Check the readings on the meter, if it is stuck on infinity, then you need to replace it.

 Other Common Heating Problems

As we discussed a lot of heating problems with the electric whirlpool dryer and whirlpool gas models separately. But most whirlpool dryers models, both electric and gas dryers lead to the same problems of dryer heatings.

Such as blown thermal fuse, bad heating element or burnt heating element, blown circuit breaker, clogged vent, and cycling thermostat are some similar heating problems. You may use the same way for the following to diagnose your gas dryer problems.

Just make sure that disconnect your gas dryer power source when you access the panel of your gas dryer. Other steps are the same for both whirlpool models like using the multimeter for testing the dryer’s elements.


I hope that these instructions may help you a lot when your whirlpool electric dryer or gas dryer not heating. You may be able to do an analysis of your dryer motors and also replace the defective heating element. Be careful while tackling heating element. You may also contact a professional, if you may feel nervous.


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