Washing machine squeaks when agitating

Washing machine squeaks when agitating. A washer is used to wash the clothes and remove the stains and dust over the fabrics.

It is important to know that do not overload the machine with clothes. Otherwise, it will start to generate squeaking and shrieking sounds when the agitator spins the cycle.

If you wash more and different sizes of dresses, then the agitator will move difficultly, and it will have to produce the extra effort. As a result, the machine will make squeaks and will produce a sound like peep-peep.

Sometimes grease, dirt, and other debris gather on the pulley of the washer, which spins the motor. As a result, a squealing sound starts to come during the spinning or agitating in the washer.

So it is better to maintain and clean the appliance completely from the top to bottom so that you should use and maintain the wash properly.

Washing machine squeaks when agitatingwashing machine squeaks

If the washer squeaks when agitating, then the first thing to do is to unplug the machine from the socket and detach its pump and restart the wash again. You will ensure that sound is coming out of this pump or not.

A washing machine is a complex appliance, and if it starts to squeak, there are different reasons behind it.

You can not fix it until you do not know the actual reason for the noise and you have experience with it.

The main thing about using shrieking sound in a washer is its not proper utility. It is possible when you will not overload the tub in one spin.

Some possible causes behind the shrieking sound during agitating are these.

Overload in the tuboverload in the tub

Whenever you wash the clothes in a tub machine, do not overload them. Leave someplace for the water and soap to circulate easily to remove the stains from the clothes.

If you put extra clothes in it, the agitator will have to produce more force to spin the cycle, which is difficult when there is much load in the tub. as a result shrieking sound will come during agitating and spinning of the machine.

Drum bearings are failed

When your machine is agitating and it is generating, it is squeaking; then it may be due to the failure of drum bearings.

If you want to confirm that your drum bearings are defective or not, then switch off the machine and try to spin the drum with your hands.

If the drum still produces a roaring sound, then it is confirmed that its bearings are damaged, and you will have to repair or replace them.

Clogged in pulley of washer

If the grease, debris, and dust make a layer on the pulley of the agitator, then it will be difficult for it to spin the cycle.

It will not move easily, so you will have to open the machine and clean all the clogs from the pulley so that it can move the agitator easily without any pressure.

Suspension spring is rubbing

Sometimes it happens that the suspension spring starts rubbing with the plastic tub in the drum of the washer, due to which it queaks in agitating.

It is not a big issue, and you can fix it without hiring someone.

To get rid of this problem, just put some amount of silicon grease on that place where the spring touches the tub. You will observe that after some time, the squeaking sound will be removed.

Piece of styofrofaom in the botttom

When washing g machines are transferred from the company to the homes, then a big uneven piece of styrofoam is placed in the bottom of the appliance for its safety from damage.

This piece is removed when you open ye packing to use it in the home.

If somehow you forgot to remove this piece, then it will start making a loud sound in the aggregating process. So it is necessary to remove it when you open the packing of the new washer.


We can conclude our article on this final note that if you want to increase the life span and decrease the squeaks sound of it during the spinning cycle, then make sure that there is no overload in the washer and its different parts like drum bearings and suspension rings are in the right position.

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