Washing machine smells like burning rubber

Washing machine smells like burning rubber. Washing machines are very handy electrical appliance which is used to wash dirty clothes at home and in the laundry. It saves a lot of time and energy. It is very important to maintain the washer and use it properly.

The first thing to do is that confirm from where the smell is coming, whether it is coming from inside the machine or it is coming from the plug or socket.

First of all, switch off the machine and pull the plug out of the socket so that it does not harm the whole electric wiring of the house.

Mostly it gives a smell due to the overheating of the drain pump or drives motor due to continuous use. It is better to stop the washing and let the washer cool down.

Washing machine smells like burning rubberwashing machine smells

Normally, when you are washing clothes in a washer, then it only gives the smell of the detergent powder through which you are washing clothes.

If there is some kind of problem with the washing machine, then it will give some other smell like burning of rubber.

If a burning smell is coming from an electrical appliance or washing machine, then it is an indication of this that some part inside the machine is broken or about to break down.

Overheating of a drain pump

A drain pump is overheated due to two reasons, an electrical problem or a frictional problem.

The basic work of a drain pump is to drain all water out of the washing machine. If there is some kind of friction due to clogging in the pipe, then water will not flow easily from the pipe.overheating of a drain pump

Besides, there is an issue occurring, the drain pump will keep working and clearing the water, but due to the extra power, it will overheat and will start giving a smell like rubber.

You can fix this problem by identifying either some clog in the pipe and then removing it so that the drain pump can easily remove all the water from the washing machine.

Motor pully

There is a pully in the drive motor which is used to operate the pump belts. It is made up of metal and it is designed in such a way that it gives maximum touch with the belts.

If this pully is rusted then it generates problems like friction, damaging, and overheating of the belt, due to which a burning smell starts coming.

Switch off the machine and separate the pully from the washing machine. Now check that either the belt of the pully is completely damaged or it can work after repairing. If it is fully rusted then you will have to replace the pully of the washer.

Straight drive motor combining

In the top-loading machine belt drive is not fixed. So if a burning smell is coming out of it then it is due to the straight drive motor coupling between the motor and transmission. Basically, this combination is two drive branches that are made up of plastic material.

Gradually this combination of two forks is overheated and starts giving a smell as they are frayed now.

Now find the exact place of combining and make an approach to the straight drive motor combining and inspect that either it can be fixed by repairing or it needs replacement.

Drive motor is overheated

The washer drum of the machine spins due to the drive motor. Motor power produces power that is shifted to the spin of the drum.

When you continuously use the washing machine without giving rest then, the drive motor of the washer becomes overheated. The Drive motor also overheated when you put an extra load on the drum.

Because of these two reasons washing machine has to apply extra power, which results in the overheating of the drive motor.

Burning of rubber-like smell will start coming out of the washer. It is not a technical issue, just give a break to the washer and do not overload the drum with dresses.


What is the reason behind the smell of the burning rubber coming out of clothes?

It is due to the overloading of clothes in the drum of washer and overheating of the drive motor.

Is it possible that a washing machine catch up a fire?

Yes, there are a lot of incidents in the world that happened due to fires in washing machines.


Washing machine smells like burning rubber. It is suggested to you that don’t try to fix the problem of the washing machine if you do not have experience with it because electrical wires and items inside the machine can’t be repaired until you are an expert electrician.

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