Washing machine drain hose backflow prevention

Washing machine drain hose backflow prevention. A washing machine is a popular appliance used to wash dirty dresses and remove stains from fabrics and clothes.

Water is mixed with soap or detergent to wash the clothes, and then the dirty water is drained out of the tub with the help of a drain hose.

The hose of the washer is then attached to the fitted pipes, and so in this way, dirty water goes through these pipes from out of your home to the gutters in the street.

At times, it happens that the pipes are clogged with some debris and other materials, due to which water does not drain out and flow back to the tub of the machine. Clean the hose pipe regularly so that no clogged remains in the pipe.

It is important to apply precautions of backflow of water from the hoses like the proper height of the standpipe; otherwise, it becomes a flood in the washer and makes some other damage also.

Washing machine drain hose backflow preventionwashing machine drain hose backflow

Normally the wastewater of the washer is drained out into a tub or its hose is connected to the pipe which is going into the sewerage line.

It is better to adopt the best method for clearing the water. Otherwise, you will have to face the problem of backflow due to various reasons, like a clog in the hose.

Following are some steps to apply to prevent the backflow of water from the drain hose of a washing machine.

Proper height of the standpipe

A standpipe is used to drain out the dirty water from a washing machine. This pipe is made in a vertical shape and has a curve at its endpoint.

It makes a connection between the home’s waste stack and the drain hose of the washer. It is better to connect the washer with the standpipe rather than connect to a pipeline.

This will give extra protection to you to stop the backflow of water and the bad smell of the gutter. Due to its curvy end, water does not flow back into the machine, and your room is not flooded.

The height of the pipe from the machine level should be a minimum of 3 feet so that the water level does not increase.

Drain vent

If your washer drain is continuously facing the problem of backflow of water, then make sure that the drain hole is attached properly and it is functioning well.

Mostly in homes, drains are emitted into the drain vent. It is made up of metal and allows the water to enter into pipes, due to which water easily flows down through the drain.

It stops the slow draining of water which is the big reason for the backflow of water. Always ensure that the drain vent is clear before testing it on the washer.

Clogged in the drain hose

When the spin cycle of the washer is completed, the dirty water is drained out with a drain hose.

This pipe is installed at the backside of the machine. It is very important because it removes all the water from the tub into the pipeline.

If, unfortunately, the drain hose is clogged due to debris and other materials, then it might be a pool in the machine or a flood in the laundry room because water will flow back into the tub.

You will have to remove the clogged drain hose to let water flow easily into the plumbing line.

Drainpipe is twisted

One more thing, if the drainpipe is twisted or kinked from any place, then water will not pass through it, so be aware of this thing when you are washing the dresses in the machine that every pipe is in the right position.

Otherwise, water will not drain out from the tub, and your dresses will get dirtier due to backflow.

Straighten the pipestraighten the pipe

The hose must be straightened so that water can easily flow through it easily. Otherwise, water does not flow in an unsmooth way.

The washer must be at an even surface so that water can drain out easily from the tub.


If the water does not drain out completely through a washing machine, then it will flow back; it is a serious tragedy.

So you must clear the clogs in the drain hose and plumbing. Make it routine to clean all pipes regularly so that washer prevents from backflow of water.

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