Urine damage to hardwood floors

Urine damage to hardwood floors. There are many things to stress about if you have your own home. If you have a home, then as a homeowner, you must have kept the floors of your spotless to give a good look to the onlookers.

If you have a floor of hardwood, then this might be a headache for you if you have any pets in your often.

These pets in your home often urinate on the hardwood floors, which doesn’t do good to your floor. I have gone through the worst, my pet used to urinate on our hardwood floor, which we ignored, and we just used to clean it up.

The truth that we were not aware of was that the urine of our pet was a lot, causing a lot more damage to our hardwood floor which made it look too bad for every onlooker, and that floor then lost its charm for the onlooker.

Tomorrow even, you can go through this experience. If your home has a hardwood floor and you also have any pet in your home, be it a dog or cat, then what would you do?

Urine damage to hardwood floors

urine damage to hardwood floors

In this article, I will discuss some of the damages the urine of pets on the hardwood floor and the urine of a few of the pets so that you do get to know how serious this problem is that may be insignificant in your eyes at the moment.

Urine of pets

This world is not as simple as it appears to be. The urine of each pet has different effects on your hardwood floor, which definitely means that the urine of different pets requires different treatments accordingly.

Dogs urine

If you have a dog in your home and the hardwood floor, then it is indeed a headache for you because their urine can have negative effects on your hardwood floor. To understand urine, you need to keep a few points in mind.

The different breed varies effect

There are different breeds of dogs. Every breed of dog has different urine. Therefore, the urine of every dog varies from one another.

Small dogs and dogs

Smaller breeds of dogs urinate less, whereas bigger breeds of dogs can urinate more.

Potty train your dog

In order to avoid the damages like warping, rotting, staining, smell, etc, I highly recommend that you potty train your dog before you take them inside the premises of your home.

Cat’s urine

cat's urine

Cat is one of the most common pets at home besides dogs. To understand their urine, keep the following points in mind.

Urine not excessively

Cats do not rely excessively on your hardwood floor.

Stronger kidneys

Cats have stronger kidneys than other pets, which implies their urine is full of toxins and other chemicals; hence their urine has more smell. If you leave their urine for a longer time, then it can cause stains, smell and rotting, etc.

Potty train

Before you take the cats on the premises of your home, it is best for you to potty train them so you can avoid damage like rotting, smell and stains, etc.

Rabbit urine

The reason to discuss rabbit urine is that over the years, people have kept them as pets with them, and this trend is increasing.

You should not keep them in your home because rabbits urinate a lot because they can be harmful to your hardwood floors.

If you persist in keeping them in your home in the future, then make sure your potty train them before you let them enter your home’s premises so that you can avoid damage to hardwood floors.

Damages caused by pet urine on the hardwood floor

Some damages caused by the urine of pets on a hardwood floor are as follows.

Pet urine cause stains

If you have any pets in your home and your home has a hardwood floor, then you must keep an eye on the activity of your pet because if they urinate on your hardwood floor, then it gives it stains, which will indeed be a headache for you.

The bigger stain means more problems for you.

Urine causes leaking

urine causes leaking

If you have pets in your home and your home has a hardwood floor, then you have to make sure that your pet doesn’t urinate on your hardwood floor because the urine of the pet doesn’t go well with the hardwood floor, which produces the leaking in effect.

If another part of your home has leakage of pet urine, then you must get a new hardwood floor.

Urine causes smell

Apart from the physical damages, if the urine of the pet is absorbed, then it will give you the worst smell; this smell can become the reason for diseases in your home.


Urine damage to hardwood floors. After reading this article, you will be more careful with your pets if your home has a hardwood floor.

You will probably look to potty train your pet before you let your pet inside the premises of your home so that you can prevent any sort of damage to the hardwood floor by their urine.

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