Sun joe pressure washer won’t turn on

Sun joe pressure washer won’t turn on. A dirty spark plug is usually the reason the pressure washer is not turning on.

The dirty spark plug won’t be able to fire your pressure washer, and the broken spark plug will do the same. There can be power issues in the pressure washer.

My Sun Joe pressure washer was not turning on. I thought the pressure washer had ended its lifespan, and it’s not turning on because it could never be turned on again.

I was ready to purchase a replacement for my pressure washer, but at the right moment, my friend became an angel. I don’t mean literally. I was able to save money.

I was going to buy a new pressure washer. Though I had to treat him to dinner, all the saving was worth it. My pressure washer not only started, but it works smoothly now.

Sun joe pressure washer won’t turn on

Having a pressure washer working smoothly makes your work easier. The pressure washer, especially the washer by Sun Joe, is very effective.

But the pressure washer problems remain even in Sun Joe. Sometimes the pressure washer doesn’t like to turn on, and it plays tricks.

The reason the pressure washer sometimes does this is because of its spark plug.

The spark plug of the pressure washer gets dirty, and the spark plug can’t give current when the spark has dust in it. The broken plug and other power issues in the pressure washer are its causes.

Power switch

power switch

The power switch of the washer is a very important part of the washer.

The power switch turns the pressure washer on. It sometimes occurs to the users that the power to the switch doesn’t work.

The power of the pressure washer doesn’t work because the power is set to off or there is 0 showing the off. The power on 0 or off means that the switch isn’t on and the pressure washer is in the off state.

You should check the pressure washer to see if it’s on or not. The pressure washer, if placed on off or the option should be turned and placed on the other options.

The option for turning the pressure switch on should be placed as ON. The other option of the ON function can be placed at 1 as well. The 1 and the ON function are the same.

Unplugged cord

unplugged cord

If you have seen that the power setting is placed on the ON function or the function presenting 1. Then the power to the pressure washer is ON.

You should check the pressure washer’s cord for more settings. The cord is an important pressure washer component.

Sometimes the power from the pressure washer itself is on, but the cord of the pressure washer is not connected.

The pressure washer won’t receive power from anywhere when in that state, and the cord will be useless, including the whole pressure washer.

Check the cord of the pressure just before turning the pressure washer to 1 or ON.

If the pressure washer is left on and the cord is not plugged in, then turn it to 0 and plug the cord. Turn the pressure back to 1 and check if the pressure washer turns on. If not, move to the next fix.

Broken cords

broken cords

The pressure washer on the ON function should correctly function, and the cord is plugged in should be the case too.

Though sometimes, even though the cord is plugged in, the power still isn’t restored.

The power isn’t restored because of the cord but not because it isn’t plugged in, but rather the cord is damaged, or the cord was plugged in a position, making the cord loose.

Check and make sure the cords are not broken, or there may be some physical damage that is visible on the cord.

If there is visible damage on the cord, then you should find the cord’s replacement, but before replacing the cord, check the loosing of the cord and tighten the cord of the pressure washer.

In case the cord plugging wasn’t the problem, replace the whole cord or patch the damaged cord and fix it.

Spark plug

spark plug

Working with the cord and the power button on the pressure washer is one thing, but the spark plug is another thing. The spark plug is an important part of the devices, such as the pressure washer.

The pressure washer requires the spark plug to be in perfect condition to provide the current from it and then give the current to the pressure washer.

Though the spark plug sometimes looks like it’s working fine, actually, the spark plug fails to provide the current because of something inside it or an internal breaking of the plug itself.

The spark plug, when dealing with dirt, doesn’t pass the current. The visible damage to the spark plug is pretty common because the spark plug is made of material that may get weak with time.

However, the spark plug can receive current from outside and get broken. The spark plug can be broken with a force too.

Though the damage to the spark plug is common, the problem of the spark plug getting dirt is much more common.

In case the spark plug seems damaged, replace the spark plug. Cleaning the spark plug because of dust in the plug is a great cleaning cure.



Sometimes the pressure washer doesn’t work because of heat. The heat inside the pressure washer is an important factor in the working of the pressure washer.

The pressure above a particular temperature doesn’t only shut down on its own, but also, if the temperature of the pressure washer is high, it won’t even turn on.

The overheating should be cooled down before the pressure washer is able to function.

The function of the pressure washer is automatically available after the cooling of the pressure washer. However, the effect of the heating is sometimes not directly responsible for the pressure washer not turning on.

The pressure washer, after overheating, trips the breaker because the heat from the pressure washer becomes unbearable.

The breaker will keep turning off when the heat is too much. Let the washer cool down and then turn the breaker on and let the pressure washer power on too.

Motor issues

motor issues

The pressure washer, even after so many problems being solved, can be stubborn and may not turn on. The main problem here is the motor of the washer.

The motor is the main thing that makes the pressure washer work. The pressure washer is able to make pressure and throw the water because of the motor.

The motor keeps the washer on and lets the washer perform its tasks when the motor is in mint condition.

The condition of the motor directly affects the washer’s turning on. If the washer is unable to turn on, then the motor of the washer should be a suspect.

The motor of the pressure washer can be faulty because the winding of the motor has burned. The winding burns because of overheating.

The motor of the pressure washer should be checked by a technician and fixed or replaced by the technician.


The pressure washer, being an important washer, should be dealt with carefully. The problems in the pressure washer are basically because the pressure washer doesn’t turn on.

If the pressure washer is not powering on, then check its plugs, including the spark plugs, and fix all of them. Thanks for reading!

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