Sonos keeps cutting out

Sonos keeps cutting out. People who love to listen to music are familiar with the Sonos sound system. It is basically a wifi network sound system with high and quality sound. You can also enhance it in different parts of the home to enjoy a music party with your friends.

If your sonos speaker keeps cutting out, then there are many causes beyond this issue, like a slow wifi internet connection.

Suppose you connected your sonos speaker with your mobile phone through a wifi internet connection.

In that case, you just need to have fast wifi signals speed because if there is a low internet connectivity issue, then your sonos speaker will disconnect again and again.

Long distances between devices, wireless interference, and streaming restrictions are also some prominent causes of the problem.

Read this complete directory to remove all the main causes of this issue and also learn the troubleshooting tips to fix all problems.

Sonos keeps cutting out

It’s very frustrating when you are listening to your favorite song on sonos, but the wifi speaker cuts out at your favorite lyrics.

Sometimes, it happens due to the media you are playing on the mobile starting buffering due to weak internet speed.

Sonos speakers continuously cut out, then don’t throw your speaker out of the home because this problem can be easily solved by following troubleshooting tips.

Slow internet connection

slow internet connection

Sonos speakers are usually connected with WI-FI to smart mobile phones or tabs to enjoy music in-home or at parties.

You must have 5 Mbps to stream music on youtube or Spotify. It will start buffering if you have a low internet connection speed.

If you have connected your device with mobile data, then place your mobile at that place in the room where it has full signals.

If too many smart devices are connected to one router, then it also decreases the wifi signal speed so remove the extra devices to increase the wifi speed.

Check your WiFi router

check your wifi router

Another main reason for slow internet connection is router is placed close to the floor, so always place the internet router above the router.

If Spotify or youtube is slowly buffering the music, then the sonos speaker will keep cutting out, so shift the speaker close to the internet router.

Sometimes power cycle the router is important to fix the cutting-out issue. Turn off the sonos speaker via the power button and drag out the power cable for 2 to 3 minutes.

After 2 minutes, insert the power cable in the socket and press the sonos wifi speaker power switch to turn on the device.

Reconnect your mobile with the sonos speaker and play the music to test the speaker.

Out-of-range distance

If you have arranged a party in your home and enjoy music with your friends, then always sit close to the sonos speaker to listen to music without any cutouts.

The wifi speaker will start to cut out the music when you will increase the distance between both devices, so always keep an eye on the range distance between the mobile and sonos speaker to avoid this issue.

HDMI cable issue

hdmi cable issue

If your sonos keeps cutting out, then detach the cable from the port and try to insert it in another port. It sometimes works because you just only need to detach the cord from the port and insert it back into the port.

If it does not make any difference, look for the physical damage on the cable. If the wire is damaged, then replace it with a new quality cable.

You can also try a factory reset. While plugging the power cord into the wall, hold down the Play/Pause button.

Hulu keeps crashing on firestick

The light will flash amber and white when the button is held down. The light will turn green when the factory reset is complete.

Check ethernet cable

If you are using sonos speakers without internet and connected your computer or smartphone with an ethernet cable, then recheck the cable because if it is twisted or damaged, then it will start to cut out the music, which is more frustrating if you are dancing on your favorite song with friends.

Streaming limitations on your account

Nowadays, some live-streaming platforms have made new policies and strategies on their service to block abuse. So, you can only play music on one device.

But, if you want to bypass this, ensure to set your speakers correctly in your home, and it’s better to make suitable speaker groups.

When you make the speaker groups, then the live steaming app will behave that speakers group as a single device.

Reposition the speakers

reposition the speakers

I have been using a sonos speaker for the last two years because my friends often come to my home to enjoy parties.

Last month I changed my home settings, changed the sonos positions, and set them in another part of the home.

Hulu audio out of sync

But, my wifi speakers being to cut out every time when I play a song on my mobile to listen to it on speakers.

I shared this issue with my friend, who told me the that the wifi speakers are placed at a more distance from the internet now, so that’s why the music is not playing on the speakers due to weak signals.

Then I changed my sonos speaker positions and placed them close to the internet router, and the issue was solved. So, you also need to place the internet router and speakers close to each other to maintain the distance.

Hire professional help

If you still do not find any solution and your sonos speaker keeps cutting out when you play the music on your mobile, then contact a local professional to check your sound system.


The last words in this article are if you have a sonos wifi speaker system to listen to loud and quality music, then you must place the router close to the router to make a strong internet connection between both devices. Hulu not working on firestick

If your wifi speaker keeps coming out, hopefully, after reading this article, you have found the main culprit behind why the sonos speakers keep cutting out the music.