Snowblower auger not turning

Snowblower auger not turning. Is your snowblower auger won’t turn on as you started it after a long time? Do your snowblower parts need replacement as it is leaking gas? Or is the snowblower running rough and leaving the snow behind?

You might know that a snowblower is just like any motor or electronic device that wears out timely if proper maintenance is not done.

A snow blower is a complex device with a lot of moving components, and it is only inevitable that it’ll break down from time to time.

However, certain issues can be minimized or avoided if identified earlier, and others might assist you in preventing more costly repairs and replacements.

So, below we are mentioning the most prevalent problem that you might face and also the suggestions on how to fix a snowblower this winter.

Snowblower auger not turningsnowblower auger not turning fix

Here we are going to discuss the most common issues that you face and how to fix them

Auger Assembly

The auger rotors are responsible for propelling snow into the pump, which then dumps the snow into the funnel. To inspect the auger assembly, do the following.auger assembly

  • Start by removing the shears pin as well as the bolts that keep the assembly together, and then take out the blade of the snowblower.
  • Examine the blades for any wear. Any breaking, rusting, cracking, or damaged welds should be checked, and If you find any damage, the blades must be changed.

Auger Beltsnowblower auger not turning belt

The auger belt is responsible for pulling the auger forward so the auger will not spin smoothly if the pulley is rusty or damaged. To check the auger belting, just do a number of things.

  • Take the belt shield and loosen its belt’s tightness until it can be securely pulled out.
  • Examine the belt for any cracks, abrasion, tearing, or even other indications of destruction. If any breakage is found, the belt must be updated.

Auger Cordsnowblower auger cord

A defective or chipped auger cord is among the most prevalent causes of either an auger stopped connecting. An auger wire cannot connect correctly if the wire is worn or cracked.

You may thoroughly check the wire for indications of straining or any other problems without trying to remove any components. As it depends on the model you are using, you might well be able to modify it if it’s only twisted.

Then if you can’t modify it, it’s better to change the cable.

Shear pinssnowblower auger shear pins

Shear pins are typically meant to cut off even if you strike a stone or a heavy block of snow, saving your propulsion system against significant harm.

It’s an easy analysis to see whether the shear pin is really the problem.

To verify if a shear pin is misplaced or broken, carefully rotate the auger blade, and scan the holes in which the shear pin can go.

It’s better to keep a few extra shear pins as they are cheap, as it might save you from getting your way clear if any broke.

Gearboxsnowblower auger gearbox

The gearbox is a crucial component for transferring energy from the shaft to the auger, so if you notice crunching sounds or experience the auger skipping blades, then you get a gearbox malfunction. To examine the gearbox, just do the following,

  • The gearbox should be removed from the casing and opened to see the gears.
  • Examine the gears carefully if you find any kind of rusting as well as pieces that are lost or broken. If you notice anything, then the gearbox would need to be replaced.


The bearings of a snowblower enable an auger axis to revolve smoothly, so if the bearings are worn out or fail, the shafts will also not be capable of rotating easily.

To examine the bearings, search for just any visible defects or corrosion and change bearings if required.

But, it’s better first to examine your gadget and try to fix the real issue, and if it’s still not working, then seek help from an expert.

How can we maintain a snowblower?

Here’re a few tips for maintaining your snowblower to prevent any kind of damage or corrosion.

  • Timely change the oil or gas of your snowblower, and drain the oil if there’s no use for a long time.
  • Change the air filter or plug whenever it’s about to wear out.
  • Carefully tighten or change the parts of the snowblower if necessary.
  • Oil the parts of the snowblower if needed.


We have provided you with every possible solution. If by following methods are not working better seek help from the technician.

Snowblower Auger Not Turning

How to Fix a Snowblower Auger Gear

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