Simple human soap dispenser not working

Simple human soap dispenser not working. A device that is used to dispense a certain amount of soap solution or material like hand sanitizers is known as a soap dispenser. It only gives the required amount of soap to the user.

The soap is stored in the bottles and later pushed with the help of a pump above, and then it gives the soap to the user. This happens when the sensor detects a hand.

Soap might not be dispensed because of some internal issue in the dispenser. It will not work if the soap gets stuck. This usually happens because of the thickness of the soap.

Simple human soap dispenser not working

simple human soap dispenser not working

The soap dispenser might not be working if the motor is out of its working. Then the soap will not be pushed out of the dispenser. Maybe the motor is working, but the soap is still not pushing out.

This might be because the pump is clogged. The soap dispenser might be switched off, so it is not working. The soap might have run out.

So you might just need a good old refill to start working again.


The causes of a soap dispenser not working can be multiple. If you understand the reasons, you can fix them. The reasons are listed below with solutions:

Thickness of soap

The soap is too thick is also a problem that is common in dispensers. Sometimes we pour thick soap into the bottle.

The soap, because of its thickness, gets stuck in the ump as it is slow and gets clogged.

The soap being sticky when not used for a bit, dries off and gets stuck in the pump. This causes the pump to get clogged or either blocked.


This problem can be solved if we pour a little thin soap that can easily pass through it.

We properly clean the pump and remove any soap stuck in it, and the way to prevent this problem is to make sure only the amount of soap solution the bottle can store is poured into the bottle.

Forgotten soap

The bottles that contain or store the soap or the solution are actually stored in the shade. Not to be blunt but you might have forgotten to fill the bottles after finishing them.

So, the empty bottle means the dispenser is empty, and there is no soap in it, and when there is no soap, the dispenser will have no material to push, so even if it turns on, it will only blow air out.


You can solve this problem easily if you just fill the bottles with soap. There are ways to do that like lifting the cover. You just need to pour the soap, or you can replace the bottles with filled ones.

No power

The dispenser you are using is an electronic device, and every electronic device needs power or energy to function. This also goes for the soap dispenser.

You need the power to run it. Sometimes, because of excessive use, the batteries run out of energy. This can be a problem, as no battery will mean no power.

Thus, your dispenser will not work at all. This can be a bit of a problem.


This is one of the simplest solutions. You just need to charge the batteries. Some dispensers have a charging system on them. If you are using the ones without the charging port, you can just replace the batteries.

Broken or loosened wires

broken or loosened wires

Sometimes the wires inside the dispenser loosen or get broken. This makes the dispenser not work.

The power and commands are transferred through the wire, but when the wires are broken, no function of the dispenser will work.


Checking the broken and loose wires to fix and replace them. This will help you solve the problem, and regular checking will help you prevent it.

Fried motor

There is a motor in the dispenser that actually pushes the soap out when you need it. The motor, sometimes due to excessive use, can get hot and get out of order.

This causes the dispenser to not work. This can prove to be the biggest problem.


The problem is the biggest, as if the motor is out of order, you will need to replace it. There might be some kind of fix, but it is not usually the case. Mostly, the whole motor is needed to be replaced.


Simple human soap dispenser not working. The dispenser is of the new technology, and flaws can be found in every device and thing, but that doesn’t mean we should just stop using them.

We need to make sure that the problems regarding the dispenser are fixed. We do not need to get rid of it.

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