Samsung Washer Sc Code

Samsung Washer Sc Code. Are you tired of reading various guides on these Samsung washer error codes, but all goes in vain? Understanding the actual meaning of these codes is as essential to troubleshoot as water to live.

Whenever there is a problem with your Samsung device, it always indicates a code with different meanings and associations with other issues. Getting those errors from time to time doesn’t mean you have to call for expert help.

The more straightforward fixes and understanding the correct meanings to these codes would work great at your home.

Do you know what the Samsung washer Sc code meaning is?

Whenever a Samsung washer is popping out this error code, the problem is with the drain system. The problem can also arise from an external source like a faulty electronic controller. Are you also getting that error of Sc code on your Samsung dishwasher?

Before you let yourself think about the death sentence of your washer, please read our guide that will surely help you ease your issue.

Samsung washer Sc Codesamsung washer sc code

Most probably, the error of Sc occurs due to the breakdown of the pump when the machine gets a fault in the draining system.

When your device does not spin, does not drain the water, and is frequently showing this error, which precisely means it gets slippage on the shaft or the pipe is damaged.

These are a few of the significant reasons for the code mentioned above.

Pump Filter might be Cloggedpump filter might be clogged

It’s essential to check the drain filter first, as this can cause problems with the pump filter. Unscrew the door by twisting it counterclockwise.

This is the lower right corner of the front wall where the door is located. Things like buttons and coins are not a problem. As a result of significant impediments, such as error code SC or 5C, considerable difficulties arise.

You should remove things like garments and piles of socks.

The filter should be cleaned and replaced. After the main obstacles have been removed, cleaning the filter is a breeze. Blockages in drainpipes are the most common cause of drainpipe failure.

The Samsung Washer Error Code SC is shown because the equipment cannot pump water and is not able to pump water. Cleanliness is vital when it comes to the connection between your pump and your tank.

Faulty Drain Hosefaulty drain hose

Because it could be plugged up or frozen in place, you may have issues with the drain tube itself. The hose should be correctly attached to the connector, so make sure that it is.

The hose can also be faulty if it has bumps or damage or if it has cracks in it.

Final point: The drain hose length should not exceed four meters since it can cause the Samsung Washer Error Code SC to appear on Samsung’s washing machine.

Irregular installation of the water hose could result in the washing machine is overflowing with water.

Ensure that the drain hose is attached correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions to address the problem yourself. The drain and rem should be free of extraneous things.

Clogged Pump clogged pump samsung washer sc code

When small things such as coins, nails, screws, hair clips, or rubber bands get caught, they might make a continuous or intermittent pump noise.

If you hear a quiet hum, the knot is still functioning, but it has failed. Disconnect the filter, activate the drain mode, and watch the impeller spin.

Look for any concealed blockages in the pump output chamber or under the impeller and remove them. When the pump filter is being inspected, this procedure is frequently taken directly after that.

Faulty Wire Connectionswashing machine faulty wire connections

The pump does not produce any noise at all. If the SC error code appears on your Samsung washing machine, you may blame open contacts on the electrical unit.

You need to check everything, from your drain pump to your control module’s connection.

If the cable connection is broken, it’s best to have it repaired as soon as possible rather than waiting. Moving or moving the washing machine increases your risk of this happening.

You can repair open circuits by twisting and soldering the wires if you find a problem. If a significant issue is found, it is best to replace the complete cord to ensure optimal performance from the Samsung washing machine.


Sc code can now be resolved by using the simple fixes mentioned above. Among all the reasons discussed above, one of them will match yours and help you detect the actual cause.

If the problem is with the electronic unit, it will lead the machine to several malfunctions, which can get severe later on. We hope you liked our guide containing the reasons and solutions for the code on the Samsung washer.

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