Rough opening for 36 door

Rough opening for 36 door. Rough opening for a door is the measurement for openings that are already prepared for the jambs before fitting a door.

These rough openings are made in the wall of the room where you want to place a door. So, during construction, these are made as extra space for doors.

The rough opening for your door should be greater than the original size, for example, the rough opening for a single door of 36 inches will be approximately 38 by 82.2 in width and height respectively.

If you want to buy a door, you should know the perfect size of your door so, this is the most important thing to have once perfectly fitting door for your house.

The rough opening sizes also help you in the purchase of doors for remodeling your house.

This door frame which is already placed always helps with the replacement of a new door. These rough opening for a 36-inch door makes work easier to install the door.

Rough opening for 36 door

Standard Sizes

standard sizes

As we know that there are many types of doors exterior, bifold, interior, pocket door screen, barn, and storm.

This means all doors have changes in the measurement of the rough opening, But if you are making any kind of door, you should frame out rough openings first, which will make this installation process easier and tension free.

As I told you above, the standard size for framing the door rough opening of 36 is 38 by 82.5 inches.

Frame the Rough Opening

frame the rough opening

If you are making a frame for a rough opening, then you should keep the frame wider than your door by approximately 2 inches.

According to this point, if you are installing a rough opening for a 36-inch door, then the measurement for a frame will be 38 inches.

But the height for a frame should be 2.5 more than the actual door height that will use to install the rough opening.

For the bedroom door or 36-inch door, the rough opening size will be 38 in width and 82.5 in height.

Measurements for the Rough Opening

measurements for the rough opening

To measure rough opening sizes for the 36-inch door are very precise and interesting to understand.

You can see the variation with the variation in door height and door width. But this is clear that it always increases height only by 2 or 2.5 inches.

  • Exterior Doors Measurement for the Rough Opening

For the perfect fitting, a pre-hung single door of 36 by 80 inches will need a rough opening of approximately 38.5 by 82.25.

Before nailing a door, you should square up and align it for proper closing of the door.

  • Interior Doors Measurement for the Rough Opening

For the single door, you should keep increasing by 2 inches in width and 2.5 inches in the height it means you have the same rough opening width and height as the exterior rough opening width and height.

But for the double door unit astragal and double door unit, the framing rough opening sizes will also remain the same in measurement according to actual door size.

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Finished Opening

The finished opening of a door is a measurement that comes after the finishing of lumber when the jambs are also added to it.

This is an essential thing: the finished opening should become perfect and equal after finishing the installment work.

For a pre-hung single door, the size is about 42 by 80 then the finished opening should also be 42 by 80.

The Size of a Rough Opening for 36-Inches Pre-Hung Door

the size of a rough opening for 36 inches pre hung door

A pre-hung door contains a frame that is attached to itself. This makes the door installation easier and simple.

The door slabs are slightly less expensive than them, but most carpenters recommend this. With basic carpentry training or skills, you can also install it yourself.

If you are making that kind of door, then its door width should be 38.5 inches by 82 inches, and the frame should be prepared as the rough openings should be 1 inch more in width of frame and height should be 3 by 4 more than the door.

Rough Opening Chart

When you want to build a new house or remodel your house, then you have to buy a door, but before purchasing a door, you should first decide on the door’s rough opening size with the help of this rough openings chart which is given below for your help:

  1. If the actual door size is 24 by 80, then the door rough opening will be 26 by 82.5
  2. If the actual door size is 28 by 80, then the door rough opening will be 30 by 82.5
  3. If the actual door size is 32 by 80, then the door rough opening will be 34 by 82.5
  4. If the actual door size is 34 by 80, then the door rough opening will be 36 by 82.5
  5. If the actual door size is 36 by 80, then the door rough opening will be 38 by 82.5

36-inch Door Frame

36 inch door frame

When you want to start making a door frame of 36 inches, you have to adjust the framing size, but before this step, you should already have a door to adjust the framing that you want to fit.

If the rough framing of doors is not perfect in size, these doors cannot function properly. The bedroom door should be 36 inches.

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Then you can make a door frame according to the size of the opening, width of 38 inches, and height of 82.5 inches.


For many reasons, the door opening is required to be larger than a finished door. For example, the larger door’s rough opening is essential for the door to move and latch properly.

This rough opening helps maintain the room’s temperature and humidity levels. So, these rough opening sizes are always measured to door based. Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging

By these points, I conclude that the rough opening for 36 inches door is most important for best-installed door features.

This is a great method to make a perfect finished door by increasing the 2 inches of opening width and 2.5 inches in height.