Roku tv stuck on loading screen

Roku tv stuck on loading screen. Roku tvs are very famous to people across the world for their magnificent picture quality, live streaming features, and cheap prices.

Usually, roku smart tvs work fine for a long time, but some users complain about different software and hardware issues, like the roku tv being stuck on the loading screen.

There are different reasons responsible for the roku tv being stuck on the loading screen. The roky tv needs a fast and stable internet connection for live streaming, so make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection.

If there is no problem with the network connection, then reboot, remove all the input devices from roku tv ports, update the roku tv software, clear cache memory, remove the sd card from the tv and reinsert it, and factory reset your tv.

If you don’t want to hire a tv repairer and want an online solution for your screen, then read this full guide for all possible solutions.

Roku tv stuck on loading screen

It’s a dreaded thing to happen if you want to spend time on roku tv for entertainment, but roku tv is stuck on the loading screen.

This problem can occur due to a number of causes. There is no problem if you are not a professional because you can fix some issues related to fixing the stuck screen.

However, if there is a hardware problem, then hire a tv expert to fix this problem.

Power cycle your roku tv

power cycle your roku tv

It’s very annoying to see your roku tv stuck on the loading screen and not move forward. Your first attempt must be rebooting the roku tv.

Sometimes the tv gets stuck during loading the screen due to minor bugs and software glitches.

So, shut off your roku tv with the power button on the tv or the remote power button. Now, drag out the roku tv power plug from the electrical outlet.

After five minutes, pin in the plug in the electrical and push the power button on the remote control to power on the TV.

Test the tv; if the roku tv starts working smoothly, then your problem is resolved.

However, if the tv screen is again stuck after power cycling, then it means there is no bug problem, and there is some technical or hardware issue.

Clear cache memory

Cache data is the temporary data stored in the device to start the apps without wasting any time. But it’s also important to keep clearing the cache memory to decrease the load from the system.

If you don’t know how to clear cache memory, then do it this way. Press 5 time the home button on the remote control. Now, twice push the Up button.

Now, push the Rewind button two times. Lastly, pin the fast Forward button twice. It will freeze your TCL roku tv and reboot the tv itself. You can also clear cache memory from the setting menu.

Reinsert SD Card

reinsert sd card

Some people install the SD card on the roku tvs to watch different media content. But, this SD card is sometimes corrupted and stuck.

Remove the SD card from the roku tv for ten seconds and reinsert it in the slot to check if the tv screen is still stuck or if it is moving forward.

Unfortunately, if the screen is still stuck after removing and reinserting the SD card, then insert the card in your smartphone and check if it is working or not.

If it does not work, it means it is corrupted, and you need to buy a new SD card to insert into the tv.

If the corrupt SD card was responsible for the stuck screen, then the problem will be resolved when you remove the card or insert a new card.

Internet Problems

When gets stuck during loading, the screen then checks the internet connection. A bad and unstable internet connection is sometimes responsible for a stuck tv screen.

If you are facing internet connectivity issues, check the internet modem’s internet status, perform a speed test on your smartphone, decrease too many users from one router, and move the router close.

Hopefully, the roku tv will start buffering the page and move forward when internet service issues are resolved.

Remove all inputs

remove all inputs

If your roku tv is stuck during the loading screen, then one solution is to remove all the inputs you have inserted in its ports.

Unplug all the HDMI cables and input devices from the roku tv and reboot your tv. When the tv turns then, check if it is turning on normally or still it stuck during the loading screen.

If the tv is powered on without any issue, then you can reinsert all the HDMI cables and connected devices into the screen.

If you see the tv screen again stuck when you insert a specific input, then do not insert that input device.

Game interference

Some users love to play games on roku tv, but they don’t know it is also one of the reasons for the stuck tv screen.

If you have recently started playing any video game on your switch and the roku tv screen is stuck, then it means the game you have installed on your tv is incompatible with the roku tv. So, ist better not to play this or any game on your roku tv. Sharp Roku tv black screen

Factory reset

If the problem is not resolved yet and your roku tv screen is still stuck after applying all the methods, then your last bet is to factory reset the tv.

The normal way to factory reset the tv is from settings, but in this, you can not navigate to the tv set because your tv screen is already stuck.

But don’t worry. You can perform a hard reset on the TV. Hard resetting the tv clears all the glitches, bugs, and settings and refreshes the tv to default settings.

Remove any USB or sd card from the roku tv and locate the reset button on the front or back side of the tv. The reset button is usually fixed on the tv back screen. Long press the tv reset button for 30 seconds.

When the reset process is done, then Roku tv will reboot itself. If the tv screen does not stick after rebooting, then you can reset all teh settings on your tv.

If a factory reset also does not fix the problem, contact the roku customer center for more help and guidelines.


The last thoughts on this post are although it’s annoying to see a stuck roku screen, it happens with every user. Follow all the tips one by one to clear the problem.

If you can’t sort out the actual issue, then you can call the roku customer help center for help. TCL roku tv remote not working