Reset electrolux dishwasher

Reset electrolux dishwasher. Reset your Electrolux dishwasher by pressing the start button for about five seconds. This is the usual method for resetting this dishwasher.

My dishwasher stopped while there were dishes in it. It was malfunctioning because of some problems. I pretty much tried to check for every problem. I found out that there can be power cord issues.

The latch may not work. Problems with water lines are common. I got worried. I thought I could have so many dishwasher problems. I searched for more.

Then I checked, but no problem was found in the above parts. I got more worried, thinking that the problem may be worst. I thank my friend who told me to rest my appliance.

It fixed my dishwasher immediately. The steps to reset are easy. I wrote them. So keep reading!

Reset electrolux dishwasher

reset electrolux dishwasher

Dishwashers are of common use, so they face common problems too. The dishwasher power cord can break. It can loosen. The water route can be clogged.

The soap may be empty. Improper cleaning may occur. Maybe the pressure isn’t set right. The amount of soap it uses is too much. There may be nothing; you just want to reset it to the setting of your choice.

Methods for doing so are different because of model differences. They can be from the control panel.

They can be from the rinse button. The no heat dry button can be a button you have to press. Discussing which button to press in every model will be too much.

Let’s discuss the standard method through which resetting is possible.


Before we reset the button with a difficult method or check the difference between models, pressing the start button only for about five seconds may just rest the device for you.

No need to press any other button, and power doesn’t need to be turned off either. But it sometimes doesn’t work. So, standard steps are written below.

Powering off

Beginning with basics, we need to power the dishwasher down. You can first off it from the device power button. Then turn the switch and remove the cord.

This is highly recommended. You won’t be able to fix it while has power. And touching it with power is a safety hazard. It will cause time waste, so power off.

A power cut from the main board is also a solution. Or just turning the breakers. Turning power off is the only way to access the control pad for powering on. Let it stay off for about five minutes.

There are capacitors present in the device. And as capacitors store charge, they will have it for a maximum of five minutes. The energy dissipates after a few minutes. And it becomes safe to work.

Powering again

Now that the charge has been dissipated. You can turn the dishwasher back on. Plug the cable. Turn the switch on. Wait for a while and let it power on. It will be a little slow, so be patient.

You will need to power it on from the control panel too. Access the panel. The panel will show displayed in a while. Let it power. Before you can reset, press the buttons on the pad and turn the appliance on.

Pressing the buttons

pressing the buttons

Pressing the buttons can be said to be an irrevocable step. Usually, the device resets itself when the above steps are followed, but some models require buttons. Press the reset button on the pad.

If there is no reset button, you need to press the rinse button for five seconds. In some cases, the button you need to press is the no dry heat button.

Press maximum for five seconds as long-term pressing can damage the button. In case you want to change the mode, you can select the required mode. After resetting, select any program from the device and test it out. If it is reset, it will work properly.


Set the device up to your liking. The reset removes most of the errors. So if there is any error from 01 to 09, try resetting. But not all errors will be repaired by this.

You need professional help if the problems are worse. Read the guide and try it. The start button reset is the easiest, so try it out before others. You can search methods for your model on the internet.

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