Remote for hunter fan not working

Remote for hunter fan not working. Are you worried because your Hunter ceiling fan remote controls stop working?

If yes, don’t worry because we will share accurate tips and tricks about the reasons for not working your ceiling fan remote and their solutions, honestly.

Dealing with different kind of appliances with remotes make our lives so easy. We can do anything according to our wishlist without getting up from our couch or bed.

Increasing or decreasing the fan’s speed and turning ON and OFF a fan from the wall socket was a regular thing, but this century is all about advancement.

You can remotely control your fan by just pressing a button.

But indeed, it requires some maintenance or solutions when they start making trouble by not working correctly.

Stay with us to start diagnosing the issue as well as repairing procedures.

Remote for hunter fan not working

Ways to Diagnose Hunter Fan Remote

In this article, we will know why the Hunter fan remote won’t work?

As it is not that challenging, you may quickly troubleshoot your Hunter ceiling fan remote controls with focus and a passion for solving the problems.

Possible Issues

These are the following problems that we’ll discuss here;

  • Required Tools and Material
  • Check the Power
  • Check Battery
  • Check the Remote Range
  • Set Ceiling fans Frequency
  • Set Remote Control Frequency
  • Use of Universal Remote
  • The pairing of the ceiling fan remote control

Tools and Materials

To proceed with the diagnosing, you need to use some tools and materials we’ll use in the procedure.

  • Pen
  • Screwdriver
  • AAA Battery
  • Universal Ceiling Remote(Optional)

Check Power Issues

check power issues

Before checking other components or other ways to check that your Hunter fan remote is faulty or not, make sure that the wall switch of your fan is turned ON.

If the switch is loosened, press hard to turn your fan ON. You may have a faulty wall switch.

After suspecting the wall switch and after ensuring that the switch is ON, try to check the circuit breaker.

You may also check the remote control by turning on the fan light.

After clearing this step, we’ll go to the next step to find out why your Hunter remote is not working.

Check the Battery

check the battery

The second thing you need to check is the battery of your handheld remote.

Batteries are an integral part of your Hunter fan remote.

If they are defective, it may affect the working of your remote.

So, whenever you suspect your Hunter fan remote is not working correctly, you need to pay attention to the battery.

A faulty battery doesn’t stop your remote from working, it may work from a close range, or you may press the remote buttons so many times for a single motion.

Check Battery Position

check battery position

Firstly, you need to check that the battery is placed correctly in its position.

You may easily access them by opening the back panel of the remote. Remove the battery and insert it again.

Then, press the buttons if it is still not working.

Replace the Dead Battery

replace the dead battery

If the batteries are still not working after correcting their position, then to diagnose that, you need to insert the new battery into your remote.

You may also check the old batteries with the battery tester.

Examine if it starts working with new batteries or not.

If your Hunter fan remote started working, then there was an issue with dead batteries.

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Battery Leakage

Sometimes, when you don’t change your remote control’s battery, it may start creating problems inside the remote.

For example, It starts damaging the remote terminals by corrosion or leaking inside the remote control, so it’s better to replace the battery before it may create any problem for you.

If it still shows the problem while working, you must continue diagnosing it.

Check the Remote Range

check the remote range

As you know, there is a limited range in which remotes work properly.

If you start going far from the range, it may stop working.

A hunter fan remote contains a transmitter.

When we press any remote button or give any command to the remote, it transmits the signals to the ceiling fan receiver.

To test the remote, try to use the remote in the range of 10 to 20 feet of the fan. If it is not working in the range area, then there is no range issue.

But if the remote works near the fan, you need to change the battery if you have not changed them yet.

Try Reset Ceiling Fan Remotes

Reset ceiling fan remote may also resolve your problem. Most ceiling fan remotes stop working correctly, and after resetting them, they start working again.

The only thing that you need to do is turn OFF your fan using your ceiling remote control. Then wait for 15 to 30 sec.

Then you need to press and hold the OFF buttons for almost 10 sec.

After following these steps accurately, it is possible that your ceiling fan remote will start working correctly. If it doesn’t work, you must try the following method.

Check Hunter Fan & Remote Frequency

check hunter fan & remote frequency

If your Hunter ceiling fan remote control is not working, and you are worried because you don’t know the issue.

If you tried the previous methods to find the problem, but the remote is still not working, you must check the frequency settings.

Unsimilar frequency is the possible reason if you see no issue with batteries or ranges.

Whenever you press any button on the remote control, and your ceiling fan starts acting on it, it is because your fan and remote have the same frequency.

If you want to make the communication possible, your fan and remote control have to be set on the same frequency.

You may set the frequency by using DIP(Dual-in-line package) switches.

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Follow these steps to check and set the Celling fan and remote frequency.

  • Set Ceiling Fans Frequency

Setting Hunter ceiling fans frequency is not difficult, but it requires your attention for flawless results. Follow the instructions step by step carefully.

Before doing anything else, turn off the fan’s power from the circuit breaker. Your life is precious, so we don’t want to put you in any danger.

You need a ladder to access your ceiling fans to accomplish this task. Please, while placing the ladder, ensure that the ladder is firmly positioned and there is no chance of slipping.

After placing the ladder, take a screwdriver and detach the ceiling fan’s canopy. You may easily find the DIP switch settings on the remote receiver located in the fan.

Note the frequency from the remote receiver DIP switch, or set the new frequency using a ballpoint pen or a small screwdriver by pressing the DIP switch.

After noting the frequency, return to the ceiling fan and attach the fan canopy back. Now, you may turn ON the power from the circuit breaker.

  • Set Ceiling Remote Frequency

In this step, you are required your ceiling fan remote. Your ceiling fan remote also contains dip switch settings to set the frequency.

You may find it in the battery compartment behind the remote’s back panel.

After removing the back panel, you need to remove the battery to access the DIP switch settings.

Now, you need to check whether both frequencies of the fan and remote are similar or not.

And if you have set the new frequency on the fan DIP switches, then set the frequency of the remote control, similar to the fan frequency.

You may use a ballpoint pen or a small screwdriver to change the frequency.

After maintaining the same DIP switch settings and inserting the battery, test the remote controls by pressing the ON or Off button.

You may also increase or decrease the fan speed to test out your ceiling fan remote.

Universal Ceiling Fan Remote

universal ceiling fan remote

If you have tried all the previous methods and nothing helped make your fan in motion with the help of the remote.

It indicates that your fan remote is faulty and needs to be replaced.

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If it is possible to replace the remote from the manufacturers, in case of a warranty, then replacing it is the best idea.

If your remote is damaged and you can’t replace it, then you need to get a universal remote.

Buying a replacement remote is not a bad idea, as it is not much expensive and also capable of different ceiling fan brands.

But these kinds of remote controls have a separate remote control receiver that must be attached to your fan canopy via wiring.

Check the brand’s list and model number from its packaging or search online because we don’t want you to waste your money on things that are not beneficial for you.

After getting the replacement remote of the same brand and the same fan model, you need to set the frequency similar to the fan DIP switch frequency.

Fix the battery again, and pair the remote with your fan.

The Pairing of Ceiling fan remotes

It is not a big deal to pair your universal remote with your ceiling fan. You may easily pair them together without a lengthy process.

You may follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Or follow the steps that are given below.

Firstly, please Turn off your fan and leave it for thirty seconds.

If you set the same frequency, you need to press the “Pair” button, and then it gets paired to your new receiver installed in your fan.


We believe that after this guidance, you may be able to troubleshoot your Hunter ceiling fan remote.

We tried our best to explain each factor that becomes a reason to disturb the working of your ceiling remote.

This article may solve your battery-related issue, specific range, rest remote, set the fan and remote frequencies, and use universal remote pairing issues.

Pay focus and attention while troubleshooting, and take safety measures while getting on the ladder and tackling the ceiling fan.

If you feel nervous, then you may contact a skilled person. How to reset ceiling fan remote