Phone rings once and goes to voicemail

Phone rings once and goes to voicemail. It’s important to not disturb your friends and others by calling again and again if someone is not picking up your call because you don’t know if the next person to whom you are calling is busy or currently stuck in such a situation then he or she can respond to your phone call.

It is a fact that most people like to send text messages to contact each other, but still, a voice call is the best way for fast conservation.

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation that you call someone, and your Phone rings once and goes to voicemail? Most probably, your answer will be yes. It means the person blocks your contact number, and you are on the blocked list.

Nowadays, in the modern android phone, you can block messages and phone calls if you don’t want to answer calls.

There are many causes in which the phone rings once and goes to voicemail but first of all, check your mobile phone is not in do not disturb mode.

If this mode is switched on your phone or your friend’s phone, then incoming calls will forward to the voice mail.

Keep reading this post to know other causes of this issue and why you are having this issue when you call one specific number.

Phone rings once and goes to voicemail

Nowadays, its become easy for anyone to block and avoid the annoying person to stop incoming calls through call settings.

You can contact the phone company to stop receiving calls from unknown callers, and the good thing is that the company does not tell the blocked person that you are being blocked by that person.

However, it can happen to you also if you disturb someone or for some other reason, then there will be a half ring, and the call will go to voice mail.

You can confirm this by calling the person from another phone number; if the person receives calls, then it is sure your previous number is blocked.

Here are the steps to follow if your phone rings once and goes to voicemail.

Network issue

network issue

If you see the missed calls in your phone’s recent calls list, then there is no network issue because if there were network signal issues, you have not received calls.

In this situation, you need to call the local carrier for a local outage to inform them you do not have any settings to turn on the voicemail immediately.

Do not disturb mode

do not disturb mode

Do not disturb mode is usually turned on when you go into the meeting or want to rest.

If you call someone and the phone rings just one ring and goes to voicemail, then it means the next person has turned on the do not disturb mode to avoid disturbance.

You can also do the same trick to block the wrong phone numbers. When you block the unknown number, then your phone will block the caller id and send the call straight to voicemail.

Mutual friend

If your best friend is not receiving your calls for two days, then he may block your number accidentally, so you can also contact a mutual friend to ask him about this situation.

If the user has blocked your contact number, then there is no need to send a text message because it will not go directly into the inbox, and neither will he receive any notification of your message because this message will show separately in the “Blocked Messages” folder.

But, it changes in cellular providers and mobiles.

Call Blocking

call blocking

If you want to get rid of the annoying and unknown number which is continuously disturbing you, then call blocking is the best option to avoid such persons.

You can block the wrong calls on your iPhone through carriers and also manually through a phone app or contact list.

But, in some cases, it also happens that you or your friend block the number accidentally. Once, it happened to me that one of my friends had blocked my number accidentally.

Whenever I tried to contact him, the phone rang once or twice and then went to voicemail.

It was a very tragedic scene for me; then I contacted him from another sim card to explain this situation when he saw his block list in the cell phone to unblock me.

So, keep checking your phone block list to avoid such a situation.

Airplane mode

airplane mode

If you call someone and your phone rings only one time and then goes straight to voicemail, or you listen to an automated message, then it means your phone number is blocked by the person, or maybe his phone is not receiving any calls.

The reason behind this trouble is airplane mode is turned on to not accept any calls.

Now, if the cell rings four or five times, and then the voicemail picks up, it means the person is busy, driving, or doesn’t want to pick up your call due to any reason.

But, if the cell phone rings once and goes to voicemail, then the person turns on airplane mode to not pick up any call.

Send your friend a text message for a later response.

Call forwarding

call forwarding

If you are not being able to receive calls from anyone, then open the phone settings and then navigate to call settings.

Look for call forwarding mode to be turned off or on. If it is unintentionally turned on, then ensure to switch it off to receive calls.

You can also use this option to avoid multiple calls from unknown numbers for a few days.

Disturb set server

If you call someone and the phone rings once and goes to voicemail, then the disturb set server is turned on in the user’s device.

The user may also have really quick reflexes to immediately forward the call straight to voicemail.

Restart the android phone

Sometimes, there is no major problem, and the same issue is resolved just by restarting the android or iPhone.


The bottom line of the article is if you call your friend and it’s just half a ring and straight to voicemail, then there are various factors behind this issue.

It does not matter whether you are using an android cell phone or an apple. If someone teases you by frequently calling without permission, then you can turn on the don’t block that number.

Similarly, if you call someone and the phone rings once and goes straight to voicemail, then it means the user has blocked your number or network issue. Hopefully, this article enabled you to fix this issue.