Peloton won’t turn on

Peloton won’t turn on. We know you are excited to make your fitness routine and start healthy eating for a better year. Maintaining physical fitness is an important step.

But if you are one of those people who wants to Use some gadgets but don’t want to step out of their houses, then Peloton is going to be your best choice.

Well, when we talk about fitness, we think about some gadgets we can use. To start with some physical exercises.

Peloton is a fitness Bike that is the best for indoor Fitness Routine. There is no doubt about the Quality of Peloton, but like all Technologies, it can also go down.

Everyone doesn’t know how they c troubleshoot Technological problems professionally. But we’re here with a mission to give you a guide that will help you check up on your daily Home based gadgets.

It would be best if you look up the support for why the Peloton bike won’t turn on. If you are looking for the reasons and causes, we are here to tell you the reason behind the problem and its solution.

Peloton won’t turn on – Causes

There could be many possible causes that will not let Peloton turn on.

A peloton bike is a handy gadget, but if it is not turning on, you need a good guide we have provided after researching on your behalf.

Here are some standard troubleshooting steps and ways to follow up to turn on the bike.

Faulty Power Switch

faulty power switch

Peloton bike’s switch is one of the most common reasons you can check up on. Sometimes connection that we have to check is its power connection.

Sometimes the problem lies in the power connection of the gadget and fixing it will do the job.

Ensure you check whether the connection between bike and power swathe itch is Active.

To check the hi. You must do little identification steps to examine the connection between the power adapter and power cord.

Power connection

Check that the power adaptor is plugged correctly and whether the power switch or not.

To check if the power switch outlet is properly plugged, plug another device into the same power outlet you used to power plug the Peloton bike.

Faulty Power Brick

The next thing that you have to check is the Power brick. Peloton bike comes with a power jack on the sides.

When the connection between the power brick and jack goes down, then the problem starts.

Power cord

You have to keep the power cord and brick in check to maintain a connection.

Sometimes a broken power brick can disturb the functionality of the Peloton bike and will not let it on.

So replacing the broken power brick with the new one will do the job.

But it would help if you remembered because when the green light flashes, it will indicate That the Power brick is adequately connected to pressure and correctly connected to the outlet.

So ensure that the green light flashing will turn on the bike.

Faulty Power Adapter

faulty power adapter

If the problem doesn’t persist in a power cord and power brick, the fault could make its way into the power adopter of the Peloton bike.

But the step to examining the power adopter is to locate it.

Check if you can locate the power adopter at the base of the Peloton bike.

The thing that asks for examination is its connection. Check if it’s connected with the outlet or not.

Because the power source plays an adequate role in turning the peloton bike on, remove the adopter’s plug, remove the adopter plug, and put it back in its place.

If you see any hurdles in the connection of the power adapter, power plugs it back into the outlet.

If the white light starts flashing, then the white light indicates that the connection is finally retrieved.

Examine the resistance mechanism

examine the resistance mechanism

The most challenging and vital troubleshooting step that you have to take is to check the resistance mechanism.

This is a bit complicated identification step because you have to locate the connections of the resistance mechanism.

They are challenging to locate as you must go down on these tiny wires with the flashlight.

Primarily this resistance mechanism can be located. But you have to turn the light on. You can use your mobile phone torch to look up to it thoroughly.

When you are done locating the resistance mechanism, then check their connection.

When we do not use Peloton, don’t bike the user. We don’t move it often. The connection of the resistance mechanism can get loose quickly.

Use light to check the connection thoroughly. Attaching the loose connection will do the job.

Resistance mechanisms come with the two connections you can locate on the side, and another connection is around it.

But it would help if you remembered that the wires of; thoroughly such resistance mechanisms are not adequately secured. It means that they can get loose quickly.

Calibration problem

calibration problem

Calibration problem occurs mostly mainly when we move our peloton bike around. If you witness such a problem, you must look to fix it immediately.

You have to get balanced on your resistance levels. And to do so, you have to recalibrate the bike.

You can recalibrate it with the calibration kit that comes with calibration at the Time of buying your bike.

Setting your peloton bike at its resistance level will possibly hit the job, and as we all know, recalibrating can fix many problems.

But recalibrating will always not fix the problem; you must consider other troubleshooting processes.

Problem in the Display Panel

problem in the display panel

If we talk about a display panel that examining this panel is relatively easy.

But If its location is accessible, then its connection is easily accessible for the children.

If you have kids around, then I,t is possible that it can wear out the connection of the display panel located on the back side of the display panel.

It would help if you had to examine the connection between two wires on the display panel’s backside.

Suppose the connection between them is disturbed due to any reason.

The loose connections will not let the display screen turn on properly.

And when the display screen doesn’t turn, you must immediately restore the connection between the wires.

Also, keep your eye on the alignment of the wires. Make appropriate connections.

Sure that the connection d be adequately connected on the left side and the Power supply cord on the right side.

Peloton bike basic troubleshooting

peloton bike basic troubleshooting

If your Peloton doesn’t turn on after trying the above troubleshooting steps, then you must try the other essential steps to turn on your peloton touchscreen.

We have listed fundamental and quick troubleshooting steps below for that specific purpose.

Hard Reset

  • The first thing that you have to do is hard reset your bike. To hard reset your bike, you must press the power button and hold it for almost 10 to 15 seconds.
  • This process will possibly clear the Problem that the Peloton won’t turn on.

Eliminate the Power Cable

eliminate the power cable

The next thing you can try to turn your Peloton ON is to eliminate the cable.

Eliminating the power cable will reset the connection, which can retrieve the connection.

After disconnecting, it would be best if you would eliminate the and wait for 30 to 40 seconds.

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Entangled Cables

Problems could persist in the entangled cables. Check all the cables of the Peloton bike as twisted cables can loosen up the connection.

So make sure to retrieve the connection. Detangling the wires will possibly do the job.

Factory reset

Sometimes problems can be solved just by factory reset. To factory reset your peloton bike

Wakeup the peloton screen

wakeup the peloton screen

If your screen doesn’t turn on, you must look for why. The main reason for powering off the peloton bike’s screen is its inactivity.

Suppose you were using your bike, but suddenly your sudden guests arrived.

Then Peloton will stay inactive for longer, and you forget to turn off.

Suppose the bike stays inactive for 15 to 30 minutes. If that case, it doesn’t turn, the Peloton bike will go straight up to sleep mode.

And if you want to wake up the screen, then you have to press the grey power button for about 5 seconds, and by doing this, the bike will wake up the screen after a few seconds.


If your Peloton doesn’t turn on, you have to look up why it is not turning on. But it would help if you had to praise your luck while reading this article.

We have listed many common and critical causes that do not let the bike screen turn on.

The most highlight cause that leads to the disconnection of the screen is its distracting power supply connection, faulty power adopter, damaged volume and power buttons, loose or incorrect connection, and worn-out wires.

We have listed many ways to help you turn your peloton screen on, and you will be able to start enjoying your healthy work again. But make sure that you check your bike logo and bike model to start with the process.

We hope this guide helps you turn your peloton bike on. But by any chance, if you feel stuck anytime, then you can contact peloton customer service and peloton support center for better assistance.

But we hope that you will be able to turn your bike on by reading this article.