Paper keeps jamming in canon printer

Paper keeps jamming in canon printer. The printers are the devices that convert the soft copy to the hard copy these use the paper on which they print sort of data but sometimes the paper start jamming in it.

This is the issue because it wastes a lot of your precious time that maybe stop you from working due to the page jamming.

When the page is jammed in it then first you should remove this page and then proceed next. So it’s a problem and it needs a solution. Here I am going to discuss some reason behind this and also its fixing.

Paper keeps jamming in canon printer

paper keeps jamming in canon printer

Here are some reasons behind the page jamming and also their fixing I am going to discuss with you. May these solutions or fixes be helpful for you. These are discussed below:

Incorrect arrangement:


Here the reason for paper jamming is the incorrect arrangement of the papers in the printer tray, if papers are not arranged well then these may not pass out under the line from where the ink spray and the characters are on the page.

The incorrect arrangement means that the papers are kept in the tray without any arrangement and when these pass through the printer to go out then they stuck in the printer and do not get out from it.


According to the above reason here the solution or the fix is that you should keep the paper in the arrangement that is correct, and easy for the printer to print without or may less jamming.

If papers that are in the tray are fully arranged according to the printer’s need, then the printer prints them in the correct situation.

If these are in unarranged condition then the printer jam the paper and this is not for you and also a printer. Continuously jamming the paper is may also harmful to the printer.

Cheap quality papers


Here another reason for jamming of the paper is the cheap quality of the papers, if papers have not good quality then they jam in the printer and that create many issues.

These devices are very accurate devices that cannot take these issues, they can not solve by the printer itself.

Cheap quality is always not good whether it is in any matter, as you see it in your daily life that the cheap quality does not survive for a long time. It is difficult to manage cheap quality things.


Here the fix of the problem is that they avoid the cheap quality papers to print or insert them in the printer. These papers are harmful to the device that prints them. Cheap quality papers are not good for the printer.

These may disturb the quality of the printing, when the paper is stuck in the printer we pull it out and while pulling there may be the cause of damage in the device which may not be visible to you but this damage is considered as destruction in the printer.

So please use the best quality papers to print from the printer.

Low-quality Cartridges

low quality cartridges


The low-quality cartridges are a serious issue. Cartridges are the thing that is in bullet shape that is used to spray the ink while the paper is going from the process of the printing.

Some peoples that have not the ability the buying the best quality cartridges buy the cartridges that are not so good just for the use purpose these are cheap in quality and also for a short time good.

These do not spray ink well on the paper, If they do not spray ink well then this is also the cause of the stuck of the paper in the printer. This stuck may damage the printer.


The low-quality cartridges are the cause of the jamming of the paper in the printer.

The solution to this problem is as you change the cartridges to the best quality that is good for the printer and also helpful for you to work best and prevent your printer from the damage or the also the paper that passes through this printer.

When paper is stuck in the printer due to the low quality of the cartridges.

If you are a professional user of the printer then you should use the best quality cartridges that are helpful for you and provide the best quality of the printing also.


Here in this article, I discussed some reasons behind the “Paper keeps jamming in canon printer” and also their fixes that are necessary to discuss because the problem that is occurring all peoples know and their reasons also but here they search about the solution of their problem so here we discuss the reason and also their solution for your help.

We are here to guide you on how to solve your problems.

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