Orbit sprinkler timer troubleshooting

This article will inform you about the Orbit sprinkler timer troubleshooting. In this article, troubleshooting steps are discussed regarding your Orbit sprinkler.

Orbit sprinkler timers may get issues depending on the control. Al the Orbit models have different features, so the problems. However, most of the problems are the same as a lot of sprinklers. It sometimes may get unprogrammed.

Following are some

Orbit sprinkler timer troubleshooting

Inspection of the program. Always start the checking from the witch programming. Turn on all the panels. So, you can set the options such as cycle time, days for watering, an interval during watering, and the station duration.

Checking of the valves

The station may stop working if any valve is turned off. So, turn on the valves.

Timer dialsResetting The Orbit Timer

Set the timer dials of the Orbit sprinkler to the “Auto” mode. If the Auto mode is not enabled, then the sprinkler refuses to work.

Station delay settings

Set the station delay to the “Station Delay” mode. Three steps are followed to set the delay station:

You have to press the plus or minus buttons. Pree the plus if you want to increase the delay time, and press the minus button if you want to decrease the delay time.

If you do not want delay so, set it to zero.

Now, press Enter, and here your station delay settings are done.

Resetting the system

You can reset your system by pressing the Reset button. However, in some cases, the batteries need to change. So, change the batteries and reset the setting by viewing the display.

Here is some other troubleshooting for the Orbit sprinkler timer:

Resetting the orbit timer

By pressing the program Reset button, you can reset your orbit timer.

Fixing of sprinkler timer

  • Turn On the program settings. Now, select the option of watering.
  • Turn on the Auto mode.
  • Set the Station Delay settings
  • Lastly, press the Reset button, and here goes your fixing.

Setting Time and Date on Orbit sprinklerOrbit Sprinkler Timer Troubleshooting Steps

Follow these steps and set the time and date for your sprinkler:

  • First of all, turn the dial. You will see the set time/date options.
  • There are buttons present according to year, month, and day.
  • Press the plus (+) button to increase the day and press the minus (–) button to decrease respectively.
  • Now, press the Enter button and save your settings.

Shutting off the sprinkler

Sometimes the sprinkler may not shut off and keep sprinkling. It may have some common reasons such as:

  • Fault in valves
  • Dirt in valves
  • Fault in the diaphragm of the valve

Stopping the Automatic watering

The rain Delay mode button is used to stop the automatic watering program. This Rain Delay setting remains for 24 hours.

It involves the following steps:

Set the Auto button. Now, press the Rain Delay button.

To increase the time by more than 24 hours, keep pressing the button to increase the time until you set it according to your want.

Finally, press the Enter button to save your settings.

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