Norcold rv refrigerator troubleshooting

Norcold rv refrigerator troubleshooting. An RV refrigerator is a small refrigerator actually works like a normal refrigerator. It brings the food to a temperature that is safe for food and keeps it fresh.

This type of fridge is easy to fit in small places. It only takes the place of an RV, so it is called an RV refrigerator.

It is mostly distinguished from normal fridges depending on its features. On different power sources, it can run. It may comprise a latching door.

Your normal fridge might stop working or blow up when the electric voltage is low, but the RV can work on low voltage as well.

The problems can be many in this case, as a fridge is not a small object. Its components are also in large numbers, so problems can be with anything like power, circuits, and even wires.

Norcold rv refrigerator troubleshooting

norcold rv refrigerator troubleshooting

The problems that arise with the sure of the fridge are quite complex, and some are easy as well. But there are problems, so troubleshooting them is the best way to deal with them.

There are problems with the electricity or violate that might arise with it. The wiring and boards are also brought into consideration.

Troubleshooting Norcold RV refrigerator

The problems that are related to RV fridges have been discussed down, so get a grasp of the by reading the above.

Items required

There are certain items and instruments you will need to troubleshoot the problems regarding the fridge. The things that you will need include

  • A fridge thermometer
  • Barbecue lighter
  • Multimeter

You will also need an RV level to check the levels of the machine. Other items include screw drives and tapes, etc.


  • Make sure that RV is placed in a place 3 to 6 inches off the ground and away from the wall so you can check it easily. Place the RV in a more leveled position for the better and optimum working of it. All fridges need a certain level to work properly
  • When the optimum or suitable temperature has been reached, place the food inside the fridge. You need to do this a day before you are going to travel. They must be in a chilled place for at least 8 hours before putting it in the RV.
  • Lock the door of the RV properly so that food remains chill and no col escapes from there. Make the air flow better by putting the things up really needed so that you will have a better performance.
  • Read all the fault codes that are displayed or are written in your instruction manual so that you can read them even if you desire. If the liquid is being used for power, the temperature should be at a certain level. You can see the error code appearing on your device if the temperature is not working. Follow the codes.

Power problem

Powe is the basic requirement of any electronic device. If your RV is not working, the problem might be the power. You might see that there is no reaction on the RV.

The RV is not cool on either. This is because it is not even on. Just turn on the power and you will see that the fridge has started working.

Not cooling

not cooling

The cooling might not be happening in the fridge as the power is being transferred. This might be an internal problem. The cooling might not occur because the cooler or gas pump is broken.

The liquid pipe can also be broken if that is the case. You need to replace the cooler and the pipe so that your problem is fixed properly.

Door not closed

This is another common issue. You might be waiting for the food to cool properly, but you will notice it is not cool even though the fridge is working properly. This kind of problem is related to the fridge door.

You might not have closed the door properly or the rubber of the door is not properly attached or has loosened up. Just fixing the rubber and closing the door properly is enough to solve this problem.


The troubleshooting of an RV fridge is not very complex if the problems are simple, like the above, but you will need a professional for the problems to become complex.

So if you want to troubleshoot it, you can do it by yourself.

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