Mitsubishi mr slim error codes

Mitsubishi mr slim error codes. Mitsubishi air conditioner, even the Mr. slim series, has errors. They are displayed. They can be found in settings. Use them as a problem-solving map.

In the hot month of May, my air conditioner thought it was funny to stop working. The heat and the sweat just kept getting worse. Devastated, I looked at it.

It was showing errors on display. I looked at the code and called my friend to ask the meaning. He told me to check my guide. I checked. I found it. Then, I applied the counter and solved my problem.

The guide wasn’t explained well. I wrote this for easier understanding. Keep reading!.

Mitsubishi mr slim error codes

mitsubishi mr slim error codes

Signal receiving and transmission are starting errors. The thermistor causing abnormal temperatures is another problem. The indoor thermistor can also cause abnormalities.

The transmission signal can also cause errors. The drain sensor not working is a headache.

The drain pump may malfunction, and its sensor will not either. A dirty air filter will not work. The fan may be damaged. There may be an error in the system itself.

The outdoor unit may not work. It becomes abnormal and disconnects from the internal unit. Refrigerant level effects as well.

Let’s see the most common of codes.


This error is related to signal transmission. It also includes not receiving errors. It occurs when the indoor controller signals are responded back by the remote controller.

It is caused if the transmission wire is badly contacted. The anomalies in sending and receiving signals also affect it.

The transmission wire needs to be checked. The Remote is checked for error indications. If you see E0 being displayed, the indoor controller board needs a replacement.


RT1 error is the abnormality caused by the room temperature thermistor or self abnormality. If the thermistor is not contracted properly with the device or has a faulty connection. It will cause P1. A faulty thermistor will also cause this.

The thermistor is checked. Damage needs replacement. The resistance is measured. Match it with normal resistance and change them if it is not matched.

The indoor controller board will need replacement if resistance is normal.


This error appears in case the indoor coil thermistor is showing abnormality. The causes are the same as P1. The solution is like P1 as well. Just the location is different. Check normal resistance from the guide by its name.


mitsubishi mr slim error codes 2022

It is also a signal transmission error. It is the opposite of E0. This happens when the remote controller doesn’t give any response to the indoor controller signal.

Bad contact of wires that transmit causes it. Abnormality in sending and receiving signals happens. The noise from other devices causes the wrong function to activate.

The transmission wire should be connected. The board needs replacement if P3 is shown. Change the remote control. Check for short circuits. Attach CN-40 with the required units.


This is the abnormality of the drain sensor. It is caused by a damaged thermistor and bad transmission wire contact. Checking the connector and measuring resistance is the beginning. The replacement is done like in P1.


This error shows the malfunctioning of the drain pump. It is also caused by the malfunctioning of the drain pump. The damaged drain sensor will also cause this problem to show up.

To fix, check the drain pump. If okay, check the drain sensor. The resistance should be normal and if it is, then replace the board.



If the coil frost protection is working, it’ll appear. A short air cycle will cause it. Dirty air filters and broken fans are culprits too. The abnormality of refrigerants plays its role.

Removing any obstructions from the air cycle may solve it. Air filter cleaning is a must. The fan needs repairing if damaged. The temperature of the refrigerant should be leveled.


It is a system error. If the wrong address is set, you will see it. Transmission problems are shown too. The wrong setting of SW6 is responsible too.

Address setting should be set. Replace the original remote in the case of P7. The SW6 setting should be checked.


Outdoor unit abnormality is in this error. Wrong wiring for both indoor and outdoor units is a problem. The wiring may be reversed phased. The protection device may be working. Outdoor coil thermistor damage causes P8 too.

Check wire connection. The electric wing connection needs changing. The protection drive should be turned off. The resistance and replacement are like above.


Mitsubishi mr slim error codes. If any of the error is shown, read the solution with them. It will solve or clear the problem. Call customer service. They’ll help with other errors.

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