Maytag washer error code e01 f03

Maytag washer error code e01 f03. A washing machine is used to wash the laundry and dirty dresses. It is used in homes and at laundries to remove the stains from the fabrics.

With the change in time, different features and functions are installed in the washer, which helps you to get a quick wash without waste of time as well as water.

An error code e01 f03 in the washing machine means that there is blockage of the air trap pipe. This pipe is clogged because of the foam of soap leaking moisture in the air trap pipe.

When blockages happen, then the hose end will detain the air faultily. The first number with a letter specifies the sensor crashes, and the other tells the particular area of harm.

So it is important not to overload the machine. As a result, you will have to enter more detergent or soap, which is one of the reasons for error code e01 f03.

Maytag washer error code e01 f03
matag washer error code

Nowadays, front-load machines and top-load machines are available in the market. Both machines have their own pros and cons, but it is necessary to use the washer carefully as it is an electrical appliance.

Always place it on a smooth surface. If you do not use it properly, then it will give an error code on the display screen of the control board that something is wrong with it.

Here are some reasons why washer error code eo1 f03 appears on display and how we can fix it. If you can not fix it on your own, then call an expert to solve the issue.

Pressure sensor

A pressure sensor is the main part that informs the control board that everything is going accurately, like whether water is at the right level or when to start draining water. This error occurs when the water level pressure pipe is stressed and warped.

Now turn the pipe and confirms that either is placed in the right position and whether there is damage to it or not. Now detach it from the pressure switch and see the blockages in the pipe.

If any, then remove them to clear the pipe. Install it again and restart the washer. If it is still giving an error, then you will have to replace the pressure pipe.

Increase of soap foam in the washing machine

If the soap foam increases in the washer and the water level also increase, then an E03 error takes place and is displayed on the screen.

You will have to open the drain pump and remove all the soap foam and water. Switch off the machine and plugin after some time and see the screen, whether the error code is removed or not. If it is still displaying, then you will have to hire an expert.

See the wiringsee the wiring

If a washer is continuously shaking, then there is a chance that its wiring is spoiled.

The wiring of the machine was damaged due to long-term loading, due to which there is uncontrolled movement.

In this case, the error code will appear and disappear again, which is a sign of replacing the damaged wiring.

Fault in the control unit

If you have checked all the other parts and all are working in good condition and still an error is showing on the display screen, then the last thing to check is the main control unit of the machine.

When you switch on the machine, and an error comes on its display screen in no time, then it is definitely showing that there is a fault in a control unit.

You can not do it on your own, and you will have to call an expert who will see and fix the control unit problem.


When you use an electrical appliance like a washer machine, then it is very necessary to wash the dresses in less amount.

If you increase the dresses or amount, then you will have to add more soap in the tub, which is sometimes clogged in the drain pump.

As a result, water will not easily drain off from the machine. It is better to wash the dresses in less amount so that no error should come to the screen.

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