Liquid fire drain cleaner didn’t work

Liquid fire drain cleaner didn’t work. If the water is not draining quickly from the kitchen of your sink or it is taking more time to drain into the pipeline then you are facing the issue of a clogged drain.

Normally you use a piston, sewer cleaner, or any other liquid fire drain cleaner to clear the drain from the sink hose.

In the worst scenario, if any of the above is not working properly and water is flowing back from the hose, then it will make a pool in the sink.

What are the other options to remove the clog from the sink other than liquid fire drain cleaner? You can open the drain pipe by removing the clogged without hiring any person through other easiest tricks.

You can unclog the drain or pipe in the sink of the kitchen or any other place by using baking soda and vinegar solution. You can also use a bent wire or a dress hanger to open the blockage in the pipe.

Liquid fire drain cleaner didn’t work

liquid fire drain cleaner didn't work

Normally the liquid fire drain cleaner is used to open the sink pipe in the kitchen. It clears the drain quickly from the hose.

Sometimes if there is a thick clog stuck in the pipe and the cleaner is not working, then you will have to use other tricks to clear the pipe so that water can flow easily into the main sewerage line.

Some of the easiest tricks are these, which can help you.

Use of baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar solutions are best to have in the kitchen because you can use them for unclogging the drain as well as it also used in the kitchen for cleaning many electrical appliances because both these elements have acidic properties.

First, mix equal amounts of soda and vinegar in the bowl and flow this solution into the sink immediately. As it is an acidic solution so it will cut the clogged particles, dust, and peddles in the pipe.

After pouring the solution, leave it for half an hour and then flow hot water into the sink. Hopefully, all the stuck drain is clear.

Twisted wire

If you do not have a cleaner, then you take a twisted wire and bend it from one side. Now put this kinked wire into the pipe and bow out the clogged and dust.

Repeat it twice or till all dirt is removed. After clearing all the pipe from the clog now, pour boiling water into it so that the remaining dust should flow completely into the sewer line.

A mixture of baking soda and salt

Salt and baking soda are other good options if you do not have any other thing to deal with the stuck drain.

Just go to the kitchen and mix the half cup of salt with the half cup of baking soda in the bowl and put it into the sink. Leave it for some time.

Both these ingredients will remove the dust and clog. After 30 minutes, flow hot water into the pipe. Your problem will be solved.

Bowl cleaner

If your sink pipe is stuck with strong-willed dust and peddles, then you can use the bowl cleaner to open the drain.

If there is a greased pipe, then a dish cleaner is the best used for this purpose. It is very simple to use. Make a solution of bowl cleaner and water in the bowl and pour it into the sink.

It will break all the grease and clog which is gathered in the pipe. After pouring the solution, put water into the pipe for complete clearing of the drain.

Use of caustic soda

use of caustic soda

Caustic soda is another good ingredient to clear the drain pipe if it is blocked due to food waste.

Add a large amount of water, almost 3 gallons and then put 5 cups of caustic soda into it and mix them well until it becomes a solution.

Now run this solution into the blocked drain and leave it for twenty minutes.

After twenty minutes, stream hot water into the sink. All the clogs will clear; if some dust is remaining, then repeat the process again.


If you face the problem of liquid fire drain cleaner not working and in a clogged drain, then you don’t need to worry. You can also use other options like baking soda, vinegar, caustic soda, salt, etc.

All these ingredients are easily available in the kitchen. You can also use a bent wire or address hanger to unclog the blocked drain.

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