Lennox serial number lookup

Lennox serial number lookup. Lennox is a well-known brand that keeps your cold in summer with its air conditioners and warms your house in winter with Lennox furnaces. This brand promises ease and convenience.

All of the Lennox products have a systematic coding system for model numbers as well as serial numbers.

The serial number helps you in knowing when and where the unit has been manufactured. The serial number explains the year and month of the unit’s manufacturer.

Lennox serial number lookup
Lennox Serial Number Lookup

In the furnaces, this serial number is given in the interior of the cabinet but in other products, the serial number is given on the identification plate on the outer surface of the unit.

The first five letters of the series of the number are the serial number.

In case of any problem when a repair is needed serial number is required for reference.

This article explains Lennox serial number lookup if needed for repair purposes.

The serial number of the furnace

In the case of a furnace, you can find its serial number and model number by following a few steps. First, remove the top-front service panel of the furnace.

Then in the interior cabin look on the left side of the interior or at the top of the lower deck to find the serial and model number.

The interior depends on whether the system is 80 percent or 90 percent AFUE unit. It also depends on the orientation of the furnace.

Serial number of the air conditioner

All the Lennox air conditioners come with an identification plate attached to them that provides all the important information. You can find this plate on either side of the outdoor unit.

The serial number can be found easily on the nameplate or identification plate near the service panel.

The serial number can be found on the heat pump as well, mostly above the refrigerant valves which are on the backside of the unit.

How to read the serial number

You can easily read the serial number. It explains the year, month, and place of the manufacture. You can write down the first five digits of the serial number.

For example, if the serial number is 5199L8789, then the first five letters which are 6479L will let you know about the place, year, and month of the manufacture.

You can follow the index of Lennox to locate the place of the manufacturer’s unit. The first two numbers show the location of the manufacturer.

The next two digits show the year of the manufacturer. In the given example, these numbers are 99, which means the unit has manufactured in 1999.

The letter next to the digits shows the month in which the unit has been manufactured.

Air conditioner Serial number lookup

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