Kitchenaid mixer won’t turn on

Kitchenaid mixer won’t turn on. An exceptional kitchen gadget, such as a KitchenAid mixer, makes a variety of culinary tasks easier. Whatever sort of cuisine you enjoy, the KitchenAid mixer will undoubtedly be of assistance to you.

But, since the gadget is fairly expensive, it is designed to behave properly for a long period of time. Though this may not always be true, some issues are not quite as serious as they appear.

A Kitchenaid mixer certainly tackles demanding chores like creating pizza dough, whip cream, and cinnamon rolls, but it also creates heat, which may cause the mixer to stop down and just not turn on again.

What if this happens, so what should you do to make the mixer turn on again, but before reviewing the solution let’s get a quick look at why it actually happens.

Kitchenaid mixer won’t turn on
fix kitchenaid mixer won't turn on

There could be many reasons, it might be because of frequent use and overheating or it can be any technical issue in the mixer.

So, read out the following reasons and find out what’s the main cause that mixer isn’t turning on.


As per the user guide, whenever the Kitchenaid mixer heats up, the machine may cease operating for a brief period.

It might be because you’re combining a thick mixture of materials at a fast pace, like pizza dough, ground beef, or dense pie dough.

Power outletwhat should you do when the kitchenaid mixer won’t turn on

The mixer is most likely hooked into a GFCI connection, which frequently trips whenever an item gets too hot. GFCIs feature two diagonally placed pushbutton.

In case, if you have no idea what GFCI is then this outlet is equipped with two pushbuttons a red one for reset and the other black one for the test button.

As when the GFCI got tripped, you must notice a click sound when you push the reset button.

If you wouldn’t, it implies that the connection isn’t powered up, as well as the circuit’s breaker in the panelboard might be broken.

Now you might be wondering what should you do to come out of this situation no a big deal read it till the end.

What should you do when the Kitchenaid mixer won’t turn on?

Here are some steps that you should follow whenever your Kitchenaid mixture won’t turn on

Cool off the mixer

When the mixture abruptly stops and won’t turn on the just switch off the mixer, wait 10 or 15 seconds, and thereafter switch it back on is recommended in the handbook.

Allow 30 minutes until starting again unless the mixer yet did not start. Because the device lacks a reset button, if it really doesn’t work within 30 minutes, you should seek the issue elsewhere.

Plug socket

If after cooling off your mixer isn’t turning on then there must be a plugin issue so you just have to check if it has a GFCI outlet. Simply check the plug, click the test button, and if the plug is functioning, pressing this button will cause it to be tripped, and that you will feel a click.

To supply power, push the bottom button that is reset. The circuit is broken if there is no click if you push the test button. So, to restore it, hit the bottom reset button.

But if you wouldn’t feel a click then it is because that the breaker of the panel board might be broken. So just identify the breaker and replace it.


If still, your Kitchenaid is not fixed then you don’t get many choices apart from dismantling the mixer to identify the problem after confirming that you do have a connection and allowing for it to cool down.

You should handle it with the assistance of your mixer’s user manual, but keep in mind that this will invalidate the one-year warranty coverage. If the mixer is still under insurance, take it to an authorized service shop.

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