Kindle frozen on lock screen

Kindle frozen on lock screen. Kindle devices are much better compared to other brands as the Kindle requires low maintenance.

But like other devices, you may face the issue of Kindle freezing on the lock screen.

Kindle whitepaper freeze at the lock screen? If yes, you want to find accurate guidance to fix your issue quickly.

Resolving the issue of Kindle’s frozen lock screen is not very challenging.

The only thing that you need to do is follow the instructions carefully.

Don’t feel tense while troubleshooting your Kindle electronic device, as it’s expected that a standard device starts making trouble while working correctly.

Kindle frozen on lock screen

Different reasons may be a culprit for your Kindle’s frozen screen.

Let’s look so we can avoid future freezes and understand the problem of your frozen Kindle screen.

Kindle Memory Issue

kindle memory issue

It is a common problem and not a rare case that your device gets stuck because of insufficient memory.

So, storing data at the max level of your Kindle memory may face a frozen screen issue. It has an operating system but possible to get stuck.

So, it would be best if you were concerned about not running your Kindle Paperwhite like another device because it doesn’t have potentials like other complex computer systems or exclusive devices.

It is better not to use a lot of functions at a time to prevent the issue of over-charge data.

Low Battery

low battery

Batteries effects a lot in the performance of a device.

You may face a known glitch as a frozen lock screen issue if your Kindle Ereaders have a low battery.

Kindle fire won’t charge loose port

Don’t forget to examine the battery when your screen gets stuck because of reduced power.

Please connect the charger to your Kindle device; if the green charge indicator light appears at the bottom and you see the charging icon, there is no issue with the battery.

If the battery icon is not appearing and flashing orange light, it’s a sign of replacing the battery and testing it again.

Ensure your device has an unfrozen screen after inserting a new battery.

Defective Kindle Device

defective kindle device 

As you know, the Kindle is a single-handed device, and you must take care while working with it.

Because as we discussed, we can’t expect it to be the same as we do while using any other device.

So, it might be possible not that your Kindle is defective or have a damaged CPU or power supply, and that’s why it is not working correctly by freezing or getting stuck on the lock screen.

Over Heating Problem

The following reason is related to the continuous use of your Kindle device. Using the Kindle Whitepaper for a long time can make your device over-heated.

Then it is directly linked to a screen freeze issue.

So whenever you experience that your screen is stuck, examine the overheating of your device by touching it from the back.

If it is overheated, then it’s better to restart your device and stop using it for half an hour.

You may avoid overheating by using the Kindle with a break.

Using Old Kindle Software

using old kindle software

We know that new software updates on any device provide you with the latest features for the more effective and smooth working of your device.

Using old firmware can generate a problem in the face of the Kindle’s frozen lock screen or slow performance.

Same as that, it’s necessary to update the firmware of your e-book.

Updating firmware may allow you to enjoy more features and enhance the ability to access PDF files and other reading materials.

Corrupted E-Book File

corrupted e book file

If you have downloaded a defiled E-book or are trying to download a corrupt file, your Kindle Paperwhites may get a frozen screen.

A corrupted file may blame for variation in your device by crashing software that may cause a frozen screen later.

kindle fire says its charging but its not

Frozen Kindle Lock Screen Solutions

If you are experiencing a frozen lock screen, you may resolve the problem using the following methods.

Here we are discussing two types of restart options that are described below.

Soft Reset Option

First, you must try soft resetting to resolve your issue. The steps are mentioned below.

  • Go to the settings from your home screen using the three dots at the top corner.
  • Then, go to all settings.
  • Open the Context menu using the three dots on the top right.
  • Then select Restart.
  • The Kindle will reboot. These instructions may resolve your issue.

If your soft factory reset procedure doesn’t react and your Kindle cannot navigate the restart button, you must try another method to resolve the issue.

Hard Restart Option

hard restart option

If the soft reset doesn’t fix a Kindle, it is not a big issue because we have another solution that can help you a lot while fixing the Kindle locks up.

Follow the steps to do a hard reset on your Amazon Kindle electronic device.

  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds, minimum of 35 to 40 seconds, or release it when the power pop-up option appears.
  • There will be three options Cancel, Restart, or Screen OFF.
  • It would be best if you chose the Restart option.
  • You may plug the Kindle charger into a power source if it doesn’t get started.
  • Wait for the Kindle charging to get fully charged, and then try the procedure again.
  • Repeat the restart method and press and hold the power button while plugging in the charger if it is still not working.

If it works, then it’s good news.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t get the message, you may try the following procedure, which is an even harder restart option.

Harder Restart Option With Power button

Do the hardest reset if the previous methods have not worked to unfreeze your Kindle. Follow the instructions.

  • This time you must press and hold the power button or power switch longer than last.
  • You have to hold it till your Kindle screen does not turn blank or you don’t see the Kindle logo on the screen.
  • Your problem of frozen Kindle touch may get fixed with the harder reset.

Corrupted Book File Solution

corrupted book file solution

If your book file is corrupted, you have to remove the book from the e-reader; if you brought it from amazon, you might download it again from the cloud view of your device’s library after resolving the issue.

If you got the book from somewhere else, we recommend a backup before removing it.

Method 1:

  • Long tap on the book in your library view; from the pop-up options, you must select Remove from the device.

If it doesn’t work, then proceed to the next method.

Method 2:

  • You have to access the library online, and you must delete the book there. Choose the delete permanently.

Method 3:

  • You must attach your Amazon Kindle device to your computer through a USB cable to follow this method.
  • You may see the Kindle as an external hard drive.
  • Open the folder Documents.
  • Then Downloads.
  • Open the folder named Items.
  • Here you will see a file with the book title and a folder with the same title containing the corrupted book’s content.
  • Delete the file and folder.
  • Now, you may remove your device from the computer and restart your kindle.


We are happy to share such an honest and detailed guideline to solve your problem of a frozen lock screen.

Don’t worry; we have discussed each reason and solution to make your day beautiful.

Keep each factor in your mind while troubleshooting your Kindle Paperwhite successfully.