Kindle fire won’t charge loose port

Kindle fire won’t charge loose port. The Kindle Fire is ideal for those looking for a low-cost tablet. The Kindle Fire is still a terrific value for money, even if it doesn’t have all of the latest features. Depending on the model, this tablet will set you back roughly a hundred bucks.

You can read books, use other programs, and a lot more.

Kindle fire won’t charge loose port kindle fire won't charge loose port (how to fix)

However, many are complaining on internet forums that their Kindle Fire won’t charge due to a loose port. Now, if your Kindle Fire is experiencing the same issue, let us walk you through several port-related solutions.

Fixing Kindle charging issues

Frequent reconnection can cause the charging port’s circuitry to loosen over time, and in extreme circumstances, detach completely.

This can also happen when using the Fire for an extended period, as the port was not built to take the stress of having the cable yanked out regularly.

When you’re ready to connect the cable, make sure it’s well seated. Gently move it around to see if there is any evidence of a loose connector.

If this is the case, you can try to charge your Fire by placing it on a flat surface. If this remedy charges your Amazon Fire tablet, you know it’s the port that’s preventing it from charging.

Apart from these issues, we will discuss other problems and their solutions.

Kindle fire Faulty adapter

It’s not always the port connected to your Kindle fire is loose, it can sometimes be the port connected to the adapter.

It’s really simple to discover why the charging adapter isn’t working. Therefore:

  • Rather than using the charger, connect the cable to a computer or other USB power source and check if your Fire will charge.
  • If it does, the issue was with the charger.
  • It’s vital to remember that not all chargers are made equal; they differ in terms of amperage and, in certain cases, voltage.
  • Next, we’ll put the USB cable to the test. Nevertheless, all micro-USB cables are essentially the same, so borrow one from a different device or a friend and see if swapping cables can cause your Fire to charge.

This is how you will know that the issue was with your cable, and you should replace it.

Packing the portkindle fire packing the port

Even though it may appear impractical, some customers have been able to repair the loose charging port with a little piece of tape.

To limit the amount of space available for the charging cable, users taped a thin strip of the tape inside the port.

The port became tighter as a result of the tape, and the charging cable no longer fell out.

However, you must exercise extreme caution because the connector pins within the port may be damaged. Also, ensure the tape is adhered to the side of the port and does not hide any of the connecting pins.

But unless you don’t want to replace the port, simply follow these steps:

  • Place the Kindle Fire on a level surface and try to orient the USB cord to charge it properly.
  • The Kindle Fire will continue to charge as long as you don’t move it.
  • After the battery is fully charged, you can use it as usual.

Finding the proper angle might be time-consuming. However, for those people who didn’t want to buy a new Kindle Fire and already knew how to configure the USB angle to charge the tablet, this hack worked.

Adjust the port with pliers

By gently squeezing the cable end with the pliers, you can thicken it in one dimension or the other.

In such a case, you can squeeze the cable end gently along the top and bottom to make it wider, then squeeze it gently along the sides to make it fatter.

You may be able to adjust the fit and get the cable to reconnect with the port and work again by doing so.

This can be one of the solutions, but we recommend you do not try this method on your brand-new charging cable because it might go wasted if the procedure is not followed properly.

Guarantee claim

Many consumers have experienced this issue, and as long as your Kindle Fire’s warranty is still active, you should have no trouble acquiring a replacement.

You can inquire about the status of your warranty by contacting the retailer where you purchased the gadget.

It is advised that you should not attempt to repair the item yourself and instead purchase a replacement. In most situations, opening the equipment voids the warranty, and you will not be entitled to a replacement device from your providers.

Kindle fire won’t charge loose port (Repair)

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