Installing shiplap directly to studs

Installing shiplap directly to studs. A shiplap is a kind of wooden board used in the construction of rustic buildings like barns and sheds.

It has grooves on the bottom and on top of each piece that forms a tight seal by fitting together. Shiplap is used for decorative wall purposes to create a rustic décor.

Installing shiplap directly to studsinstalling shiplap directly to studs

It is often asked how you can install the shiplap directly to the studs that aid the shiplap on the walls. 

How is the shiplap installed?

Before starting the installation, you need to decide whether to install it horizontally, vertically, or on the ceiling. This decision depends on the style you have chosen, keeping in mind the décor of your home. 

  • The shiplap is installed vertically to make the room feel more significant, as it elongates the walls and makes them look taller.
  • The shiplap is installed horizontally when you want to make your room look larger than it is, as it opens up the place.
  • If you install it on your ceiling, it makes your room feel larger.

Another point that must be considered while installing the shiplap is whether you want it installed from the top or bottom-up.

Usually, it is advised to install it starting from the top. Once you have decided how and where you want it installed, you can start the procedure.

The procedure

It usually takes 2-5 hours to install the shiplap directly to studs, depending on the skill level and the size of the room. It is essential to follow the procedure for proper installation.

  • Taking measurements

In this step, you will take measurements of the room and the wall where you want to install the shiplap to cut the wood in exact size. Usually, it is 5-10 inches thick.

  • Painting the boards

Paint the shiplap if you want them painted. The color selection is made by keeping in mind the walls and furniture of the room.

  • Placing the boards

The first one should be placed in a perfectly straight line, as even a slight misalignment can ruin the alignment of all the other boards.

Tools Needed for the installationtools needed for the installation

Some tools are essential for the installation of shiplap directly to the studs.

  • To keep the alignment of the boards straight, you need a spirit level. 
  • Shiplap will be needed, which is usually made from wood.
  • If you want your shiplap to be painted, you will also need paints.
  • You need a saw to cut the wood in the correct shape and size. You can either use a miter saw or a jigsaw.
  • A measuring tape will also be needed to measure the size of the wall and the shiplap planks.
  • A nail gun will help in accurately placing nails in the studs.


Installing shiplap directly to studs. With the help of appropriate tools and taking accurate measurements, it is possible to install the shiplap directly to the studs. It saves time and money and gives a new look to the wall or ceiling or your room.

It is a fact that installing shiplap directly to the studs gives the benefit of studs providing support to the shiplap on the walls.

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