How to use dishwasher with broken soap dispenser

How to use dishwasher with broken soap dispenser. Using detergent pods is best for washing dishes in a dishwasher with a broken soap dispenser.

The detergent pods in the washer will perfectly do their cleaning, but fixing the broken soap dispenser or replacing the dispenser should be the dishwasher’s priority.

After a happy meal came the washing time, the dishwashing was bad as it was, but after finding that my soap dispenser was broken, they became hell.

The washing without soap was the worst. I could clean with my hands better. Without the soap, the dishwasher felt useless. I wanted to wash my dishes fast, and it was night so getting the dishwasher repaired was not a choice either.

I checked the soap dispenser and found a way to wash the dishes without the dispenser. I was able to wash without the dispenser soap and fixed my dispenser later.

How to use dishwasher with broken soap dispenser

Getting from the dishwasher is having the soap dispenser broken. The washing without the soap dispenser is really bad, but if you can clean without the dispenser, that would be a breeze. There are ways the dishwasher can wash even without the soap dispenser.

The easiest way is to throw the soap in the dishwasher directly can get it cleaned. You can also add detergent pods to the washer and let the dishes get washed.

The pods should be placed at the bottom. Just pour the soap into the dishwasher tray and get clean dishes.

Tossing soap

tossing soap

The first trick to get the dishwasher to work without the dispenser is the use of soap.

The soap, as the dispenser is broken, won’t be used in it, but the other trick of applying the soap will be used. The other trick of applying soap is adding the soap to the dishwasher directly.

Though the addition of soap, as I said, is not done in the dispenser. The soap is actually applied in try of the dishwasher.

Don’t add the soap to the compartment but add the soap to the dishwasher directly with the door of the dishwasher completely open.

Tossing pads

The tossing of pads is similar to the tossing of soap. But instead of the soap, the pads are tossed. The pads are placed or tossed at the bottom of the dishwasher. There is a dishwasher soap tray present there where you can toss the pads.

Just place the pads at the bottom of the dishwasher and start the dishwasher. The cleaning will be similar to soap tossing. Though you should toss the pads at the bottom before you start the dishwasher, as cleaning in steps of the dishwasher is important.

Main problem

main problem

Although the tossing pads and the soap will be in the washer to clean, the main problem of washing still remains.

Though the basic washing will be done without the dispenser, the cleaning through the dishwasher won’t be as good as with the dispenser.

To tackle the main problem of the dishwasher dispenser. More grasp of the cleaning is needed. The soap affects the dishwashing cleaning even in steps.

This is because the manually added soap will be dissolved quickly in the pre-wash step, and that won’t leave the main cycle with enough soap to clean properly.

To deal with this soap in the final cycle, the manually added soap won’t work. Troubleshooting the dishwasher’s dispenser can be handy.

Clogged dispenser

clogged dispenser

Starting the troubleshooting of the dispenser, the first thing should be to check the clogs in the dispenser. During the wash cycle, the detergent gets filled in the dispenser.

If the dispensing during the cycle is improper, the soap will start to get dry more and will harden up after attaching to other soap particles.

This hard particle cluster of soap will make the dispenser clogged. The formation of lime in place of soap is also pretty common. Lime forming there can also be a clogging reason.

In the recent models of the dishwasher, there are systems that shoot directly at the dispenser. This makes the dispensing easy, and the clogging problem in the dispenser is easily solvable.

The shooters are not available in the old dishwasher models, and that makes the dispenser problem most likely appear in the old models.

Once the dispenser gets filled with the detergent that is dry and even old, the closing of the dishwasher lid becomes pretty difficult. If the lid of the dispenser is unable to hold, the soap inside it will be released in the early washing cycle.

Pour hot water and clean the clogs in the dispenser and make sure the lid of the dispenser closes. Use a brush to remove the soap. Cleaning the dishwasher dispenser regularly won’t fill the dispenser.

Wrong time

wrong time

There are dishwashers that have mechanical timers. This mechanical timer is to control the soap release and its time. With the timer having faults, the dispenser won’t be working properly.

If the timer is broken, then not the whole dispenser is broken, and only the dispenser’s timer will require a fix.

Checking the timer of the dispenser is a good start. The connection between the door cath and the timer should be checked.

Check if the timer is working according to your setting. Check the cam on the timer of the unit and confirm its problems. Replacing the timer can fix the dispenser issue.

Broken spring

broken spring

There is a spring attached to the dispenser, and the spring has a great responsibility. The popping of the lid is directly related to the spring.

The spring opens the lid of the dishwasher at the right time and provides the soap to the wash cycle.

The spring having to pop-up several times doesn’t get to stay in mint condition, and with the rough working of the dispenser, the spring to the dispenser can break.

The broken spring won’t rupture the soap at the right time. The extra build-up of soap in the dispenser can also be caused by the spring that is damaged.

Pop the lid of the dispenser to see if it pop-ups without a problem. If the popping of the lid is not right, the spring is probably faulty. Replace the ruptured spring is the popping becomes normal.


The disaster of the soap dispenser is big, and the breaking of the soap dispenser can include springs and even the clogging of the whole dispenser if there isn’t a dispenser repairing time at your hand. Use pads and soap to clean the dishes present in the washer directly. Thanks for reading!

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