How to turn your Home into a Smart Home

How to turn your Home into a Smart Home. Making a smart home doesn’t require much more than installing a few pieces of technology into your house.

There are many devices that can serve to enhance your cooking or appliance experience like internet-connected ovens, refrigerators, and other various appliances.

There are several ways to make your home smart. You could buy out several different systems to make a fully customized smart household but this also means spending more money on things you might not need.

You can build your smart home less expensively by DIY-ing the setup yourself so consider some easy ideas below.

How to turn your home into a Smart Hometurn your home into a smart home

Your life can be made easier, more convenient, and more efficient with smart homes. You may already be familiar with smart appliances like dishwashers or washing machines but many people still aren’t aware of all the benefits a fully equipped smart home can offer.

As such, today we thought we would share a few ways you can turn your main residence into a smart one. These include: 

Get smart lighting. Installing a thermostat. Connecting a smart plug. Getting a security system etc.

Getting Smart Lighting

As a homeowner, you might be interested in smart lighting options. With smart bulbs and other products, devices such as lights inside the house have become connected to the internet so that one can remote control them.

Some of the options can set scheduled timers to turn on or off at specific points during the day or night. You can even change the colors of some colored lamps for added decoration to your home’s interior.

Installing a Thermostat

A smart thermostat like the ecobee3 is a great way to improve your energy usage patterns at home by tracking when you are at home and when you are not in order to adjust the temperature accordingly.

Using this smart device, the ecobee3, you can access the daily and monthly historical reports about your energy history and find out where you can save on dollars as well as energy.

Connecting a Smart Plugconnecting a smart plug

Smart plugs are a simple way to begin installing smart appliances throughout your home. You just need to plug one into an outlet and you’re ready to go.

Some smart plugs cost as little as $15, so they’re not much more expensive than a regular plug.

A smartphone app can be used to remotely turn on and off the plug or to control individual devices remotely from anywhere by speaking to Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

With a smart plug, you won’t need to worry about your living room lights being left on while you’re away.

Home Security System

Home security is important. There are new advances in smart locks that let you open or close your house with your smartphone instead of needing a key.home security system

You can use different passcodes to make it safer and they can be opened or closed using a smartphone alone.

Installed Smart Cameras

You can use smart cameras in your home or business to monitor certain areas of your property. The devices connect to an app on your phone, which means that they can be used anywhere that you have an Internet connection.

Indoor and outdoor cameras are available. Security systems that detect motion will send you notifications.

Be sure to securely set up the camera and its connection over a secure network whenever possible so that no unauthorized people can access the data.

Robotic Vacuums and Smart cleanersrobotic vacuums and smart cleaners

It is possible to buy a vacuum robot that will go around your house and pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair that would otherwise end up everywhere.

Furthermore, you can now buy mobile-controlled “smart cleaners,” which automatically open their covers when they detect you approaching, so you don’t need to touch them if you don’t feel like it.

The Smoke Detector

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors of modern times come with certain benefits that are absent from their conventional counterparts.

The older-style version smokes out when the battery is low after prolonged usage, but the new generation models can take care of themselves so you don’t have to.

They also connect with your smartphone, even if you’re not at home. Once installed, these smart detectors will alert you on your phone instantly even when the house is empty.

Not only that, they’ll immediately start sending real-time alerts if they detect smoke or breathing problems so that firemen are sent in time should anything happen.


Your home is probably one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life. It makes sense that you want it to be as comfortable and efficient as possible, but making improvements to your home can be expensive and difficult.

Luckily, there are different ways to make your home smarter. We’ve highlighted some of the best and easiest ways to make your home smarter in our blog post How to turn your home into a Smart Home, so be sure to check it out if you are interested in any of the topics we’ve mentioned.

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