How to turn off hardwired smoke alarm

How to turn off hardwired smoke alarm. Hardwired smoke detectors are the latest smoke alarms installed in the home and offices for safety purposes from smoke and fire.

These smoke alarms produce big sounds when they detect any smoke or fire to inform you about the fire, but sometimes it is also very irritant if the alarm turns on when you are cooking food in the kitchen.

If your hardwired smoke detector starts malfunctioning and you want to turn it off, then there are different ways to turn off the fire alarm, but it depends upon the type of the device.

Some fire alarms are just turned off by pressing a button, whereas some fire alarm systems need specific actions to turn off the hardwired smoke detector.

If you want to turn off your faulty smoke alarm, you need to know how it works, so keep reading this post to learn how to switch off false alarms.

How to turn off hardwired smoke alarm

It’s necessary to have a hard-wired smoke detector alarm in the home to get safety from fire and smoke because you call the local fire department immediately.

However, sometimes hard-wired smoke alarms become faulty and make false alarms due to dust and debris gathering inside the unit and battery problems.

So, it’s necessary to keep cleaning the dust accumulation in the device. Otherwise, the false alarms will keep breaking the silence in the house.

If you want to know how to switch off the hard-wired smoke detectors, then follow read these points.

Press the mute button on the smoke detectordetach the detector from the socket

If your smoke detector starts beeping at any time, then it means you have installed it close to the cooking appliances wall, so move the unit to another place to get rid of false alarms.

It is also necessary to check the unit test button because sometimes it is pressed unintentionally, and the fire alarm starts beeping after some time.

But, if still the issue is not solved, then a simple way to turn off the smoke detector is to press the silence button to turn off the device.

Clean the dust

If you have placed the smoke alarm close to the air conditioner or cooking appliances, then it’s essential to keep cleaning the dust and debris from the unit to maintain its proper maintenance.

Make sure there is no dust in the smoke chamber using a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the device will keep chirping and false alarms.

Replace the batteriespress the mute button on the smoke detector 2

If you have installed hardwired smoke alarms in your house for fire safety, keep cleaning the unit and replacing the batteries so as not to get disturbed by the false alarm.

Usually, you listen to a chirping sound from most smoke alarms, but if there is a high, loud sound, then it means it is a fire alarm sound.

However, if you keep listening to a false alarm sound from the battery-powered fire alarm, then remove the old battery from the unit and replace it with a new battery.

If you have not changed the batteries for a long time, then it could be the reason for the false alarms, so replacing the old batteries is your best bet to get no disturbance in the sleeping area.

When you replace the batteries, then remove the dust and debris from the battery compartment with a cotton swab. It will also remove the rust from the battery terminals.

When you purchase the new batteries, if you do not have the backup battery in the home, then ensure to purchase the new batteries with the same voltage power as the previous one because if you do not insert the same voltage batteries, then your false alarm problem will still be there.

Check the circuit breakercheck the circuit breaker

If your hardwired smoke alarm has a separate circuit breaker, then check the circuit breaker that gives electric power to the unit.

There are too many circuit breakers in the same circuit to give power to different ceiling fans and lights, so it may be tripping due to overload in the circuit.

Therefore, I suggest you insert the battery-operated fire alarm system if you don’t want to face faulty circuit breaker issues.

Faulty smoke detector

If you talk about the smoke alarm’s average life, then it is about ten years, so if your device is more than ten years old, then it will start malfunctioning and keep beeping false alarms.

So, according to the national fire protection association authority and manufacturers’ advice, the best option, in this case, is to replace the old hardwired smoke detector with a new device.

Detach the detector from the socketreplace the batteries

Turn the hardwired smoke detector from right to left to reach the unit socket. When you move it in an anti-clockwise position, then it will become easy for you to drag it toward yourself from the ceiling.

Slightly push the unit from the back side to disconnect it from the socket. Dont bend the alarm back pins.

Reset the fire alarm

When the fire alarm detects any smoke or fire, then red and green lights start blinking on the unit to inform about the danger.

However, if there is no fire and smoke in the home and the fire alarm is still beeping, you must also perform a reset to stop the false alarm irritation.

  • Detach the smoke detector alarm from the wall socket
  • Open the unit’s back cover with a small screwdriver and pull out the battery.
  • Carefully hold the device with one hand and clean the dust with a cotton swab or vacuum cleaner.
  • You have to push and hold on to the button for ten seconds.
  • The device will auto-reset after ten seconds.
  • Refix the batteries in the chamber and reconnect the device with the power source, keeping in mind the proper terminals.

Hopefully, if there is no physical damage or loose wiring issue, then the detector will not give false alarms now.


The last thoughts on this post are that if you have installed the hardwired smoke alarm in the house to protect your home from smoke and fire hazards, then keeping its maintenance is necessary to avoid false alarms.

However, if your fire alarm is not working well and keeps beeping from time to time, then follow all the troubleshooting tips I described in the article to turn off the hardwired smoke alarm.

If your device is more than 8 to 10 years old, then replace it because it is a general rule to replace the old alarm after ten years.