How to stream movies on discord

How to stream movies on discord. There are many live streaming platforms like amazon prime video, Netflix, and HBO max to watch movies.

If you love watching movies and keeping in contact with others through voice channels, then the Discord app is the latest famous place to contact your friends and family. Using this app, you can be in touch with your loved ones through voice calls.

This app is also used for streaming movies on Netflix channels, tv dramas, and seasons. The best thing about this app is that you can share the screen with your friends to enjoy the movie night together even if you are not sitting together.

However, the first and essential thing is that you must have a strong Wi-Fi internet connection to stream a Netflix movie through the app.

Keep reading this post for streaming Netflix movies on the Discord server and mobile applications if you don’t know how to stream Netflix on discord.

How to stream movies on discord

Discord app is a highly used app nowadays because you can contact your dear ones through voice channels and stream movies on discord.

This app also has a screen share option with your friends to entertain yourself with streaming Netflix movies.

After installing the app on your laptop or smartphone, you can make your chat room to ask your friends and family members to join it through a link or discord server.

In this chat room, you can easily talk with your friends, enjoy video calls and watch movies together through screen share.

Disable hardware accelerationdisable hardware acceleration

When you try screen sharing Netflix with your friends to stream movies on discord, there is mostly no issue with the voice channel and subtitles, but there is an empty black screen issue due to hardware acceleration.

Hardware acceleration runs the movie nicely without any issues using the graphics card.

If you have weak hardware, then it will affect the video quality, and you will face problems in streaming videos. So, in this situation, your best bet is to disable hardware acceleration through these steps.

Launch the discord app

First of all, start the discord app on your desktop version. You have to set the Activity status through the User Settings icon on your system before you start watching movies on discord.

Discord app settings

Open the settings and choose “Activity Status.”

Go to the settings and then select “Activity Status.” It will probably show a “No game detected.” message.

Add gameadd game

Your next step is to click on the “Add it” button and then choose Google Chrome.

Back to the homepage

Now go back to the discord app home page and then choose the share screen. Select your favorite streaming browser and then select “Go Live.”

When you click the “Go Live.” button on the screen, then the app will start streaming the film in the browser.

If you want to pause the in-progress call by selecting the “Disconnect” icon.


If you have free time and you want to enjoy yourself with your friends that live in another area, then watching Netflix movies on discord with them is the best thing.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can now easily stream movies on the discord app. Plex channels not responding.