How to Start a Stihl Weed Eater

Is there anything more satisfying than the sound of a weed eater or a trimmer in the very morning under a beautiful Sun? Are you also fond of well-groomed and maintained landscapes?

If yes, weed eaters or trimmers are something meant to be yours. It’s been since its launch that Stihl has made its good name among all by providing its customers with the best power tools, including chain saws, trimmers, and much more.

But being a reliable brand doesn’t make their products immune to the problems.

Just like all other brands, their device can also catch a problem, so it is important to understand the functions and operating mechanisms of these devices thoroughly so that one can not be in trouble during their project.

This guide will entirely focus on the best possible way how to start a Stihl weed eater.

How to Start a Stihl Weed Eater
how to start a stihl weed eater | step by step explained

The following steps will be defining you the proper procedure for correctly operating the device mentioned above. These six simple steps will be enough to define.

  • Remove the fuel cap alongside inspecting the fuel tank to ensure that there is sufficient fuel. If the fuel level is low, top it up with more. A 50-to-1 gas-oil-fuel mixture is used in Stihl gas-powered trimmers. For electrical models like the FSE 60, this step is not necessary. Before attempting to start the trimmer, move it at least 3 meters away from the tank area.
  • You have control over your surroundings. As soon as you turn on your Stihl trimmer, the heads spin quickly. If the trimmer line encounters something foreign, it can be thrown a long distance. Before you try to start your trimmer, make sure no one else is within 15 meters of you.
  • Squeeze and hold the throttle control (also known as the lock lever on some models), then depress it. The next step says to move the ignition switch to the “On” position, which is indicated by a large “I” on most petrol models, while pulling both levers. Some models have a “start” mode when the engine is running that requires you to slide the switch to the “I” mode. Pull back on the levers.
  • Try moving the choke control to its full choke position when the engine is cold.
  • Make sure to set the choke control to half the choke position if the engine is hot. Fill the fuel balloon with fuel by pushing it down. Before attempting to lift, press the decompression key if your model has one.
  • Place the trimmer on the ground on the opposite side of the starter handle, with the deflector firmly in place. Ensure the trimmer line or cutting attachment does not encounter the ground or other objects.
  • Pull the starter handle out slowly until resistance is felt, then pull firmly. To avoid clogging, slowly feed the rope back into the casing. Pull the starter handle four more times, then move the choke lever to the middle position if necessary. Continue to use sharp strokes to start the engine until it ignites. To return the engine to idle, depress the throttle control when it starts.

Stihl weed eater won’t start

If you’ve used the correct procedures in attempting to start your Stihl, but it won’t fire up, there may be an issue with your spark, fuel, or air in the combustion process.

However, more often than not, this is an easy fix that involves simply replacing one of these crucial components.

How to start a flooded stihl weedeater?

Wipe any debris, oil, and excess fuel off the spark plug with a shop towel. Insert the spark plug and turn it clockwise until tight with an adjustable wrench.

Replace the spark plug wire on the top of the spark plug. Hold in the throttle trigger and pull the starter cord to start your weed eater.

Stihl fs 45 wont start

Remove the rear housing to access the muffler. We don’t want sparks flying in the vicinity of gasoline, so it’s best to remove the gas tank before removing the muffler.

Remove the muffler (2 large screws). Remove the muffled door (3 small screws). Scrape away any hardened material on the screen with a pin (a toothpick will work, too) and let most of the torched-on carbon crumble onto a piece of aluminum foil.

Some cleanup may be required, but make certain that you put everything back together exactly as it was originally.

Stihl weed eater won’t stay running

A weed eater will die when throttled usually because of either a fuel issue, not getting enough airflow, or problems with the exhaust. Follow the path of where the fuel travels to identify the issue.

How to Start a Stihl Weed Eater


In the end, we would like to make you aware and suggest you don’t go for the opening of any Stihl products if you are not fully aware of the system and its consequences.

It is really very important to loom for the operating mechanism and safety mechanisms to have your hands on any device. We hope this guide on a Stihl product has provided you with the best way of operating a trimmer or a weed eater.

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