How to smoke meat without a smoker

How to smoke meat without a smoker. It’s very frustrating to see smokers not working when you are ready to smoke the meat for your family. But, don’t worry, it’s not all ends on the smoker; there are many other ways to smoke the meat without a smoker’s appliance.

Smoking the meat is a very delicious and mouthwatering activity. Nowadays, smoker appliance is used to smoke meat and other food, but unfortunately, if your smoker prevents working, you can smoke the meat in different ways like a stovetop, an oven, or a charcoal grill.

Smoking the meat on charcoal girl is also a very nice experience and gives the same smoky taste. The electric oven is also another good option because after marinating the food, place the meat in the electric oven and wait for delicious smoky meat.

If you are here, it means your smoker is not working, and you are searching for alternative methods to smoke the meat, so keep reading the guide to learn the other methods to smoke the meat in the best ways.

How to smoke meat without a smoker
smoke meat without a smoker

Smoker devices are used to smoke the meat deliciously. Still, with other devices, smoker appliances also prevent working due to various causes, so don’t worry in that situation and apply the below the mentioned ways to smoke the meat tastefully.

Electric oven

If you are all set to smoke the meat in the smoker and suddenly it does not turn on for unknown reasons, don’t panic and get frustrated and smoke the meat in the electric oven.

Electric ovens are found in every modern kitchen, so open the oven door and place the meat tray in the oven. Turn on the smoke food settings on the electric oven and note the time because different times are required to smoke the food in the oven for different foods.

Please do not open the electric oven door again and again because it escapes all gathered inside the oven to smoke the food. When the electric oven auto stops, carefully open the device door to check the smoked meat.

Kettle grillkettle grill

A kettle grill is also a suitable replacement for smoking the meat instead of the smoker appliance. It has been used for a long time to smoke the chicken, fish, and mutton meat in a lovely way because it smokes the food deliciously.

In a kettle grill, the meat is marinated for two hours, and then coal is placed on one side of the grill and meat on the other side to provide the heat slowly. You can also try to place the meat in the center and coals on both sides of the meat.

Charcoal grill

Most people who don’t have a smoker to smoke the meat use charcoal grill to smoke the meat deliciously. When charcoal smoke mixes with the meat, it increases the taste of the food.

If your smoker is not working, then you can use a charcoal grill to get the same taste; although you can not get the same taste that you can get from the actual smoker appliance, most people still smoke the meat on the charcoal grill.

In the charcoal grill, place the marinated meat in the foil drip pan because you can throw them out after smoking the meat and some wood chips to smoke with. You can also use natural charcoal for smoking purposes.

Liquid smokeliquid smoke

Using liquid smoke is also the best alternative to smoking the meat effectively if the smoker is not available. Nowadays, smoke bottles are available in the market with almost every flavor.

But, ensure to use a very small quantity of the bottled smoke in the sauce because it is very strong and can react if you add a large amount of bottled smoke to the meat sauce.

 Smoking gun

A smoking gun is another useful device to smoke the meat if you have more budget but less space and don’t purchase the large space taking costly smoker appliance.

The smoking gun takes very less space than a smoker and can keep it in a small place while the smoker is a big unit. Sometimes it becomes painful to bring the smoker side on the lawn, and suddenly rain starts, and you have to bring it back to the garage or any other place.

However, you can not get the perfect smoky meat taste from a smoking gun as the smoker provides it but still smoking gun is an excellent replacement for the smoker.

Wood chips are put into the smoking gun to get the smoke, so when all set to smoke the meat, add some wood chips and burn them to begin smoking the food.

The next step is to insert the rubber tube below the pot-sealed lid. Drag the smoking gun trigger to start the smoking process. You need to wait for 5 minutes to get the delicious smoked meat.

Bottom line

The final thoughts on this troubleshooting guide are if you do not have a smoker appliance or your smoker prevents smoking the food, then don’t worry because there are many alternative methods to try to smoke the meat.

You can use a smoking gun, electric oven, charcoal chips, kettle grill, and charcoal grill to smoke the meat deliciously.

However, all these methods are effective, and you can get the perfect smoky meat taste, but if you want to get the original smoked meat taste, then purchase the full-fledged smoker.

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