How to Reset a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

How to Reset a Carbon Monoxide Alarm. The main advantage of a carbon dioxide alarm is that it warns you when carbon monoxide is present and is most deadly, for example, in an enclosed space such as a bedroom or living room with tightly closed doors and windows.

If a detector is installed, an alarm will sound to alert you to the presence of this deadly gas. It is really necessary to protect yourself and the people around you from this silent killer which is only possible because of a high-end detector.

After you’ve got a CO detector or alarm, you need to understand its functions and operating mechanism to achieve its performance at its fullest.

The unit requires fresh air and time to clean up the sensor contamination before it can be reset. Because different companies make alarms, the position of the reset button may differ from one to the next.

As a result, keep your manual in a secure location. The question that arises is how you reset this device; this guide is entirely on the mechanism of resenting a carbon monoxide alarm or detector.

How to Reset a Carbon Monoxide Alarm
how to reset a carbon monoxide alarm (guide)

Fuel-powered appliances such as stoves, stoves, gas dryers, and fireplaces are the most common sources of carbon monoxide in the home. Carbon monoxide levels in these devices are low under normal circumstances, but this can change if they malfunction. Automobiles can also emit carbon monoxide into the home.

It’s never a good idea to leave a car in your garage, especially if the garage door is shut.

Driving near a window or door in your home can cause exhaust fumes to accumulate inside, just like with generators.

Besides, just having a carbon monoxide detector isn’t enough; understanding the basics is also your responsibility to save yourself from any hazard.

Following 4 simpler steps can help you identify how to reset a carbon monoxide alarm after a battery change or after a heavy exposure.

  • Your carbon monoxide alarm, of course, has a manual reset button. Some are capable of self-recovery. You should also consult the manual, look up your device model online, or contact your dealer or manufacturer directly in this case.
  • Once you’ve figured out where the sensor is and how to reset it, you can manually press the button, and the sensor will start working again. You can do this after testing the battery’s sensitivity and replacing it.
  • After one of these events, automatically reset alarms are usually reset within 10 minutes.
  • If all else fails, it’s time to replace your carbon monoxide alarm, which frequently fails. This is a common issue with older carbon monoxide detectors that have been in place for a long time.

Is it safe to reset a Carbon monoxide detector?

The query mentioned above was the question many users of a CO alarm have asked but didn’t get satisfying answers. After a true or false alarm or after a battery change, most carbon monoxide alarms are designed to be reset.

If the device hasn’t reached the end of its life, resetting a carbon monoxide alarm is safe.

How to reset carbon monoxide detector after changing battery?

To reset your device, locate the button on the face of the machine. On most devices, it’s a small circular button. It might look slightly different depending on which brand you own, but it’ll be out in plain sight and easy to spot.

Once you’ve found it, shove your finger into the hole and hold down your finger for several seconds – at least five – until you see smoke or a puff of white magic fill the surrounding air.

It took me five seconds to get mine working again, but if certain components are visibly damaged, this could take longer.

How to reset a kidde carbon monoxide alarm?

To turn off the power to the smoke alarm, locate the circuit breaker in your home. The power to the smoke alarm will be turned off when you switch this off at the main breaker.

However, keep in mind that turning this breaker off will also make power to other electrical appliances inaccessible.

How to reset a first alert smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

To reset a CO detector, first, open a window. Next, locate the “Reset” button for your specific model of carbon monoxide detector from the right side or from beneath its base.

Push and hold this button down for approximately 8 seconds after the alarm has been reset until it stops sounding. For best results, allow your unit to rest for 20–30 minutes following a CO incident before you attempt to use it again.


As mentioned above, after the CO detector sounds alarmed, it is now in the state to get reset. Carefully reading and following the steps mentioned above can help you reset it without any mishap.

Make sure you are providing enough fresh air to the device that it requires to get reset again. Try changing your device before its death sentence, which is indicated by the 5-beeping mechanism of a Carbon monoxide detector.

We hope you are now well aware of the consequences and the procedure of resetting a carbon monoxide alarm.

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