How to replace breaker panel

How to replace breaker panel. When you install the electrical wiring in a home, you fix the main circuit box in the garage or basement of the home in which circuit breakers are installed.

The basic purpose of these circuit breakers is to turn off the electrical appliances when there is an overload in the circuit and wiring. The circuit breaker automatically trips to stop the fire hazard caused by electricity overload.

If the circuit breaker begins to trip frequently due to wiring trouble, like a short circuit or breaker failure, then do not use the faulty circuit breaker.

Because if you keep using the faulty circuit breaker to turn on the electrical appliance, it may increase further damage. So, it is terrible execution, and you must prevent this practice.

You can only use the circuit breaker to turn off the circuit occasionally because you can not use the circuit breaker to turn off the appliance daily.

Circuit breakers are usually damaged due to water leakage and power spikes so if you have electrical skills, replace the breaker panel. Keep reading this troubleshooting guide to learn more about this issue.

How to replace breaker panelreplace breaker panel

Circuit breaker panels are used to attach the wires with electrical wiring in the home. Electric current passes through circuit breaker panel, wiring, meter, etc.

One main circuit is divided into additional circuits when electric wires reach the main circuit panel. If you see your socket is hot to touch or there are burns marks.

Sometimes, it happens that the home lights start flickering and flashing due to overload in the circuit because you have turned on too many electrical appliances at a time.

When the circuit breaker starts frequently tripping, then it’s time to replace the breaker panel. Follow these points to upgrade your breaker panel.

Basic tools

It is suggested to you that if you are not a skillful electrician and don’t have information about wire connections and breaker panels, then don’t try to replace the breaker panel because a slight mistake and wrong connection can be a very disaster because if you connect the wrong wires with each other, then they catch fire.

However, if you are an electrician who knows how to connect wires, then collect the basic tools you require. You need to have

  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Safety hand gloves and goggles
  • Flashlights
  • Rubber mat
  • Wire connector
  • Voltage tester

It would be best if you kept all the tools close to the work area so that you can easily use them because it is very frustrating to see some tools missing during work.

Purchase the same model

When your circuit breaker becomes faulty and you want to replace it with a new breaker panel, always purchase the same model circuit breaker that was installed previously before in the main circuit box.

If you purchase a different circuit breaker model, it will not compete in the box, making it difficult for you to install the breaker in the main panel.

Switch off the power supplyswitch off the power supply

Before you start your work to replace the breaker panel, switch off the power supply in the home to save yourself from electric shock.

Whenever you deal with electric work, ensure there is no power supply in the home. You can use a voltage tester to check the current in the main circuit box.

Turn on the flashlights

You need to have high-power flashlights during work because when you turn off the power supply, then you require a high-quality flashlight to lighten the area and do the work.

Open the panel cover

Open the panel cover by removing the screws with the help of a screwdriver. You must be very careful while opening the last screws, so hold the heavy panel with your other hand or ask your helper to hold the heavy panel carefully till the last screw is unscrewed to open the panel outer’s the panel cover

Carefully remove the panel cover with both hands. Although you have still protected yourself with safety gloves and a rubber mat, I suggest you don’t touch any wires inside the control panel because there is still current in the power wires and terminals.

Ensure there is no electric current in the panel with a voltage tester. Find the faulty circuit breaker tripping repeatedly and connect the tester with the circuit breaker wire.

If the voltage tester does not perceive the electric current or voltage, the circuit breaker is faulty and replaced with a new same model control panel.

Remove the circuit panel

Now, you can move to the next step, removing the circuit panel. First of all, detach the original breaker from the wire and withdraw it completely.

Check the faulty circuit breaker position to ensure how it is placed in the main panel and how you can replace it with a circuit breaker.

After installing the circuit breaker, Turn it position to ON from OFF.

It is very important to do this step carefully because if you don’t know exactly how to fit the new circuit breaker in the panel, the appliance or outlet will not get power.

Switch on the flashlight, carefully fix the new circuit breaker and tighten the screws. Dont forget to protect the hot wire before you refix the panel cover and switch on the main breaker.

Do not leave the panel cover open because it is very dangerous, so tighten all the screws to close the panel cover.


The final words of this article are if your circuit breaker keeps tripping. It’s better to replace it with a new breaker panel because a faulty breaker can damage the wall outlet and electrical appliances.

Now, if you are planning to replace the control panel by yourself, you must know all the skills to open the screws and replace the wires because if you make a wrong wire connection, it will lead to a fire hazard.

So, hire a skillful electrician if you are not skillful enough to deal with the home’s electrical system. I am hopeful this article is helpful to you to troubleshoot your problem.

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