How to remove thinset from concrete

How to remove thinset from concrete. You are thinking of remodeling your bathroom by staying on the budget. And You Started your project by removing the tiles because remodeling comes with removing the old Tiles and replacing them with new and trendy ones.

Well, if you are the one who started moving the tiles. Then we know that you are Surely going through a situation where you will feel stuck.

Removing The tile is not difficult, but actual hurdles come right after removing the tiles. There is this thing called a thin-set that is used to stick the tiles to the flooring.

Thinset is a combination of cement water and send. Which is no doubt a pretty hard solution. as we have discussed before that, removing the tiles is not a difficult task but removing the

Thinset from concrete is Surely a tricky process that needs proper guidance.

Well, if you are removing the tires and now finally come on the situation where you are feeling stuck to remove the problematic thinset.

Then you have to be extra careful because removing the thin set the wrong way will worsen the situation and damage your flooring.

So you have to follow a proper guide that you can follow about removing thinset from the concrete.

How to remove thinset from concrete

Removing process of thin-set from concrete

removing process of thin set from concrete

We have listed the most authentic processes of removing things from concrete. All you have to do is to the instructions listed below.

If you plan to try the method, we have listed it yourself. Then keep in mind that this project will almost take 2 to 3 days. So you have to be patient.

Method 1: Using angle grinder

using angle grinder

An angle grinder to remove the thin-set from concrete will be a good but expensive choice. But it is not something like that you can’t consider.

Take your worries aside as we have got you covered.

If you want to try Angel grinder, we have listed steps for you so you can follow them to start using angle grinder.

Step 1: Gather Important Tools

You have to start the process by selecting a different tool. The First thing you must do is an angle grinder, of course. We recommend you use protective glasses and an abbreviated face mask.

Use water of vacuum attachment so you can later attach it with the angle grinder machine if needed.

If you manage accurate tools for the method, your tools can start your process smoothly.

Step 2: Go on to the Thinset Layers

This process could be frustrating because it needs a lot of motivation to start as you must constantly force against thin-set layers until it goes down to the concrete.

But your motivation will lead you to the success of removing thinset without chipping off the concrete

Step 3: Clearing out the Mess

After constantly your force against the thin-set, it will start breaking up. At this point, we recommend You clean it from time to time.

Because it will save a lot of time and help you keep your eyes on the process and whether it is working on the road.

And if you want to attach the vacuum with the angle grinder, start using it with the vacuum as it will automatically remove excessive waste.

We recommend you repeat The Process until you achieve your goal of removing the thick set from concrete.

Method 2: Using Scrapping knife or Mallet

using scrapping knife or mallet

Using a scrapping knife or Mallet is going to be a bit tiring. But when you get used to it, it will fly away its complex parts.

If you dont know how to use a scrapping knife efficiently, you dont have to burden your head. We have listed a step-by-step guide to making your process easy.

Follow the steps down below to get at ease on these steps.

Step 1: Gather essential Supplies

The first step you have to take is gathering essential supplies like a face mask and protective glasses.

A vacuum and sharpening stone is recommended if needed. Also, collect stone Mallet and scrapping knife.

Step 2: using the boiling hot water Technique

The boil water technique is one of the most efficient techniques that people use All Around The World to crack down the thin set.

In this step, you must take hot water over the thin set. But make sure that you start this step when you are done to remove all the tile.

After Breaking the dies properly, we recommend you make a thin layer of hot water onto the thinset. And let this layer rest for about an hour.

In an hour or two, thin-set will start showing up tracks.

Step 3: Use A scrapping knife for CHIPPING

You have to be extra careful while doing this step. Our main motive is to secure the concrete and thinset removal without thinset breaking.

In this step, you have to use the putty knife method. You have to put a putty knife in the corners of the thinset that are already scratched.

Now use something heavy to force it against the end of a putty knife. Putting a force on the heavy object will help the thin-set scratch.

Method 3: Using hand Held Grinder

using hand held grinder

If you dont know how to remove the thinset from the concrete floor, you must use the hand-held grinder method to remove the thinset from the concrete floor.

This process is ideal for the thin-set removal of Larger and broader areas. Use a hand-held power grinder to grind the thinset.

Ensure wearing a dust mask and not go in depth while grinding. Make this process slowly and effectively. Hand-to-hand cleaning will help you keep your eyes on the process.

When you are done using a hand-held grinder, we recommend using the remaining thinset and converting it into the sand to make the uneven surface smooth.

Method 4: Hammer Drill

hammer drill

The Hammer drill process is recommended only to those with the proper drilling experience to remove thinset.

If you have prior drilling experience, you should use Drill with the chisel attachment. The best measurement of the Chisel is 45° For the perfect deepness of drilling.

Hammer drills only work perfectly when modified at the perfect chisel measurements. And they are specially made for stubborn areas where the non-dominant hand doesn’t start chipping hammer.

If you use the chisel measurements listed above, the drill hammer will not crack the concrete floors.

We recommend using a floor maintainer on the concrete floor after using a hammer drill to maintain the flooring.

You can use the hammer drill method to remove the old thinset and make fine sand out of the old thinset to make a smooth surface.

But make sure you wear a dust mask to prevent yourself from inhaling dust particles.

Cleaning Up

cleaning up

Now, if you are done chipping off all the thinset out of the concrete floor. Then you have to clean all the mess we created during the process.

If you don’t know how to efficiently clean all the areas so that you can send them to your next project, then you can call on the step-by-step way of cleaning your floor.

Step 1: Eliminating broken thinset/mortar pieces

The first time that you have to take is to remove all the large broken thinset pieces. You can use garbage disposals to do all the dirt and dust along with the large pieces of thinset.

Make a big garbage disposal bag where you put all the broken pieces and dispose of them in the dump pile.

You can use a broom that doesn’t have soft bristles. Use that room to h l move all the debris or mess you have created.

Step 2: Use a Vacuum cleaner

After disposing of all the garbage and throwing it away, we recommend you use a vacuum to clear out the test in the many areas where the broom doesn’t work up.

Ash vacuum cleaner will eliminate any trapped dust from the working area.

Step 3: Final Touchups

The final step will mop the floor to clean all the dust left behind. Mopping will make the process even more smooth and clean.


Make sure you take the precautions that have been listed above after removing all the tiles.

  • Another precaution you must take is to ensure that you are not forcing too much pressure for chipping with the chipping hammer because our main motive is to protect the concrete when breaking an old thin set.
  • If you are removing things from the more significant areas, we would importantly want to recommend you sharpen your putty knife.
  • To remove the remaining parts Of the thinset. Use A Floor maintainer after thin-set breaking to Clean out the concrete underneath.
  • If you are using a hand-held grinder, then use the grinder steady so that you don’t dig in deep and damage the concrete.
  • Dont forget to use a protective dust mask to prevent yourself from inhaling excessive amounts of thinset as it can be hazardous for your health standards and make your lungs Weak.
  • So ensure wearing a protective dust mask to prevent your lungs from getting long term damage.

Wrapping Up

When we plan to remodel your bathroom, the first thing that catches your eye is the bathroom tiles.

As we stay on the budget, you must remove the bathroom tiles yourself. We motivate you that you can do it by following the guide that we have described above.

Removing the remaining thinset is a labor-intensive task, and you have to pay your labor an extra cost. If you follow the guide above, you can save your hard-earned money and later spend it on buying new tiles.

If you don’t know how to remove thinset from concrete, you have to praise your luck today because you are in the right place. In this article, we have listed different methods you can follow to remove thinset from concrete.

We hope that the guide we have made it, especially for you, so that you can remove thinset of removing floor tiles.

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