How to remove hard water stains from porcelain sink

How to remove hard water stains from porcelain sink. Porcelain is impermeable Material that makes it ideal for sinks because it is easy to clean. But, it is not resistant to stains.

It would help if you cleaned the kitchen sink regularly because proper cleaning stops sewage from increasing on the sink surfaces.

You can clean some stains easily with the help of dishwashing soap, Baking soda, and white vinegar to bring back the shine over the porcelain sink.

Those areas in which water is full of mineral minerals like magnesium are found then this hard water is unsuitable for electrical appliances and porcelain sinks because hard water stains make the sink dirty.

Sometimes cleaning the stains is difficult if you do not clean them regularly.

If you are searching for different methods to clean the stains from porcelain sinks, then you are on the right page because I am here to tell you various methods to clean the sinks.

How to remove hard water stains from porcelain sinkremove hard water stains from porcelain sink

Hard water stains need different cleaners to clean the minerals without damaging the porcelain sink surface.

If your porcelain sink is dirty and you want to clean hard water stains from your sink, you can use Lemon juice, Baking soda, white vinegar, and liquid dishwashing soap.

Wash the porcelain sink

First of all, clean the sink with a simple method to remove the stain. Clean your sink thoroughly with simple liquid soap. It will not remove the hard stains, but it will definitely help to remove soap scum, dust, and debris.

After cleaning the dust and debris from the porcelain sink, clear the remaining dust with liquid soap and a soft sponge.

Use baking sodause baking soda

Baking soda is the best cleaning agent used to clear hard stains from porcelain sinks. Baking soda is also used to clear roughness on the porcelain surface. Follow these steps to use baking soda ;

  • Take lukewarm water in a bowl.
  • Pour half a cup of baking soda into the water and make a solution.
  • Now, take a small brush, and rub this paste over the hard water stain in the porcelain sink for five minutes.
  • Wash out the sink thoroughly.
  • Dry the sink after washing the sink thoroughly.

Use white vinegar

White distilled vinegar is one of the best cleaning agents to remove any type of stains from any surface. Most people prefer white vinegar to use because it is readily available and also it is not costly.

  • Mix half a cup of white vinegar in warm water.
  • Pour this paste on the porcelain sink and lightly sponge
  • Leave it for half an hour to let it do its work.
  • After half an hour,  scrub the kitchen sink surface with a balmy sponge.
  • Repeat the scrubbing until all the stains are removed from the porcelain sink.
  • Wipe the area to check your porcelain sink.

Lemon juicelemon juice

It is very frustrating to see hard water rust stains in a porcelain sink because they look awful, and hard water stains damage the sink.

Basically, hard stains are signs showing that your underground water contains a lot of iron.

If you are looking for an easy method to remove hard water stains on a porcelain sink, use lemon juice for this purpose. It’s your choice to add Borax in lemon juice for better results.

Mix lemon juice and Borax in a bowl to make a thick paste.

Immerse the soft sponge into the bowl and apply this paste to the rusty areas of the sink.

Scrub the area with little pressure.

Leave this paste on the stained area

Lemon juice and Borax will do their work.

Wipe the sink with clean, fresh water.

Do not wash the dishes immediately; leave the porcelain sink to air dry.

Repeat the process if some stains remain on the sink surfaces.

Tartar and white vinegar

If your porcelain sink is dirty from hard water stains and you are irritated from these stains, then you can use different natural cleaners to remove stains. Mix equal amounts of tartar cream and vinegar in a pan. And follow these steps.

  • Apply the mixture to a soft cloth.
  • Scrub all the sink areas with this mixture.
  • Now, leave the sink for ten minutes to do its job.
  • After ten minutes, wipe the kitchen sink with fresh water to clean all the remnants.

Use bleachuse bleach

If you have installed the porcelain sink, you must know that hard rinsing can damage porcelain, so always scrub the sink slowly so that the sink surface does not get damaged.

You can use bleach to detach stains, but ensure not to use chlorine bleach because it can damage the surface.

Pour the bleached porcelain into a spray bottle and put paper towel covers on the porcelain sink.

Now, spray the bleach over the towels to let them soak fully for half an hour.

Scrap the bleachy paper towels, and wipe the porcelain sink entirely with fresh water.

If you dont want to take the risk of using bleach to clean your sink, then you can use white vinegar in a spray bottle instead of bleach. Wash the area completely after using white vinegar to remove the harsh smell.

Mild abrasive

Many abrasive cleansers are easily available on the market to remove hard water stains. If you are not interested in vinegar or bleach, then use a gentle abrasive for this purpose. You can easily purchase abrasive cleaner from the market or online from Amazon surface.

First, put the cleaner into a spray bottle and spray some drops of cleaner into the porcelain sink and slowly scrub the sink with a soft sponge. Do not push your hands hard because it can damage the sink area, so always scrub with a gentle push.

Lemon and saltlemon and salt

If you have a short budget but want to remove stains from the porcelain sink because they look very bad, then use lemon and salt because they also work perfectly to clean hard water stains from any surface.

Lemon and salt are readily available in every kitchen, and their process is also very simple to apply. Take 2 lemons and 4 tablespoons of salt to make a solution.

First, squash the 2 lemons to make lemon juice in a cup. Now, put two tablespoons of salts in the lemon juice. Now, apply this paste to the porcelain sink. Scrub the lemon juice paste slowly on the hard water stains.

After rubbing it for a few minutes, leave the sink area for one hour so that the natural cleaners do their work. After one hour, scrub the area two times and clean the area with fresh water to get a new shiny porcelain sink.

Tips to stop hard water stains

If you stay in an area where a large number of minerals are found in freshwater to make it hard water, then ensure the hard water does not dry up in the sink.

Do not leave the water to stand in the sink because it damages the sink surface, and keep drying the surface with a dry cloth to remove any water from the sink. If you see the water facet leaking, then stop the main water supply valve and immediately repair your leaking tap.

Hard water can damage the sink and kitchen or bathroom floor, so try to use filter water in the electrical appliances.

The final thoughts

The article’s bottom line is that if you have a porcelain material sink to wash the dishes in the kitchen or have fixed this sink into the bathroom, then regularly clean it with different cleaning agents like dishwashing soap, bleach, Borax, white vinegar, and baking soda, etc.

Removing stains, especially hard water ones, becomes difficult if you do not take care of your precious porcelain sink. So, make sure to keep the sink area clean so that there should be no dust and debris on it to damage the sink.

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