How to remove a tub spout that’s stuck

How to remove a tub spout that’s stuck. Tub spouts have two major types. Sometimes, the tub spout present in the spa might get out of form and start letting the water flow through from various points, or it also happens because of an older version of the spout.

Most people consider it difficult to remove the form tub spout to have the new one installed in that place. Unique tips are covered in the article regarding how to remove a tub spout that stucks.

Methods involved in the removal of stuck tub spout are wisely stated down.

How to remove a tub spout that’s stuckhow to remove a tub spout that's stuck 2021

Firstly, you need to determine the way to recognize the slip-on tub spout. Take a bright torchlight and enlighten the portion of the spout under and attached to the wall.

If it contains a small-sized bolt, it indicates that you have a slip-on tub spout.

Having figured out the damaged tub-spout, follow the steps mentioned below step by step to have it removed with great care.

  • Get the plaster off, covering the portion of the wall attached to the tub spout with the aid of a sharp knife or any tool you feel at ease with.
  • The portion underneath the faucet contains tiny set screws. They can be located with the help of torchlight.
  • Having had them located, unscrew them with great care with the help of any tool meeting the needs so that they might not lose, or else you will need new ones.
  • After removing the screw sets, the tub spout can be removed with both hands, provided that enough force is applied. You will find it difficult to some extent as it is attached to the wall. Do not let yourself get harmed while taking it off.
  • Removing threaded tub spout

Another type includes the threaded tub spout. To check it out, you need to have a torchlight and put a light below the tub spout; you will observe the absence of a tiny screw down there.

Pay heed to the steps presented below to avoid any misconduct while removing it,

  • You have to arrange a complex tool to have it removed so that fixing a new one becomes possible.
  • Get the aid from that tool by locating it over the spout and start rotating it in an anti-clockwise direction as it does not contain any setscrews, so it can be removed directly by following the said process. It can be done without the aid of any tool.
  • Having performed the above steps, take the tub spout aside and place it anywhere in the house. A new tub spout can be installed easily there.

Removing a threaded tub spout is a lot easier than removing a slip-on tub spout because of the absence of set screws.

  • Tools needed to carry out the whole processtools needed to carry out the whole process

You need not arrange a variety of different tools to have them taken off.

People face many difficulties while removing the old tub spouts because they are stuck, as it has been a long time for them to stay fixed in that place.

You must have the following two tools,

  • A wrench of good grip
  • A quality hammer

If you lack the wrench, you can perform the process with the help of a knife, too, but that would be risky because of its sharpness.

Removing old tub spouts helps you have a classy look in your spa. You may modernize or renovate the old tub spout with new looks after having it removed.

Do consider removing the tub spout that is stuck before it causes any damage.

How to remove tub spout without set screw?

The spout should twist off counterclockwise to check that. If your existing spout looks the same way, you could leave that on if you might need to get back into the bath before your new spout has arrived.

This isn’t usually recommended, though, since it prolongs the contact between water and an old spout which can cause mold to grow in time.

How to remove a tub spout that’s stuck

Can’t get bathtub spout off

The first step is to cut off any caulk between the spout and the wall. Grab the end of the pipe wrench with both hands, close to its handle, and put it directly on top of the pipe to break it open.

Next, grab the loose end of the spout where it’s attached to your sink or wall with a 10-inch pipe wrench. Attempt to turn counter-clockwise using steady pressure.

It’s best to push down rather than up, but you can also use downward-pulling force to try turning it clockwise as well. If this approach doesn’t work – never give up!

Do not apply excessive force because you risk breaking or dislodging parts inside your pipes that won’t be easily fixable.

If this fails, you will have no choice but to cut off the old spout using a hacksaw or old rusty knife – do what must be done, for there is no other way!

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