How to put echo dot in pairing mode

How to put echo dot in pairing mode. An echo dot is a smart device and easy to carry that’s it’s called portable. You may connect with the Alexa app via an echo dot device.

Echo dot devices are virtual assistants and work on voice commands. You can ask any query using your voice and can get your answer. It also contains a smart speaker that can be used after pairing it with smart devices.

If you contain an echo dot device and don’t know how to put an echo dot in pairing mode, then you are not alone in this journey.

Putting an echo dot Bluetooth device in pairing mode is difficult, so we have assembled different ways to give you a better solution.

How to put echo dot in pairing mode


Echo dot gets huge fame in such a short period due to its marvelous features. You can plug in the echo dot device and then connect it to any device using Bluetooth.

Especially Bluetooth devices that are capable of using Bluetooth speakers. It includes smartphones, desktop computers, tablets, etc.

Another plus point is you can pair with another Bluetooth speaker. When you pair it with another Bluetooth speaker transmits the audio to that speaker.

As a result, you may get the audio outcome from the paired speakers, and the echo dot temporarily disables its speaker until you want.

No matter what Bluetooth device you want to pair with the echo dot, you may get the proper guideline to establish a secure and prosperous pair.

Way to Pair Echo dot in Pairing Mode

way to pair echo dot in pairing mode

In this section, you may learn how to put the Echo dot in pairing mode with different Alexa-compatible devices.

You may find it easy to pair with our straightforward procedure. So, stay with us and learn to pair your Amazon Alexa.

Downloading & Switching On Devices

Firstly, you need to download the Alexa app. If you are an android user, you may access it from the Google Play Store, and for iOS users, you may go to the App Store. Provide your Amazon credential to log in.

Flick On the device power supply using the power adapter. You’ll inspect a blue light indication of turned On the device.

After that, you may examine that the blue light will turn into an orange, a sign of ready-to-use Alexa.

Establish Wireless Connection

establish wireless connection

One thing you need to consider while connecting to a Wifi network is that both your devices, Echo Dot, and the other devices, whether a tablet, speaker, or mobile device, are using the same network.

  • Now, it is time to connect with a Wi-fi network. So, navigate Settings.
  • Using the application, you may select your Eco Dot device name.
  • Then you may tap on the Update WiFi option.
  • At the same time, you need to push the Action button and then release it after 5 or 7 seconds.
  • After that, a list of available Wifi networks will appear on the screen; go with your network.

After connecting your Echo device with wifi, you may proceed with the next step based on the pairing steps.

Simple Steps To Get Into Pairing Mode

Here are the most manageable steps about how to put in pairing mode. You may enter pairing mode while following the instructions.

  • Launch your Alexa app and navigate Settings.
  • Select your Dot.
  • Tap on Bluetooth.
  • And then, go with the option Pair A New Device.

Steps For Pairing Mode With Mobile/Tablet

steps for pairing mode with mobiletablet

We have completed the essential initial steps to pair Bluetooth devices with each other.

You may follow the instructions to pair a Bluetooth device with a tablet or mobile device.

Step 1:

  • Before starting pairing mode, you must ensure that your mobile is in the range of your echo dot.
  • It would be better if already paired with any other devices. If you have paired the device, you may disconnect it by saying to Alexa, “Alexa Disconnect.”

Step 2:

  • So, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet. Turning On Bluetooth is an easy task. If you don’t know how to do it, you may turn On Bluetooth by accessing the settings option or pulling down the shortcut tiles.
  • Before going to the next step, you need to ensure that your tablet or mobile’s Bluetooth is not connected to any other devices. If you suspect anything, then disconnect it first.

Step 3:

  • Now, it’s time to go through the Alexa app. So, open the App.
  • After that, you may find a Devices option at the bottom. Then tap on Echo & Alexa.
  • You may find your Alexa available devices to pair with your mobile device. You may choose your Echo device if you have more Echo devices.
  • After choosing your desired, you may touch on the Bluetooth settings option and Pair A New Device.
  • It may start discovering available devices; choose your Bluetooth device name to finalize the pairing process.

Steps For Pairing Echo Dot With Bluetooth Speaker

steps for pairing echo dot with bluetooth speaker

It must be beneficial to pair your Bluetooth speakers with an Alexa device. You may get an additional wireless speaker connected with Alexa, which is also worth it.

You may follow the steps to get a successful pair.

  • The accurate way of turning On Bluetooth for your wireless speakers differs for each Bluetooth device. So, you may go with your way of turning On Bluetooth.
  • Access your Alexa App whether you use it on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Go with the option Devices.
  • Now, you may see Echo & Alexa. Tap on it.
  • Here you may choose your Echo dot device if you own multiple devices.
  • Using the Alexa app, you may tap Bluetooth devices.
  • Suppose you have ever connected it before. It will appear on the screen. Otherwise, you may tap on Pair a New Device.
  • After that, it may start discovering the available devices. Choose your soundbar. It will connect in a few seconds.

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Steps To Connect Echo Dot Device With Laptop

steps to connect echo dot device with laptop

If you don’t know how to put an Echo Dot in pairing mode with a laptop or computer, here is a guideline you may follow.

You may use the smart speaker for your laptop or mobile phone. Follow the steps below.

  • So, turn on the Bluetooth of your device. e.g., computer or laptop.
  • Tap on the Add Bluetooth device and launch the Amazon Alexa app.
  • Now, in the Setting segment, go.
  • Go with the Bluetooth option> Pair a New Device.
  • In the end, you may use your laptop or computer and select your Amazon Echo device from the Bluetooth segment.


We hope this guideline solved your query about how to put the echo dots in pairing mode with Alexa-compatible devices. It includes Laptop, mobile phone, tablet, and wireless speakers.

You may get a complete guide about how you can turn on Bluetooth and how you can access the Alexa app. Don’t feel hesitate and follow the instructions carefully.