How to keep spiders away while sleeping

How to keep spiders away while sleeping. Usually, spiders are pretty harmless insects, but in some parts of the world, spiders are considered poisonous and deadly. Those deadly spiders are enormous.

Even if you are not living in such areas and do not come across such deadly spiders, you would still want to avoid them at any cost.  

How to keep spiders away while sleeping
keep spiders away while sleeping

Ways to keep spiders away 

Follow these guidelines to stop spiders from coming inside your room, especially while sleeping.

1. Keep your room clean

Cleanliness is the key to keeping all insects and bacteria out of your room. You will have to avoid eating food inside your room, especially on the bed, and make sure you clean it regularly.

While cleaning, make sure you do not miss the corners and nooks of the room, the area behind curtains, under the bed, and other room furniture and ceiling of the room.

2. Get rid of indoor plants

Indoor plants attract insects. If you have indoor plants in your room, you will most probably have to deal with insects, mosquitoes, and spiders.

3. Keep your room dehumidifiedkeep your room dehumidified

All insects and bacteria love humidity. Keeping your room dehumidified will help stop spiders from making webs in your room.

You can use a proper ventilation method, a dehumidifier, or dehumidifying plants to get rid of humidity inside your room.

4. Seal your windows

To stop spiders and insects from coming into your room, you need to seal your windows, especially the ones that open in your garden.

Fix the cracks in the window as well. This will ensure that no spider enters your room through those windows while you are sleeping.

5. Use bed Risers

Bed risers are a good and effective way to elevate the bed. This will keep you safe from the spiders and other insects climbing on your bed while sleeping.

6. Use insect repellants and insecticides

You can use insect repellant oils and sprays to keep yourself safe from spiders while sleeping. Some insect-killing sprays ensure no insect infestation in your room, killing all insects, including spiders.

7. Clear the clutter in your room

Insects like to live behind clutters in their room with dirt and moisture. You need to clear all this clutter and clean your room to avoid insects.

8. Keep your garden clean

Most of the time, insects enter your room from the garden through windows. Make sure your garden is cleaned regularly.

Why do spiders come into rooms?

Spiders feed on other smaller insects, and they love to live in places and corners where they have access to their prey.

They make their web pretty fast and usually choose corners and nooks. Some of the main reasons why spiders would want to live inside your room are:

  • Moisture inside your room
  • The room was not cleaned regularly or adequately
  • Indoor plants
  • Food items
  • Dampness
  • Unclean gardens and garages 
  • No proper sealing or windows 
  • Too much cluttering of things in the room

Spiders usually make their web in the corners and those parts of the house you don’t give much attention to.

This is why you will see most cobwebs in areas like your basement, garage, storeroom, and room you visit less often.

It is a huge reassurance that you can still get rid of these spiders and keep them away for good.


The fear of spiders keeping you awake at night can be daunting for you. Though spiders do not usually harm you in any way, sometimes a spider bite can cause itching and irritation on your body. You can use numerous methods and hack to stop spiders from coming into your room while sleeping.

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